Fall 2011    Edition                           Bucktales          Bucktail Council, BSA * 209 First Street * DuBois, PA 15...
NewsBucktail Council Selects the 2013 National Jamboree LeadershipChairman of the National Jamboree Committee Michael Clar...
Events       Campmaster                                 Eastern Wilds District Camporee         Training                  ...
Popcorn                    2011 “Project Popcorn” Popping Away!The 2011 Bucktail Council and Trails End popcorn sale is we...
Camping                                  RESIDENT CAMP     IT’S BACK……...but only for a short time!                       ...
2011 Elk County Rescue Weekend                            October 7th, 8th & 9th, 2011      An Excellent Training Opportun...
43RD                    Cub Scout Leader Training                                                                 October ...
F A L L 2 0 1 1 B U C K TA L E S
are available for hiking, back-packing and ski-touring. Edi-    SIERRA CLUB ALLEGHENY                                     ...
PhotosEvan Aravich (left) and Ross Wingard (right) were therecipients of $500 Scholarships for this year’s Eagles         ...
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2011 Fall Bucktails


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Our Fall Newsletter

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2011 Fall Bucktails

  1. 1. Fall 2011 Edition Bucktales Bucktail Council, BSA * 209 First Street * DuBois, PA 15801 * (814) 371-5650 * www.Bucktail.org Bringing Boy Scouts of America to Clearfield, Jefferson, Elk, Cambria and Centre Counties WELCOME TO NEW SCOUTS, PARENTS AND LEADERS It is with great pleasure to build character, physical fitness, life-skills and, of that the Bucktail Council course, service to others. welcomes each of our new Character development should extend into every aspect Cub Scouts and parents to of Cub Scouting. The leaders in our council are commit- another exciting year of ted to fostering and developing the core values of Cub Cub Scouting. The 2011- Scouting in each and every one of our Cub Scouts. 12 Scouting year promises to be one full of adventure!If you are a new leader, thank you for taking on this im- It starts with Cub Scout portant role. In addition to the online training, we also Expo on October 14-15 at offer basic training which allows you to meet other lead- Camp Mountain Run. ers and learn the basics of your position. We also have (Check out the article on a number of resources available for program planning onpage 2 of this newsletter.) our website – www.bucktail.org. Should you have ques- tions, please call the Council Service Center at 814-371-While Scouting has its roots back to 1910, it is a program 5650.that is just as relevant today. Its programs are designed Distinguished Eagle Award Recipient AnnouncedDr. George Fatula has been awarded the Distinguished The Bucktail Council also awarded two $500 higher edu-Eagle Scout Award upon nomination by the Bucktail cation scholarships to Eagle Scouts Evan Aravich andCouncil and the Boy Scouts of America. This award is Ross Wingard during the program, both of which are at-granted to Eagle Scouts who, after 25 years, have distin- tending Penn State DuBois.guished themselves in their life work and who haveshared their talents with their communities on a voluntarybasis. Dr. Fatula was presented the Distinguished EagleScout award at 1st Annual Bucktail Council EagleScout Recognition Dinner held September 8, 2011 atthe DuBois Country Club.Dr. Fatula has distinguished himself through his careeras a Pediatrician and through his continued service toGod, his Country, and other people by following the prin-cipals of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. He has metcommunity service needs through his voluntary actions.The National Eagle Scout Association committee, underthe direction of the Alumni Relations of the Boy Scouts ofAmericas national office selects recipients of this award.The members of the selection committee are all recipi-ents of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award.The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award was implemented Bucktail Council Advisory Board Member A.B. Hallstromin 1969, and since that time more than 1,850 nomina- (right) and honoree Dr. George Fatula (left)tions have been approved. Only the local Council of theEagle Scouts primary residence may nominate. Nomina-tions may not be made for posthumous awards. (See back page for additional photographs)
