Volunteering in Kyiv


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Volunteering in Kyiv

  1. 1. For Moscow project 2014 Volunteering work in Kyiv. Created by Troyeshchyna Gymnasium students.
  2. 2.  Hi guys!.. Love, from 11-B class.
  3. 3.  1. What kind of volunteer work do you have in your city? School?
  4. 4. UEFA EURO 2012 experience in Kyiv Becoming a Euro 2012 volunteer was just such a chance. In Poland and Ukraine, organisers received a record 23,965 applications from fans worldwide to work as a volunteer. More than 5,000 volunteers aided UEFA's full-time staff in 20 areas of operation, working at official UEFA EURO 2012 sites such as stadiums, airports and hotels.
  5. 5.  From November 2013 until February 2014 a lot of students participated in volunteering work in the Revolution of Dignity. Some of them helped with meals.
  6. 6.  A group of Kyiv students is setting up an improvised picnic on the parapet of a fountain on Kyiv’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti. We cut rough slices of brown bread, and top it generously with fish in tomato sauce from a freshly open can. More cans are stacked in the bed of the non-working fountain, waiting to be opened. One of the students in the group holds up a poster, offering free food and coffee for anyone who needs it. We had thousands of volunteers by that day-24th of November. 
  7. 7. People offer their help to guard the site, clean the mess, cook in the kitchen, find places to stay for those arriving from outside Kyiv and organize rotation of those who play music and give speeches round the clock, among other duties.
  8. 8. In February it was very snowy and the students also helped to clean the Maidan territory.
  9. 9.  2. How many students from your class participate in any kind of volunteer work ? (Percent if possible)  About 56% of the students from our group (2013-2014)
  10. 10.  3. What do you think about the importance of volunteer work in your city? What can we do to make our life in the city better? If you can please share with us the examples of volunteer work you take part in.
  11. 11.  It was important to guaranty safety and a lot of people helped to check bags at the entrance.  Bottles with liquid and fire sticks were forbidden.
  12. 12. First of all, I want to say that thanks to the volunteer work life in our city is developing and becoming better. There are a lot of kinds of volunteer work in our city, which can improve it. But I think that the main aim of such work is to connect people with the same opinion and interest, who want to make personal contribution for improvement and development of the city. I think that everyone can do something for it, because everyone can have a big influence in pleasant changes. Our city's destiny is in our hands! (Natasha 11-B)