BtoB Digital Edge 2010


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BtoB Digital Edge 2010

  1. 1. BtoB’s Virtual Tradeshow BtoB’s DIGITAL EDGE – Dec 2, 2010
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  3. 3. Keynote Sponsored Logo. Will Go Here Keynote Sponsored Logo. Will Go Here Auditorium
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  5. 5. Exhibit Hall
  6. 6. Booth
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  8. 8. Sample E-mail Promotions
  9. 9. Stats from our Dec 2010 Digital Edge: Virtual Tradeshow . Total Number of Registrants Day of Show 2,872 Total Number of Attendee day of show 1,325 Total Number of Attendee’s in Exhibit Hall 887 Percent % attended the Tradeshow 46% Total Number of Attendee’s in Communication Cafe 435 Total Number of Attendee’s in Resource Center 452 Average Booth Visitors 290 Average Webcast Viewers 224
  10. 10. How Would You Rate Your Overall Experience at BtoB’s Leading Edge? (73%) Very Good / Excellent How Would You Rate The Following Areas Of The Show? Exhibit Hall (87%) Very Good / Excellent How Would You Rate Your Online Experience With Us? Keynote Speeches (72%) Very Good / Excellent Seminar Sessions (74%) Very Good / Excellent BtoB’s Post Attendee Research Study Results… Based on the June 2010 Leading Edge: Demand Generation Virtual Tradeshow
  11. 11. Show Guide
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  13. 13. What people were saying on…
  14. 14. What people were saying on…
  15. 15. What people were saying…
  16. 16. What people were saying… Mr. Felsenthal: “First, congratulations on your recent virtual digital age conference.  It was very informative “ “ Hi Bob- I attended the virtual event this week. It was a wonderful experience! I really enjoyed Patrick Crane's presentation on social media “ “ Thank you all for a good event. Nice job all around“ “ The LinkedIn presentation was GREAT! I would like to see Patrick again at one of your meetings” “ First Virtual webinar and I enjoyed the experience” “ Well done, looking forward to more of these ” “ The best online session yet. You did a great job!” “ Loved the ON24 environment . . . very easy to use and in many ways superior to what I've seen before. Nice job too BtoB and the sponsors. The white papers, downloads, etc. were great.” “ This is my 2nd virtural event that i have joined; this was laid out very well, very clear, easy to find exhibitors, I look forward to the next one!” “ Great experience. Particularly liked Patrick Crane's presentation the best!” “ This was my first experience with a Virtual Conference and I got enthusiastic with the wide number of possibilities an event online like this can bring” “ This my first virtual show and I thought it went extremely well. You guys did an excellent job and I found all of the presentations I attended to be very valuable. Job well done!!!”
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