  2. 2. NewsBucktail Council Selects the 2013 National Jamboree LeadershipChairman of the National Jamboree Committee Michael Clark is proud to announce the selection of the followingleaders for the 2013 National Jamboree contingent: Scott Fye, Scoutmaster Ethan Dixon, First Assistant Scoutmaster Steve Manns, Second Assistant Scoutmaster Brian Kalgren, Alternate Brad Black, Alternate―Get ready! The 2013 National Scout Jamboree is coming and it aint your fathers jam-boree. Were talking seriously high adventure, people! Whitewater rafting, zip-lining,rappelling, mountain biking, hiking, and more - with 50,000 of your closest friends at thebrand new Summit Bechtel Reserve in the wilds of West Virginia.‖Go to www.bsajamboree.org to sign up now! Space is limited. Online Rechartering – New and Improved! Once again we will be using the Online Rechartering system to recharter your unit this year. WE have made some improvements based on the feedback we received from leaders. 1. Packets with instructions and signature pages will go out to Committee Chairmen at the end of September. 2. The online recharter portal will be open during the months of October, November and December. 3. The charters will be due for the Eastern Wilds District on December 1st (look for more information on locations and times). In the Allegheny Laurels District charters will be due on December 6th (look for more information on locations and times). 4. For Cub Scout Packs submit your applications from Fall Roundup by October 15th to the Council Service Center and we will enter those for you. This will save you time! For more information, contact your Unit Commissioner or District Executive. Cub Scout Expo and OvernighterCub Scout Expo is the best introduction to the Scouting program that Cub Scouts can ask for! Pitch a tent andstay the night (or cozy up in one of our cabins) and let the adventures begin. Archery, BB gun shooting, NativeAmerican dancing, boating—you’ll do it all and more! This program is FREE for new scouts and their families andjust $5 per person for current Scouts and their families. Friday night gives the whole camping experience—campfires, treats and fun. Saturday is an entire day packed with activities that every Cub Scout loves! October 14 and 15th at Camp Mountain Run. Scouts not wishing to camp are welcome to come just for Saturday! F A L L 2 0 1 1 B U C K TA L E S
  3. 3. Events Campmaster Eastern Wilds District Camporee Training Eastern Wilds District to hold Inguinal Fall Camporee - The Eastern Wilds District is hold- Scheduled ing its first Fall Camporee October 7-9, 2011 at Black Moshannon State Park in Philipsburg, PA. The weekend will focus on Scouts earning the Pio- neering Merit Badge, participating in service project for DCNR, a friendly Volleyball tournament and an Old Fashioned American BBQ Saturday night. Inter- ested Scout Troops should visit the Council website and click on: Eastern Wilds District Camporee under Hot News! For further information please contact event Chairman Larry Allen at 814.345.5425. A $25 deposit is required to save your space, please send into the Council office ASAP. October 22, 2011 1 - 3 pm Allegheny Laurels District Camporee Camp Mountain Run The Allegheny Laurel District held their Fall Camporee Sept. 23-25 at Camp Tapawingo, about 8 miles south of Ridgway. Approximately 77 Hallstrom Lodge scouts & scouters from 7 troops attended the event. On Saturday, Troops could choose activities such as a 3-hour, 9-mile canoe ride down the Clarion River, a 14-mile bike ride along Rails to Trails, high adventure-Ranger Drum and Linda Ross will type geocaching on the 700+ acres of Camp Tapawingo, fishing the Clari-be conducting an orientation for the on River. A lumberjack competition was held Saturday evening to test theCampmaster Corp on October scouts’ skills of strength, accuracy, speed & knot tying. There was pulp-22nd. We will be doing a walk wood tossing, axe throwing, log dragging, & 2-man cross-cut sawing.through of CMR, reviewing and ad- Troop 83 from Johnsonburg took first place in the competition. The clos-dressing procedures and require- ing campfire had stories of the rich history of the area, as well as scoutsments for the Corp for this Winter from various Troops entertaining us with skits and songs. This was