Unit 4 ip db-gp. power point formal presentation for pres 111-1004-10 class


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  • Cruise Line Specialist Salon Stylist Hair color Specialist Retail Specialist Texture Service Specialist Make-up Artist Wig or Extensions Specialist Skin Care Specialist/Esthetician Nail Technician / Manicurist Day Spa Stylist or Technician (A.O.C., n/d)
  • Cosmetology Career Opportunities The following definitions and growth statements originated with the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.Cosmetologists provide beauty services, such as shampooing, cutting, coloring, and styling hair. They may advise clients on how to care for their hair, straighten hair or give it a permanent wave, or lighten or darken hair color. Additionally, cosmetologists may train to give manicures, pedicures, and scalp and facial treatments; provide makeup analysis; and clean and style wigs and hairpieces. Estheticians exclusively provide skin care and treatment. Manicurists and pedicurists, called nail technicians, work exclusively on nails and provide manicures, pedicures, coloring, and nail extensions to clients. In addition to their work with clients cosmetologists, nail technicians and estheticians are expected to maintain clean work areas and sanitize all work implements. They may make appointments and keep records of hair color and permanent wave formulas used by their regular clients. A growing number actively sell hair products and other cosmetic supplies. Those who operate their own salons have managerial duties that include hiring, supervising, and firing workers, as well as keeping business and inventory records, ordering supplies, and arranging for advertising.Overall employment of cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technicians is projected to grow equally as fast as the average for all occupations through 2012, because of increasing population, incomes, and demand for personal appearance services. In addition to those arising from job growth, numerous job openings will arise from the need to replace workers who transfer to other occupations, retire, or leave the labor force for other reasons. As a result, job opportunities generally should be good.Salon Manager Salon Owner Product Educator Cosmetic Chemist Session Stylist Hairstylist for TV, Movies, or Theater Styles Director / Artistic Director Design Team Member Platform Artist Competition Champion Educator Writer State Board Member (A.O.C., n/d)
  • The video done by YOUTUBE. You all enjoy. Tell me if this is informative to you all? Thank you all!
  • Make them smile and feel good about themselves.The customer’s time is your time. Your are the one who can counsel them, and to rejuvenate their spirit, mind, and body.And most all have fun and enjoy each day as they are so different. Remember whether working in a salon, a small neighborhood shop, or on the set of a major motion picture, making others feel good about themselves is your ultimate goal.And remember too, that walking into your local salon grants you a front row seat to a combination of comedy, drama, and action. In short, LIFE.
  • Unit 4 ip db-gp. power point formal presentation for pres 111-1004-10 class

    1. 1. Cosmetology Career & World <br />By Angela Pribble <br />Unit 4 IP/DB/GP. P.P. <br />Formal Presentation <br />A short version presentation<br />Turn in date: September 19th, 2010<br />Professor Christen Embry of <br />PRES 111-1004A-10 Class<br />
    2. 2. Picture the possibility of you as:<br />Salon Stylist <br />Hair color Specialist <br />Retail Specialist <br />Skin Care Specialist/Esthetician <br />Nail Technician / Manicurist <br />
    3. 3. Continue:<br />Salon Manager <br />Salon Owner <br />Product Educator <br />State Board Member <br />
    4. 4.
    5. 5.
    6. 6. Okay time to wake up! It is video time: Woo Hoo! <br />So grab your popcorn, and soda for a short 1 ½ minute video. Just double click on the small icon (FLV) to view. Thank you, and Enjoy!<br />You should see a small screen pop up to view the video. <br />
    7. 7. The finishing touch:<br />The most important part is your customer’s satisfaction.<br />Remember whether working in a salon, a small neighborhood shop, or on the set of a major motion picture, making others feel good about themselves is your ultimate goal.<br />
    8. 8. Reference:<br />Academy of Cosmetology (n/d) Key note (A.O.C., n/d)<br />http://cosmetologycareer.net/<br />DuVall's School of Cosmetology (2008) Bedford, Texas 76021 key note (D.S.O.C., 2008)<br />http://www.duvallsschool.com/careers.htm<br />Marinello School of Beauty (2009) the national accrediting commission of Cosmetology art of science. Key note (M.S.O.B., 2009)<br />http://www.marinello.com/def/custom-pages/hair_care.aspx<br />
    9. 9. Reference Continue:<br />HAIR SALON MAGAZINE FOR PROFESSIONALS (2007) Key Note (H.S.M.F.P., 2007)<br />http://interhair.com/classified1.php?action=show&link_id=467<br /><ul><li>Regis Corporation (2009) Key Note (R.C., 2009)</li></ul>http://www.regiscorp.com/default.aspx?id=416<br />