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Justin Africaclass


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Published in: Travel, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. Kenya
      • By: Nadia Tomasini,Sabrina Alessi,Norah Wesson And Steven Morris
    • 3. Countries that border Kenya
    • 4. Countries that border Kenya
      • One country that borders Kenya is Ethiopia. Other countries that border Kenya are… Tanzania,Somalia,Uganda and Sudan.
    • 5. Countries that border Kenya
      • Sudan is North West from Kenya.
      • Ethiopia is North from Kenya.
      • Uganda is West from Kenya.
      • Somalia is East from Kenya.
      • Tanzania is South from Kenya.
    • 6. Food that Kenya Eats
      • There is a lot of different foods in Kenya.
      • Meat is rarely eaten in Kenya
      • A popular meal in Kenya in beef stew.
      • This picture shows a waitor in Kenya serving coffee.
    • 7. The Flag of Kenya
      • The flag has four different colors,which are black,red,green and white.
      • The flag has a big oval in the center. In the oval there are hunting sticks.
    • 8. City in Kenya
      • There in a lot of cities in Kenya.
      • Hola and Homa Bay are cities in Kenya.
      • Dadaad and Diani are cities in Kenya too.
    • 9. Obama in Kenya
      • Kenya is now making a new holiday to celebrate Obama’s victory.
      • They celebrate because Obama’s father came from Kenya. Maybe that is why he is an African American.
    • 10. Wildlife in Kenya The stingray lives in Kenya. It can kill anyone .
      • The earwig lives in Kenya.
      • It looks like a beatle but is not
    • 12. Wildlife
      • The shark lives in Kenya.
    • 13. Lakes in Kenya
      • If you live near lake Victoria you eat of lots fish
      • Lake Victoria sticks in Kenya a little bit
    • 15. Most important Lake
      • The most important lake is lake Tana
      • Lake Tana flows to the Indian ocean
    • 16. Kenya’s Religions
    • 17.
      • 38 percent of people in Kenya are Protestant
      • 28 percent of people in Kenya are Animist
      • 28 percent of people in Kenya are Roman Catholic
      • 7 percent of people in Kenya are Muslim
    • 18. The Culture of Ghana Michael Chen, Owen Sullivan, Zoe Antell, Destinee Castillo
    • 19. What Languages Do They Speak
      • The official Language of Ghana is English.
      • There are about 75 different tribes and each tribe has a different language.
      • Some tribe languages are:
        • Twi
        • Fa
        • Hausa
        • Dogbani
        • Ewe
        • Asante
        • Nzema
    • 20. Ghanaian Celebrations
      • People in Ghana celebrate Independence Day on March 6th. They can watch Parades and sing Ghana’s National Anthem to celebrate
      • Durbar is an important part of traditional celebration. It starts with a parade through the village.
    • 21. Ghanaian Holidays
      • Some other holidays are:
        • Worker’s Day (May 1)
        • Republic Day (July 1)
        • Revolution Day (Dec. 31)
    • 22. Education in Ghana
      • Children in Ghana go to grade school for 6 years.
      • Ghana has 18,530 primary schools, 8,850 junior secondary schools, 900 senior secondary schools, 28 trade colleges, 20 Tech Institutions, 4 Diploma, 6 public universities and over 10 Private Universities
    • 23. Ghana’s Natural Resources
      • The Natural resources are:
        • Gold
        • Timber
        • Industrial Diamonds
        • Buxite
        • Fish
        • Manganese
        • Silver, Salt and Limestone
    • 24. Nigeria the culture Mathew Coudert, Jordyn Staff Jake Miller, Luca DeNicola
    • 25. FOOD
      • Foods are important in party’s
      • Restraints are too expensive for the average Nigerian
      • Some Nigerians only eat traditional foods
    • 26. Culture
      • Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa
      • The economy is the fastest in the world
    • 27. Nature
      • Nigeria is a rainy place 40-60 inches of rain each year in the rain forest
      • Many animals live in Nigeria like the jackal,the millipede, the gecko,the honey bee.
    • 28.
      • They use blue die to make clothes
      • They wear head dresses
      • In celebrations they wear quarter sleeve shirts.
    • 29. SENAGAL
      • Jackson Liss, Chloe Blumberg, Daniel McManus, Sam Sommers
    • 30. How do they live?
      • The climate in Senegal is very hot
      • Foul language is illegal public
      • Fishing and farming are important in Senegal
      • Fishing and farming is very important in Senegal
      • CULTURE
    • 31. Location
      • Senegal has a Saint Louis like U.S.A
      • Senegal is located 15 longitude 15 latitude
      Senegal is on the west side of Africa
    • 32. What activities do they do?
