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Ways journalists can engage with readers.

Ways journalists can engage with readers.

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  • 1. ReaderengagementWays to engage your readersBuffyAndrews
  • 2. 3 ways to engage readers• Via social media• Contests• Face-to-faceBuffyAndrews
  • 3. Engage via social media• Facebook• Google+• Linkedin• Pinterest• Geofeedia• NewHive• RebelMouse• ScribbleLive• Google hangouts• Tout• Wordpress• Etc.BuffyAndrews
  • 4. TwitterBuffyAndrews
  • 5. What is Twitter?• Micro-blogging service• Enables users to send and read text-based messages of up to140 characters• Get real-time stories, photos, videos, conversations• Follow friends, celebs, breaking news accounts and more• Follow specific content (ie. Food, health, fiction)BuffyAndrews
  • 6. Twitter tips• Research and find relevant Twitter handles to include intweetBuffyAndrews
  • 7. Twitter tipsBuffyAndrews• Research and find relevant hashtags to include in tweet
  • 8. FacebookBuffyAndrews
  • 9. What is Facebook?• Social networking site• Connect with friends, family, businesses, etc.• Share news, photos, videos and moreBuffyAndrews
  • 10. Facebook• Peak time = 1 to 3 p.m.,also boost early evening• Photos increaseengagement• Post large photos• Photos that evokeemotion best (happy orsad)• Old photos do well(Remember when?)• Seasonal, sports, funphotosBuffyAndrews
  • 11. Tropical Treat opening day• 315 shares• 573 likes• 102 commentsBuffyAndrews
  • 12. Post mystery photo• Chambersburg PublicOpinion postsmystery photo eachweekBuffyAndrews
  • 13. Remember when?• Post old photos.Readers love them.BuffyAndrews
  • 14. Photos evoke emotionsBuffyAndrews• 157 likes• 87 shares
  • 15. Google+BuffyAndrews
  • 16. What is Google+?• Similar to Facebook• News feed based on status updates and shared content• Share with specific sets of people, called circles, as opposed toposting on your wall for everyone to see• SEO benefits. By sharing pages from website on your Google+page, you rank higher in Google Search Engine.• The higher you rank in Google Search Engine, the betterchance of getting in front of your target audienceBuffyAndrews
  • 17. Google+ tips• Research and find relevant Google+ accounts to tag• Type “@NAME” to locate accountsBuffyAndrews
  • 18. Google+ tips• Research and find relevant hashtags to include• Type “#SUBJECT”BuffyAndrews
  • 19. LinkedinBuffyAndrews
  • 20. What is Linkedin• Social networking site for professionals• Online professional directory of people and businessesBuffyAndrews
  • 21. LinkedinBuffyAndrews
  • 22. GeofeediaBuffyAndrews
  • 23. What is Geofeedia?• Geofeedia is a location-based search tool that allowsjournalists to aggregate publicly shared social media• Data sources = Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa• Content comes from GPS-enabled smartphone and digitalphotos with coordinates embedded in image file• Search area can be as large as a city, as small as a buildingBuffyAndrews
  • 24. Search by place name• Searched for “The White House”BuffyAndrews
  • 25. Search by city• Searched for “York, Pa.”BuffyAndrews
  • 26. Search by address• Searched for 1891 Loucks Road, York, Pa.BuffyAndrews
  • 27. Search anywhere in theworldBuffyAndrews
  • 28. Uses: Breaking news• Hurricane SandyBuffyAndrews
  • 29. Uses: Breaking news• Empire State Building shootingBuffyAndrews
  • 30. Uses: Breaking news• Found photos of local barn fireBuffyAndrews
  • 31. Events: National/World• Award shows (Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, Golden Globes, etc.)• Sporting events (Olympics, Super Bowl)• Conventions (New York Comic Con)• Elections• Etc.BuffyAndrews
  • 32. Uses: Local events• Concerts• Fairs• Car shows• Graduations• Tailgating• Sporting events• Parades• Etc.BuffyAndrews
  • 33. Sporting eventsBuffyAndrews
  • 34. ConcertsBuffyAndrews
  • 35. High school graduations• You can’t cover all high school graduations, so why not curatevia GeofeediaBuffyAndrews
  • 36. Local elections• Think outside the boxBuffyAndrews
  • 37. Farm show• When you do find cool photos, you can ask permission to usein print. People usually say yes.BuffyAndrews
  • 38. Re-enactments• Gettysburg re-enactment (Big one coming up this year.)BuffyAndrews
  • 39. PinterestBuffyAndrews
  • 40. What is it?• Social media tool that enables users to "pin" images, videosand other objects to boards• Includes social networking featuresBuffyAndrews
  • 41. Why use it?• Great way to collect and organize content• Has staying power• Builds new audience• Generates interest in content• Extends shelf life of stories• Creates visual archiveBuffyAndrews
  • 42. Ways to use itBuffyAndrews• Showcase user-generated content• Use for news stories• Use for local events• Showcase local places• Showcase local products• Feature contest entries• Promote content• Contact board• Contests• Think outside the box
  • 43. Showcase UGCBuffyAndrews• Readers love sharing photos
  • 44. News stories• Weather photos make visually appealing boardsBuffyAndrews
  • 45. EventsBuffyAndrews• Gettysburg re-enactment
  • 46. Events• York FairBuffyAndrews
  • 47. Events• Parades, car shows and moreBuffyAndrews
  • 48. Highlight local goods• Products made locallyBuffyAndrews
  • 49. Showcase placesBuffyAndrews• Museums• Libraries• Parks• Attractions• Turn into a visual travel guide
  • 50. StorifyBuffyAndrews
  • 51. What is Storify?• Social network that allows journos to curate stories usingsocial media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.BuffyAndrews
  • 52. RebelMouseBuffyAndrews
  • 53. What is RebelMouse?BuffyAndrews• Your social media aggregator• Connect social networks and hashtags to page• Populates website with images, videos, headlines etc. fromchosen accounts and hashtags• Can embed• Curate around topic (Gettysburg 150th, Hurricane Sandy)
  • 54. NewHiveBuffyAndrews
  • 55. What is NewHive?BuffyAndrews• Start with blank page• Create and share web pages, call Expressions• Combination of multimedia (videos, text boxes, audio clips,etc.)
