Bass Fishing Tips - Essentials for newbies

Uploaded on Really useful tricks that will help newbies to quickly develop their skills, and hook more fish. Really useful tricks that will help newbies to quickly develop their skills, and hook more fish.

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  • 1. Bass Fishing Tips for those who are serious about hooking that huge bass From: Airell Fisherman
  • 2. Get more tips at: http://bassfishingtips.orgBass fishing tips for those who are serious about hooking ahuge bassBass fishing tips can help you land more and bigger bass than you thoughtwas possible. Most bass fishing tips would tell you one thing: bass don’t liketoo much sunlight. As such, expect to see them under lily pads especiallyduring sunny days.Other bass fishing tips involve using the correct kind of fishing equipment inorder to heighten the chances of catching bass. A safe bet for those justbeginning bass fishing is approaching sales clerks at a specialty store andasking them which gear is best suited for the conditions in the water.First Bass Fishing Tips is that it is important to understand the environment inwhich bass live. Apart from specific geographic locations you would alsoneed to consider such dynamics as the water temperature and spawninggrounds.
  • 3. Get more tips at: http://bassfishingtips.orgThere are many bass fishing tips and techniques, everybody has there ownideas and what works for them. One of the most important bass fishing tipsthough in my opinion is to experiment with the colors of the jigs you are using.It is usually best to match the forage with the body of water where you arefishing to fool the bass.Examples of live bait that Bass will devour include worms, frogs, crayfish,minnows, shad, grasshoppers, crickets, small snakes, and lizards.Largemouth Bass will eat about anything it can get in its mouth. It spawns asearly as March or as late as June.
  • 4. Get more tips at: http://bassfishingtips.orgSmallmouth bass are extremely aggressive fish that will hit on virtuallyanything so smallmouth bass are generally very easy to catch. Their feedinghabits are affected by wind and weather more than time of year. If yourfishing smallmouth bass find cool clear water with a abundance of crayfish,and when you hook a smallmouth, be prepared for spectacular leaps anddetermined dives unrivaled among freshwater fish.The best time to go is whenever you can. :) However, if you have only a fewdays, and can choose, the solunar tables, weather conditions, and barometer,should all be considered. The best time to fish for bass is May through July,using minnows, crayfish, night crawlers, jigs, crank baits and spinner baits.
  • 5. Get more tips at: http://bassfishingtips.orgThe best reel to use is a baitcaster reel. These types of reels are perfectlysuited to casting plugs and lures. It can help you land more and bigger bassthan you thought was possible.
  • 6. Get more tips at: http://bassfishingtips.orgThe rod and reel combinations these days are extremely light and comfortableto use. Using one for a full days fishing doesnt require much effort at all.Use a rod with some flex to it to absorb the shock of the initial strike. This willalso keep the hooks from pulling out of the hybrids mouth. Thats all for now. I promise that I will be a little more specific next time and write more in depth info on specific topics.