aCamp season. Please bring with weekend of many firsts for a lot of the scouts – first time canoeing, firstyou anyone who will be assisting time geocaching, first time seeing a bald eagle. This was even a first foryou while you perform your service the newly formed district – first camporee – but, hopefully not the last, asto scouting. All campmasters need the campers vowed to come again next year.to be registered scouters, able andwilling to promote scouting andCamp Mt Run. The ability to assistunits and assure that they have a Allegheny Laurels District Camporeepositive experience while at our fa-cility is a must. The handbook andprocedures have been revised andas always we are interested in hear-ing from you. Your suggestions forthe betterment of our facilities andour program are always welcome.Any questions please call RangerJohn Drum or Camping CoordinatorLinda Ross 553-4053. If you haveany changes in your contact infor-mation please update your applica-tion. If you are new and would likean application sent to you, please letus know. F A L L 2 0 1 1 B U C K TA L E S
  4. 4. Popcorn 2011 “Project Popcorn” Popping Away!The 2011 Bucktail Council and Trails End popcorn sale is well underway and gaining momentum. So far this yearwe have heard great reports from the field as our Scouts are out canvassing the neighborhoods!Leaders are reminded that the Kickoff Certification form is due by Sept. 30, 2011 to secure your2% increase in commission and those units participating in the Show and Sell that payments aredue October 3, 2011.The weekly ―FILL-IT-UP‖ drawings have been a HUGE success in getting Scouts to fill up anentire order form! Congratulations, to JJ Ginther, Daniel Kunselman and Jeffrey Klebacha forbeing the Council’s first three $20 Wal-Mart Gift Card winners. In order for your Scouts to quali-fy, filled up order forms are due to the Council office by Noon every Wednesday in order to be entered into the drawing. Our last drawing will be held Wednesday November 9, 2011. Scouts are encouraged to reach their sales goal of $600 by Oct. 14-15 and attend Cub Expo for a very special TOP-SECRET popcorn station during the day reserved exclusively for top sellers. Scouts are also eligible to earn the Zyclone, $600 Club Patch, Splash Lagoon Trip, $20 Wal-Mart Gift Card and receive their $240 in commission. WHAT A DEAL! Reminder: Take Order Sales need to be submitted online at trails-end.comby November 8, 2011, Popcorn Pick-up is November 16, 2011 and final payment is due December 12, 2011. Forfurther information please contact Irv Gable at 814.371.5650 or e-mail irvin.gable@scouting.org. Boy Scouts Deliver Popcorn to Local Armed Service MembersBoy Scouts Deliver Popcorn to Local Armed Services Mem-bers (DuBois, PA) – Members of the Bucktail Council, BoyScouts of America leadership team delivered 150 cases of TrailsEnd popcorn Thursday Sept. 22nd to local military units.As part of the Council’s fall fundraising efforts, Scouts are out inthe Community selling Trails End popcorn to raise money fortheir local programs. Part of this sale is Scouts asking custom-ers to support the Military with the purchase of a $30 or $50 mili-tary donation as part of the ―Popcorn for Our Troop’s‖ program.Started in 2005, Popcorn for Our Troops has donated over $32million in popcorn to U.S. Troops serving at home or abroad.This year the Bucktail Council was able to deliver $6,000 of thatproduct to the DuBois Armed Services recruiting station, UnitedStates Army Reserve Units in DuBois (542nd QM), Clearfield USAR St. Marys 347th QM(298TH Trans), Brookville (665th Com. Eng.) and St. Mary’s (347thQM). Popcorn was also delivered to PA National Guard Units inBradford (1/112th Stryker) and will be sent to the Punxsutawney National Guard Unit currently deployed to Ft. Ben-ning, GA.Community members interested in supporting the Popcorn for Our Troops program should call the Bucktail Coun-cil office at 814.371.5650 by November 8, 2011.F A L L 2 0 1 1 B U C K TA L E S