  • 56. NewHiveBuffyAndrews
  • 57. ToutBuffyAndrews
  • 58. What is Tout?• Record 15-second video clips and share on social sites• Use to promote contentBuffyAndrews
  • 59. Tout• Build Tout widgets to embed on blog or website• Populate widget with Touts from users or hashtags that youchooseBuffyAndrews
  • 60. Blogs• Journos often haveblogs that stem fromtheir beats (CramSession, Belief &Beyond)BuffyAndrews
  • 61. NewslettersBuffyAndrews
  • 62. NewslettersBuffyAndrews
  • 63. Polls• Twiigs• ProConItBuffyAndrews
  • 64. Spundge• Tool used to curate content• Can collaborate• Create stories, publish to webBuffyAndrews
  • 65. Scroll Kit• Visual editor• Transform stories for the Web• Make magazine style layoutsBuffyAndrews
  • 66. Other tools• Scribblelive• Etc.We learn about new tools every day. Try what you can. Keepwhat works for you. Share successes with others.BuffyAndrews
  • 67. Engage through contestsBuffyAndrews
  • 68. Why do contests?• Everyone loves a contest• They attract new readers, help build audienceBuffyAndrews
  • 69. What kinds of contests• Short answer = all kinds• Tie contest to holiday (ie. Christmas, Valentine’s Day)• Events (ie. Parades, fairs)• Weather (ie. Snowman, beat the heat)• Anniversary (ie. Peeps 60thanniversary)• Popular TV show or film• Biggest fan or school spirit• Bartender, lookalikes, tattoos, etc.BuffyAndrews
  • 70. Consider various platforms• Instagram• Facebook• Twitter• Blogs• Videos• Print• Photos• PinterestBuffyAndrews
  • 71. Halloween pet contest• We asked readers to share photos of their pets wearing theirHalloween costumes.BuffyAndrews
  • 72. Sharp-dressed sneakersBuffyAndrews• We asked readers to turn plain white sneakers into creativeworks of art.
  • 73. Doing ‘The Y’• You heard of planking; we invented ‘The Y’ and asked readersto send us photos of them doing it.BuffyAndrews
  • 74. Marry platformsBuffyAndrews• We asked readers to share their Instagram photos and includethe hashtag #YDRFair.• We found the photos via the hashtag, pinned them to ourPinterest board and created a slideshow via Storify.
  • 75. SlideshowBuffyAndrews
  • 76. Vacation with YDR• Readers share photos of them holding our newspaper whileon vacation around the world.• We pin their photos to our Pinterest board and post to ourGoogle map.BuffyAndrews
  • 77. Instagram contest• We pinned Instagrams with hashtag #YDRschool to our Backto School Instagram contest board.BuffyAndrews
  • 78. Blog• Connected to St. Paddy’s Day• Kicked off on blog, socialized via multiple platformsBuffyAndrews
  • 79. Print• Kicked off in print, socialized via multiple platforms• We wrote beginning of a Christmas story; readers wroteendings• Winner chosen and complete story published on ChristmasDayBuffyAndrews
  • 80. Consider UpickemBuffyAndrews• Contest hosting software• Users can submit online• Readers can vote online• Drives traffic to hosting website or blog
  • 81. Peeps voting onlineBuffyAndrews
  • 82. Peeps Pinterest boardBuffyAndrews
  • 83. Lots of engagement• This entry in our Peepsdiorama contest, titled PeepingDay-Hunger Games, garnered77 likes and 212 repins.BuffyAndrews
  • 84. Face-to-face• NewsVroom mobile media lab• Seminars for community held in newsroom• Teaching in the community• Newsroom tours• Etc.BuffyAndrews
  • 85. NewsVroom• Football games• Scouting events• Parades• Fairs• Libraries• Etc.BuffyAndrews
  • 86. Teaching in the communityBuffyAndrews
  • 87. Seminars held in newsroomBuffyAndrews
  • 88. Newsroom toursBuffyAndrews
  • 89. Follow meBuffyAndrews• Buffy’s World:• Buffy’s Write Zone:• Author• Twitter:• Facebook:• Google+:
  • 90. Follow me• Pinterest:• Tumblr:• Storify:• Instagram: buffyandrews• Linkedin:• RebelMouse:• Goodreads:
  • 91. ContactBuffy AndrewsAssistant Managing EditorFeatures and Niche PubsSocial Media CoordinatorYork Daily RecordEmail: Buffy@ydrcomPhone: 717-771-2052BuffyAndrews