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  • In the past few years and months, you may have noticed that more people are browsing the web with their smartphones and tablet computers. Indeed, the web is and will be further integrated into our lives. If you walk into any major service provider, like ATT and Verizon, you will notice that almost every product they sell has web browsing capability. According to “worldwide tablet sales are expected to reach 81.3 million units in 2012, up by 418% over the 2010 estimate of 15.7 million units.” This is a large market in it of itself, and combined with consumers who are using smartphones proves how businesses must consider how they reach and inform their customers.
  • Prior to Internet browsing being common on phones and tablets, websites were designed to be rendered with traditional web browsers on desktop or laptop computers.  Now that most phones have web-browsing capabilities, and as tablets become more popular, most major websites,web-stores, and blogs have adapted mobile-sites to be used for such devices.
  • HTML5 is the latest coding language being used by web developers. Although some older versions of HTML and Flash are still being used, HTML5 is quickly becoming the new standard.. HTML5 is especially effective for mobile-web rendering. One advantage to HTML5 is that the same code can be used for both the full and mobile sized sites. Although this is not always the case.
  • I’ve noticed that effective mobile webpages tend to follow a similar formula. They tend to be simplistic and focused, with little more than a header or logo, followed by a few links. They’re simple so that it’s easier to read on a smartphone or tablet’s small screen size, and so that they can load quickly. The links must be large enough to easily select*, and the mobile site should always include a link to the full site for users who wish to use that instead.** 
  • is a site that I have been using often this past week. The mobile version of the site is much less visually exciting as the main site, but it’s very effective. I like this mobile site because it gives links to the day’s headlines, as well as links to the top blogs, facebook, and twitter pages. It’s everything I need, and nothing I don’t. is another example of an effect mobile web page. It’s simple and to the point, listing each blog entry, with a link to read the full story.
  • Poor mobile web pages tend to be poorly rendered on mobile browsers. Here are some examples. is a forum that I used to frequent. However, I’ve since stopped visiting the site because there isn’t a mobile version. They have since made an app to be used on smart phones, but the site itself is very difficult to navigate on a small screen. I feel that although the app exists, that isn’t enough – what if the person browsing is using someone else’s smartphone/tablet? The links are too small to read, and it becomes a hassle zooming in and out of sections of the page. is another website that was clearly designed only with a standard browser in mind. My phone couldn’t read the top stories because they are in flash. And again, everything is too small to comfortably read on a cell phone or tablet.
  • To better display available units to the widest audience possible, I think it would be wise to consider developing a mobile site for potential customers. More often than not, people have their smart phones or tablets handy, which is why they may initially turn to their mobile devices to initially search the web. I would recommend that a mobile site using HTML5 be created. This means that this site will be optimized for mobile browsing, and will enable us to integrate video for a seamless site. I would recommend that this page be designed with ease of use in mind. With the site centered only on necessary information, we would include a list of links on the homepage that that include… – About:Where the building is and some information about the surrounding area. –Units:This would include pricing of available units, information, and well as photos and videos of rendered-walkthroughs of the units. – Contact:All other information regarding Genesis Developing and it’s financing partners would be found here.  I would recommend that this site be tested on IOS and Andriod devices to ensure that all links, photos, and videos are active. As I’m sure you know, first impressions are vital, and a fluid mobile site will give a positive impression of your company and your buildings.
  • This is a rendering of what your company’s mobile site could look like. It’d be effective because it’s clean, professional looking, and would be easy to navigate (with 3 easy to select buttons.). If we take the time the manage our content, any basic information that your potential customers could have would be answered in just three links.
  • Mobile Web Design Pitch

    1. 1. mobile webpage presentation for Genesis Development <br />Brian Sanchez – project 4<br />Note: <br />Genesis Development is a fictional <br />company I made for this project. <br />
    2. 2. how much mobile and tablet usage has grown <br />How much mobile and tablet usage has grown <br />
    3. 3. mobile/tablet usage’s effect on web design<br />Brief Perspective<br />The way things were <br />Vs. <br />The way things are becoming<br />
    4. 4. HTML5<br />What current technologies can be used to make websites accessible on all mobile devices<br />These are magazines<br />that have been adapted<br />for tablets using <br />HTML5<br />
    5. 5. what makes a good mobile web page?<br />
    6. 6. examples of good mobile web pages<br /><br /><br />
    7. 7. examples of poorly designed mobile web pages<br /><br /><br />
    8. 8. GENESIS AND MOBILE WEB<br />Why should Genesis Development use mobile web?<br />Benefits<br /><ul><li>Good impression
    9. 9. Easy to navigate </li></ul>Structure<br /><ul><li>Content rich/informative </li></li></ul><li>RENDERING:<br />ABOUT<br />UNITS<br />Note:<br />This logo is not original, <br />a new logo would have to <br />be developed for your <br />company.<br />CONTACT<br />full site twitter © 2011 GD<br />
    10. 10. Mobile Web Pages<br />(screen shots taken from my phone)<br /><ul><li> - Official Site of the National Football League. Web.
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