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Manhattan project



presentation given to highschool AP us History class. Additional information was provided orally to go allow with bullet points.

presentation given to highschool AP us History class. Additional information was provided orally to go allow with bullet points.



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Manhattan project Manhattan project Presentation Transcript

  • The Manhattan Project
    • Ben Traquair
    • Brian Wittenberg
    • Ian Boelts
  • Overview
    • Project to develop first Atomic Bomb
    • Specifically between 1942-1946
    • Resulted in Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
      • End of war with Japan
  • Who
    • Under jurisdiction of the US Army Corps of Engineers
    • General Leslie R. Groves
    • J. Robert Oppenheimer
    • Einstein
    • Fermi
    • FD Roosevelt
  • Einstein and The Bomb
    • Szilard consults Einstein about German Potential
    • The Roosevelt letter-1939
    • Leads to Uranium Committee
    • Severe guilt
  • J. Robert Oppenheimer
    • Physics professor at UC Berkeley
    • Invited to work on the “Uranium Committee”
    • Unlikely Candidate for Groves’ second in command
      • Seen as being best man to lead the diverse team
    "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."- J.R.O.
  • L.R. Groves
    • Took over in 1942 for J. Marshal
      • Marshal was moving too slow
    • Coined “Manhattan” name
    • Prioritized research and development well
  • L.R. Groves
    • Chose development sites and targets
    • Involved in acquiring information about German research
    • Shadowed project in unprecedented security
      • Unable to prevent Russian espionage
  • Fermi
    • Italian Physicist
    • Chicago Pile-1
      • The first self sustained nuclear reaction
  • Development
    • American and British attempts as early as 1939
    • 1942 control was transferred to US military
      • More serious efforts
    • 1944 Productions plants were constructed
  • Development
    • Multi-pronged pursued multiple theories and designs
    • Plutonium and Uranium
      • The plutonium came from Fermi’s reactors
    • Very Secretive
  • Tritinity
    • 1945- Los Alamos
    • “Fat man”
      • Testing the implosion design
    • Beginning of Atomic Age
    • Disproved “Nuclear Ignition of Atmosphere”
  • The Bombs
    • Two types of Fission design
    • “Fat man” vs. “Little boy”
      • Implosion and Gun type
    • Uranium-238
  • Plutonium Bomb
    • Plutonium-239
    • Hanford site refined the plutonium
    • Nagasaki
  • Uranium
    • Uranium-235
    • Oak Ridge site refined the Uranium
    • Hiroshima
  • Arms Race
    • “Tube Alloys”
    • “Soviet Atomic Bomb Project”
      • Soviet espionage
    • The Chevalier Incident
  • Hiroshima/Nagasaki
    • 1945
  • Aftermath
  • Results
    • Arguably most important scientific advance of the century
    • 200,000 Japanese people in a matter of seconds
  • Post-War
    • Two Scientists irradiated to death accidentally
    • Atomic Energy Act of 1946
      • United states Atomic Energy Commission
  • Discussion time
    • Knowing what you do about Pearl Harbor and the Japanese habits during the war, was the destruction of the two cities justified?
    • How do you think the remainder war would have been different had the United States not dropped the Bomb?
    • Had the bomb not been dropped how would the Cold War period be different?