      • Glass painting is a new popular art
      • People learn the traditional dance at a very young age
      • Goldsmiths produce jewelry
    • 33. HISTORY
      • The area that is today Senegal once was part of the west African Empire of Mali,Ghana and Tekrur.
    • 34. History of Senegal
      • The republic of Senegal became independent in1960 after three centuries
    • 35. EDUCATION
      • Men have to shake hands
      • and the women have to bow down
      • The Senegal's schools have advanced levels
      • The boys and the girls can go to the same schools
    • 36. EDUCATION
      • Senegal has a lot of private schools
      • Some schools are free
      • Different grades study different subjects
    • 37. EDUCATION
      • Before the kids go to school the kids play with their friends
      • When the kids listen to their elders. They get to the high grades
      • When they get older the rules get harder
    • 38. South Africa
      • The Culture
      • Alysa Hasegawa, William Soe,
      • Juliet Godwin, Imaan Hoque
    • 39. History
      • South Africa was with segregation
      • South Africa fought in a war through 1899 to 1902
    • 40. Dance
      • South African dancers dance at a lot of festivals.
      • South Africa has unique dances
    • 41. South Africa
      • South Africa Foods
    • 42. South African Food
      • Their food consists of the traditionally simple fare of starches and meats.
      • The gift and provision of food ,centering on the ritual slaughtering of livestock are central to all rights of passage and notable occasions in black communities.
    • 43. South Africa’s Sports
      • RUGBY
      • Rugby is a lot like football.
      • The only protective gear the players wear are shin guards and a mouth guards.
      • Rugby is a rough game where players tackle each other for the ball.
      • Netball
      • Netball is very popular in South Africa for school girls and women.
      • There are 7 players on a team.
      • Soccer
      • Kid in Africa play soccer often.
      • They play where ever there is an open space.
      • They use a soccer ball if they have one but any round object will do.
    • 44. Sports
      • Baseball is similar to Cricket, played in South Africa.
      • South Africans play a game called Rugby.
    • 45. Morocco
      • The Culture
      Quincy Edwards, Daley Polner Caroline Zeng, Eric Zhang
    • 46. Ethnic Groups
      • If you can’t see Jewish , that is because it is only 0.70%.
    • 47. Religion
    • 48. Al Maghrib
      • Al Maghrib is the Arabic name for Morocco. Al Maghrib means ‘far west’ or ‘where the sun sets.’
    • 49. Morocco
      • The Sports
    • 50. Popular Sports
      • Some popular sports are soccer,polo,and swimming.Others include golf and tennis.
    • 51. Olympics
      • The first Moroccan woman to win a gold medal won in 1984.
    • 52. SYMBOLISM
    • 53. Symbolism
      • A red flag was used as the symbol of the Moroccan country.
      • In Rabat they raise the flag every morning and lower it every night.
    • 54. Morocco
      • The Food
      • The History
      • The Economy
    • 55.
      • Figs and dates are the most common food.
      • Sardines and mackerel are caught.
      • Two of the basic foods are the most basic foods are couscous and harida soup.
      • Couscous is made from Seminole grains,veal,beef,and vegetables.
      • Haria soup is the national soup.
      • Cattle,sheep,goats,and camels are used with fish and bread.
    • 56. The history
      • The roman empire controlled morocco in the Å.D. 300’s
      • Morocco’s early people were Berber tribes.
      • Some Arab enemies arrived in 672.
    • 57. Economy
      • Many Moroccans are farmers of fishers.
      • Tourism is a important industry.
    • 58. Tanzania The ruling country
      • By Matilda,Jada,Charles and Abby
    • 59. Tanzania
      • Flag of Tanzania
    • 60. Tanzania is…
      • South West of Somalia
      • North West of
      • South East of Spain
      • Below Kenya…
    • 61. Landmarks in Tanzania
      • Mount Kilimanjaro
      • Lake Tanzania
      • Lake Victoria
    • 62. I noticed …
      • Spain,Chad,and Tanzania are in the same direction
    • 63. Capital
    • 64. Tanzanians
      • Woman from ruling families share the same opportunities
      • Tanzanians live in big houses with lots of space for gardening
    • 65. Wildlife in Tanzania
      • In Tanzania the size of the wildlife varies from the size of the enormous elephant to the tiny house mouse. The elephants in Tanzania have huge ears.
      • Two Pell’s Fishing Owls.
    • 66. Serengeti National Park
      • Elephants, Chimps, Rhinos, Baboons, Giraffes, Hippos, Leopards, Lions, Zebras, Gazelles, and Wildebeests live in Serengeti National Park.
    • 67.
      • Did you know baby elephants LOVE to play? They play 15 hours each day! WOW!!!!!!!!!