Science primary 6; Energy
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Science primary 6; Energy






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Science primary 6; Energy Science primary 6; Energy Presentation Transcript

  • ENERGY Living things and non-living things need energy
  • Energy to Living things need energy to carry out life processes grow move reproduce make food
  • Non-living things need energy to do work
  • Energy stored in most of energy resources Source of energy
  • Forms of energy Kinetic energy Potential energy Light energy Heat energy Sound energy Electrical energy
  • Kinetic energy is the form of energy a moving object possesses The faster an object move, the greater its kinetic energy
  • An object has potential energy when it stores energy Potential energy Chemical potential energy Gravitational potential energy Food, fuels, dry cells Object position - Object mass - Height from the ground stored in because of depend on
  • Light is a form of energy that allows us to see We can see object if it reflects light or if it source of light which then enters our eyes.
  • Plants use light energy to make food
  • Heat is form of energy that flows from a region of higher temperature to lower temperature Temperature is a measure of hotness or coldness an object Heat - the Sun - volcano - geyser - electrical appliances - burning fuels - to cook food - to boil water - to catch fire - to change states of matter source uses for
  • Sounds is a form of energy that can be detected by our ears sound communicationcan use can produced - human activities - musical instruments - speaker of music system
  • Why our ears can detect sound energy? Sound can travel through Air Solids Liquids
  • Electrical energy is energy stored in electric field Electric field Power station
  • How power station produced electricity?
  • Dry cells
  • Solar panel
  • Conversion of Energy Energy is used by transform its energy Chemical potential energy Electrical energy Light energy Heat energy
  • Energy can’t be created or destroyed, but Energy can be converted from one to another