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Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
Brian M. Smith Resume
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Brian M. Smith Resume


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My Digital Resume

My Digital Resume

Published in: Education
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Who is Brian Smith? Teacher, Media Specialist, Organizer Superhero?
    • 2. Who is Brian M. Smith
      • Video and Film Programming Major
        • Videography ,Photography, Computer Graphics
        • Marketing and Promotions
        • Pan-African Studies
        • Sociology
        • Accelerated English & Media Writing
      • Theatre and Drama Minor
      Education Background Graduated Kent State University- 2005
    • 3. Who is Brian M. Smith
      • Purpose-Driven
        • Started Community Outreach Group in Michigan
        • Founded Media Consulting Company
      • Multi-talented in Media
        • Videography ,Photography, Information Design, Web Design
      • Community Focused
        • Motivational Speaking, Mentoring & Education, Promotions
    • 4. Media Consulting Experience
    • 5. Media Consulting Experience
      • Working As A consultant
      • Graphic Design
          • Programs, Business Cards, Stationary, Flyers, Websites
      • Photography
        • Event Coverage- Concerts, Weddings, Parties
        • Promotional Photography
      • Videography
        • Event Coverage
        • Promotional Videos
        • Educational Videos
    • 6. Sample Work: Video & Photo Promotional Video for United Sonz Entertainment- 2008 Slideshow of 2008 Photography
    • 7. A Man of Two Passions
      • sum of equal parts
    • 8. Youth and Media
      • Teaching and engaging young people
      • Watching, analyzing and creating media
    • 9. Working With Young People
      • Working with young people has always been enriching for me. I love talking and playing with kids but I get a pretty significant sense of fulfillment from teaching them new ways to view things.
    • 10. Media and Sociology
      • Always loved films and learning new technology
        • Countless hours of Television
        • Over 5000 films and music videos
      • New passion for designing websites and other digital video arts
      • Also, acutely aware of the effect of media proliferation in our society especially in regards to youth.
    • 11. Direct Action
      • During my post-collegiate search for a means to address this issue using my multi-media background I encountered:
      • Critical Media Literacy
    • 12. Critical Media Literacy Program
      • In the Fall of 2007 I developed a Critical Media Literacy Curriculum that aimed to teach critical thinking using the media students engage in during their daily lives.
      • Multi-modal teaching approach that synthesized with the students’ varying learning style.
    • 13. Critical Media Literacy
      • Core objectives-
        • Getting students to ask questions about messages they encounter in media.
        • Giving the students an understanding of media industry
        • Independent thinking –trusting their own conclusions, finding evidence to support their claims
        • Creative ways to express their thoughts using media
    • 14. Critical Media Literacy
      • I would like to expand my Critical Media Literacy Program to High School-Aged students and young adults
    • 15. Countee Cullen Community Center 2009 Critical Media Literacy Program
    • 16. Where are they learning?
      • The Average Teen spends 4 times as much time engaged in media than they do in schools.
        • Bombarded by messages and images that shape their perception of world
        • Aren’t gaining the skills to process messages and images
      • Current curricula fails to engage students and encourage critical thought
      • African-American youths are particularly at risk
        • Commercial hip-hop, “reality tv,” news
    • 17. Media Outreach Work
      • In Michigan worked with the University of Michigan’s GearUP Program. Which focused on preparing underrepresented youth for higher learning.
    • 18. Education Experience
    • 19. Education Experience
      • I am currently working as the Computer technology specialist at PS. 77 Lower Lab. A Gifted and Talented K-5 School
        • Basic Computer functions
        • Internet Safety
        • Creating Videos
        • Incorporating Technology into current curricula
    • 20. Education Experience
      • I also teach Filmmaking for the Wingspan Arts Enrichment Program afterschool (grade 3-5)
        • Media Literacy
        • Hands on filmmaking instruction
          • Screenwriting
          • Storyboards
          • Film analysis
          • Production
          • Videography Basics
    • 21. Education Experience
      • PS.77 Lower Lab Elementary Aug 2008-Present
        • Computer Technology (Grades K-5)
      • Wingspan Arts Sept 2008-Present
        • Flicker Filmmaking (Grades 3-5)
      • University of Michigan June 2006-August 2008
        • Gear Up
          • Critical Media Literacy Program (Grades 7-10)
          • Videography (Grades 7-10)
        • King/Chavez Parks (KCP)
          • Drama (Grades 7-9)
    • 22. Education Experience
      • Ann Arbor Pioneer High School - (March 2006- June 2007)
        • Girl’s Assistant Track Coach
      • Huron Valley Girl Scout Association (May 2003-August 2003)
        • Camp Linden Unit Leader
    • 23. Making Connections
      • Brian Smith’s Teaching Philosophy
    • 24. Making Connections: Brian Smith’s Teaching Philosophy
      • I believe that the purpose of education is to provide students with the skills they’ll need to a find personal fulfillment and participate in society at large.
      • In order to achieve this students need multi-literacy skills and the type of deep structure critical thinking that will allow them to transfer knowledge and problem solving processes across mediums and circumstances.
    • 25. Brian Smith’s Teaching Philosophy
      • Foster a nurturing, organic classroom that allows the students to explore different methods of processing and finding solutions which is imperative when working with technology.
      • Encourage proactivity and personal responsibility.
        • Each student is responsible for what they learn and what they gain from the class. So even though there are boundaries, students feel empowered
    • 26. Feedback from students and Colleagues
      • “ As a teacher with thirty-nine years of experience and as a Project Director for Communities in Schools for eight years, I can truthfully say that in all that time I have met few instructors more talented than Brian Smith…In addition to being an excellent instructor, I was impressed by Mr. Smith’s expertise with technology. He gave media presentations in a variety of formats that held the students’ interest.
      • - Karen Gay; Cerveny Middle School
    • 27. Feedback from Students and Colleagues
      • “ Brian is an excellent teacher, a natural. His work ethic is impeccable.”
      • - Lumas Helaire, GearUp Program Director
      • “ Brian actually kept my attention at all times…he always had his lesson ready…he actually presented them in a creative way.” -8 th grade student
      • I liked the teacher…he would break the stories up and explain them and ask us questions about them…he wasn’t scared to make connections with us.” 8 th grade student
    • 28. Civic Awareness for C.A.S.H Objectives for 2008-09
    • 29. Consulting with CASH
      • I am Currently working with the Civic Association Serving Harlem (a.k.a. CASH)
          • Special Event Coordinator
            • Promotion Design
            • Community Outreach
            • Participant Recruiting
          • Documenting Event
          • Videography
          • Photography
    • 30. Consulting With CASH
      • Gives me the opportunity to get involved in the Harlem Community
      • Directly impact the quality of life of neighbors
      • Meet and Collaborate with other Community Organizers and City Officials
    • 31. Benefits of working with Brian Smith
      • Passion ate about kids and subject
        • Enthusiasm and constant innovation
        • Personal connection with young people to maximize learning
      • Expertise in a wide field of Media and marketing strategies
        • Branding
          • Videography
          • Print media design
          • Public Speaking
    • 32. Benefits of working with Brian Smith
        • General Awesomeness