Homework no.2 the corporation


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Questions answered after viewing The Corporation on HULU.

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Homework no.2 the corporation

  1. 1. Miller Motte College Raleigh Campus PL104-3: Business Law Homework # 2 The CorporationEssay Question #2: If a corporation is a “person,” what type of person is it?Joe Badaracco stated in The Corporation that a corporation is a group of individuals workingtogether to serve a variety of objectives with the principal one being growing large sustainableprofit for the owners of the corporation. Achbar, M. (Director). (2003). The Corporation [MotionPicture]. http://www.hulu.com/watch/118169. In the world of behavioral health, a corporation ispretty much a self absorbed, Machiavellian megalomaniac or, a Napoleonic Mr. Scrooge withpsychopathic tendencies. Achbar, M. (Director). (2003). The Corporation [Motion Picture].http://www.hulu.com/watch/118169. French physician Philippe Pinel produced a term that fitsthe corporation perfectly, manie sans delire (“insanity without delirium”), while the Americanpsychiatrist Hervey Cleckley could describe a corporation as having deep-rooted emotionalpsychopathy masked by an outward appearance of robust mental health. 3 The CorsiniEncyclopedia of Psychology (4th Edition). Psychopath, pg. 1355 (2010). Corporations spendmillions or billions of dollars to brand themselves as someone or something you can trust andrely on to improve your life and all-the-while, the corporation masks its true Mr. Hyde-likenature.Ultimately, the corporation’s nature of psychopathy is not in the sense that it is a serial killer orspree murderer, but rather, because of the harm it does to others as a result of its inability to feelguilt or remorse while being deceitful and manipulative to get what it wants. 3 The CorsiniEncyclopedia of Psychology (4th Edition). Psychopath, pg. 1355 (2010).An important question needs to be raised, however. Is the psychopathic nature of the corporationthere because it is a non-sentient legal entity with no body or soul, or is it the people who leadand manage the corporation who are the true monsters? Although a corporation is an entity(usually a business) having the legal authority to act and exist as a single person distinct from thepeople who own it (Black’s Law Dictionary 311 (9th ed. 2010)), does the inherent psychopathic 1Chris Harden
  2. 2. Homework # 2 The Corporationnature of the corporation attract those people who are, at their very core, psychologically alignedwith the corporation?The answer can be found in mob psychology where mob “homogeneity” allows the attitudes andbeliefs of the dominant mob members to contaminate the rest of the otherwise innocuous groupthereby causing the restraints that produce conventional behavior to break down in the group. 3The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology (4th Edition). Mob Psychology, pg. 1009 (2010). Thereare corporate leaders whose core beliefs are antipodal to the values the corporation displays onall of its publicized material. Other corporate leaders will regularly congregate like 18th CenturyFrench Aristocracy to eat drink and be merry. Meanwhile, outside, Rome is burning as distressedcitizens harmed by the corporation’s tyrannical nature demonstrate one single ideal: “Enough!”Apparently, when people feel invulnerable behind the “corporate veil,” they find it easier to actout their impulses because of the difficulty legal authorities have in singling corporate leadersout or even reaching these leaders to make them responsible for their actions. 3 The CorsiniEncyclopedia of Psychology (4th Edition). Mob Psychology, pg. 1009 (2010). The corporationbegins as a “bad seed” that maturates into a despicable monstrous force of unstoppable need formore money and resources. The people who lead and manage this monstrous force may join the“collective” as saints with good intentions, but slowly and surely become transmogrified intodenizens of Hades. 2Chris Harden