  5. 5. Camping RESIDENT CAMP IT’S BACK……...but only for a short time! FREEZE YOUR FEE The cost of summer camp is going up, but here’s your chance to SAVE! Just pay ONE boy’s fee to the Council Service Center by October 28th to keep the 2011 price.Boy Scout Resident Camp:2012 Summer Camp Early Bird Fee: $255 per ScoutFreeze Your Fee Rate: $245 per ScoutCub Scout/Webelos Resident Camp:2012 Summer Camp Early Bird Fee: $170 per ScoutFreeze Your Fee Rate: $160 per Scout That’s $100 in SAVINGS for every 10 Scouts you bring to camp!Here’s how it works: Pay ONE Scout’s fee to the Service Center by October 28th Pay remaining deposit ($25 per additional Scout) to the Service Center by March 1st. At this time we will need an estimated number of Scouts attending. Pay balance in FULL to the Service Center by May 1, 2012 and turn in complete roster at that time.This offer valid on Resident Camps at Camp Mountain Run ONLY. F A L L 2 0 1 1 B U C K TA L E S
  6. 6. 2011 Elk County Rescue Weekend October 7th, 8th & 9th, 2011 An Excellent Training Opportunity for all Emergency Response Agencies Specializing in Advanced For more information contact Agosti Fire & Safety Services Inc. (814) 781-1147 john@afsscorp.comPo- lice, Fire, EMS Hosted by: Elk County Emergency Services, Northwest Central Emergency Response Group and East Branch Lake Water Safety Council Sponsored by: US Army Corps of Engineers, Pennsylvania State Fire Academy, MCM Consulting Group and Butler County Community College Allegheny Laurels DistrictUpcoming activities include:Roundtable – October 17, 7:00pm at the Dubois Business College.Cub Position Specific Training – October 29Take-Order Popcorn Sales Order Due - November 8Take-Order Popcorn Sale Distribution - November 16Roundtable – November 21, 7:00pm at the Dubois Business College.Re-Charter Night, turn your charters in, if not in already and receive help if needed. December 6, 7:00pm at theDubois Business College.Roundtable/District Christmas Party December 19, 7:00pm at the Dubois Business College. “FILL IT UP” DRAWINGSCONGRATULATIONS to JJ Ginther, Dan-iel Kunselman Jeffrey Klebacha and Zach-ary McClure for being the first four Scouts THINKto win the "FILL-IT-UP" challenge. Turn ENERGYyour filled up order sheet into the CouncilService Center by noon on Wednesdaysto be eligible for that week’s drawing.Drawings will be held each Wednesdaythrough November 9, 2011! Good luck toall of our future entries!
  7. 7. 43RD Cub Scout Leader Training October 29, 2011 ANNUAL Allegheny Laurels District Cub Leader Specific Training and Youth Protection Training POLAR will be held on October 29, 2011. Please call Carl Hall at 814-496-9960 for more information. BEAR Family January 20-22, 2012 at CMRThe Bucktail Council is proud to announce thatPolar Bear is celebrating its 43rd Anniversary!The event will be held at Camp Mountain Run Friends of Scoutingfrom January 20-22, 2012. This event will beheld regardless of weather conditions, so please Schedule your unit’s participation now!prepare your troop for camping under any possi-ble weather conditions. BE PREPARED – we Call Carl Hall at 814-496-9960 for Allegheny Laurels Districtencourage you to start planning now. If you feelyour troop is not ready to camp in winter weather,we strongly encourage you to attend the Polar Call Irv Gable at 814-371-5650 for Eastern Wilds DistrictBear event on Saturday, so that your troop cancompete in the events. Brookville Corn Maize It’s that time again…….. Time to GET LOST in The BROOKVILLE CORNMAIZE!!! Come on out for some fun activities and find out why Getting Lost Means Finding Fun the Fall. Our design this year pays tribute to Firefighters. Hours: Friday 6pm – 10pm Scout Patches Saturday 1pm to 10pm Sunday 1pm to Dusk Available! Visit our website at www.themaize.com for more information F A L L 2 0 1 1 B U C K TA L E S
  8. 8. F A L L 2 0 1 1 B U C K TA L E S
  9. 9. are available for hiking, back-packing and ski-touring. Edi- SIERRA CLUB ALLEGHENY tion 4, published by Allegheny Group, Sierra Club, also de- scribes ski-touring opportunities and points of scenic inter- GROUP est. 6x9", 192 pages, 49 pages of maps, 33 photos, full- color cover, Edition 4 (1999) $9.95. PUBLICATIONS, Fifty Hikes in Western Pennsylvania. Describes 50 of the MAPS AND PATCHES better hiking trails in W. Pa. It contains lots of interesting background material on the history and geology of each area. By Tom Thwaites. 6x9" soft cover, 206 pages, 60 pag-Use our order form to buy any of the following items (and es of maps, 48 photos, Ed. 2 (1990) $14.95more!) and have them delivered right to your home. Monongahela National Forest Hiking Guide. Describes 180Hikers Guide to Laurel Highlands Trail This guide is a joint U.S. Forest Service trails (847 miles total) in one of the besteffort of the Pa. Chapter of the Sierra Club and the Western (and most popular) areas for hiking, back-packing and ski-Pa. Conservancy. The first half of the guide covers such topics touring in this part of the country (1436 sq. miles of nationalas: forest in West Virginia’s highlands). Published by West Vir- the geology and geologic history of Laurel Hill ginia Highlands Conservancy. 6x9‖ soft cover, 368 pages, 86 pages of maps, 57 photos, full-color cover, Ed. 8 (2006) the climate, vegetation and wildlife of Laurel Hill $14.95 Walks, Hikes and Overnights in Raccoon Creek State Park a flow sheet that makes tree identification easy, fun and by Mark Christy. This popular state park is about 20 milesfast west of Pittsburgh on US30. 7 photos, 26 maps, 37 draw- ings, 136 pages Edition 1 (2003) $11.95. the cultural history of Laurel Hill from the time of the native Map of Canoeing Streams of the Upper Ohio River Ba-Americans to the more recent public-land acquisition era sin. A 12"x21" full-color map of the Allegheny River and Monongahela River Watersheds. Prepared by Tom Gray. current land-use Contains much useful information for canoeists. Edition 1Authors of Part 1 were William R. Brice, William J. Curry III, $2.10.Uldis Kaktins and Barbara S. Thorne. The second half of the Backpacking Course Handouts. The handouts used inguide covers such topics as: Allegheny Groups Basic Backpacking Course have been a detailed written description on the trail for hikers and compiled into a 65-page book and put onto a CD (in bothbackpackers MS Word and pdf formats) for those interested in getting into backpacking. Edition 6 on CD (March 2010) $6.00. how to get to the various trailheads by car Ski-Touring in Western Pennsylvania. The handouts in an elevation profile of Laurel Highlands Trail Allegheny Groups Ski-Touring course have been compiled into a 28-page book and put onto a CD (in both MS Word planning hikes and backpack trips on the trail and pdf formats) for those interested in getting into ski- touring. Edition 6 on CD (2006) $2.00. reserving trail shelters for overnight stays Laurel Highlands Trail Patches suggestions on what to take, how to dress, and when togo hiking Allegheny Group sells a 3-inch em- a list of hiking organizations in the area broidered green-and-gold center patch and six green-and-gold embroi-Part 2 was written by Bruce Sundquist. In all, the 6x9" paper- dered strip patches designed to fitback contains 132 pages, with 27 pages of maps, 19 photo- around the periphery of the 3‖ centergraphs and 21 illustrations. Edition 6 (2004) $7.00 patch. Each strip patch is an incen-The Laurel Highlands: A Hiking Guide This guide to the tive, and an award for walking eachfoot trails of Chestnut Ridge, Laurel Ridge and Allegheny of the trail sections and thus the en-Front covers 446 miles of foot trails, mainly in state forests and tire length of the Laurel Highlandsstate parks (218 sq. miles of public land). Many trails are also Trail.of interest to backpackers and cross-country skiers, so theguide includes information useful to them also. (This guide Peace Trails Patch. Anyone who has walked in the Alle-does not cover Laurel Highlands Trail.) 6x9" soft-cover, 288 gheny National Forest, or elsewhere in the upper Alleghenypages, 26 pages of maps, 32 photos, full-color cover. Ed. 1 River Watershed, may now obtain a four-colored, embroi-(2000) $8.95. The authors are continually updating the trail dered, sew-on patch to commemorate their hiking experi-descriptions in this Guide and posting them on Allegheny ence. The patch, shaped like a broad arrowhead, is aboutGroups website http://www.alleghenysc.org/ four inches long and three inches wide. On the patch is aAllegheny National Forest Hiking Guide. The 800 square- green pine tree with four white roots, displayed on a sky-mile A.N.F. is in northwestern Pa. Over 250 miles of foot trails blue field. F A L L 2 0 1 1 B U C K TA L E S
  10. 10. PhotosEvan Aravich (left) and Ross Wingard (right) were therecipients of $500 Scholarships for this year’s Eagles Twenty-one out of the 73 Scouts who achieved Eagle Rank between January 2010 and June 2011. The $1200 Club took a road trip to PNC Park to enjoyAllegheny Laurels Camporee the Pirates win and to see the Steve Miller Band live! sites were amazing! Visitor Center . The Elk are in full rut, and the Pack 27’s Webelos took a ride to visit the Elk SEND US YOUR PHOTOS Email to tina.lorance @scouting.org