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Using new media to engage students in reflective practice
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Using new media to engage students in reflective practice


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Presentation given at a staff development conference at Colchester Institute on using new media with students for reflective practice.

Presentation given at a staff development conference at Colchester Institute on using new media with students for reflective practice.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Using new media to engagestudents in reflective practice 21 October 2011 Colchester Institute
  • 2. E – learning?E – is not for electronic E – is only for enhanced
  • 3. A common myth:Digital natives vs Digitalimmigrants– Prensky, 2001
  • 4. A better analogy: Digital resident vs Digital visitor – Dave White, Oxford University TALL team am your tourguide today!
  • 5. Thinking about learningenvironments Moving from VLE to PLE Virtual to Personal Video:
  • 6. This is a tutor calledSarah’s PLE or PersonalLearning EnvironmentView other PLE In twos discussdiagrams here. what your own PLE looks like – it doesn’t all have to be technology! I have a notebook and pen in mine!
  • 7. Idea #1: get your studentsto map their PLE
  • 8. New media tools for reflective practiceTreat today’s session as a pick and mix You know what will work for your students
  • 9. Please switch your phones ON!Don’t underestimate the power ofa mobile phone! All your students have one in their pocket – get them to use it for learning and reflection!Where you see this symbol:thetool can be used on a phone
  • 10. Social bookmarking Examples: Delicious  Diigo  Evernote Good for making a reading listinteractive and for sharingmultimedia resources
  • 11. Blogging Examples: Wordpress  Posterous Good for reflection on learningand peer assessment
  • 12. Media Examples: Glogster Audioboo  Voisse Screenr Soundcloud Good for non-text based Slidesharereflection and responses – Flickraudio, video, images
  • 13. Surveys and polls Examples: Polldaddy (easily integrates with Wordpress)Good for feedback on learning Google Forms
  • 14. Social media Examples: Twitter  Facebook  Google+ Good for live feedback andreflection and as part of a PLE
  • 15. A quick example of how these tools can be usedUsing Posterous andmy iPhone camera Icreated a blogcalled ‘A history ofBryony in 100objects’ The site can be visited here:
  • 16. Idea #2: get your students to create aphotographic record of a placement orproject using Posterous & a cameraphone
  • 17. Over to you!Think of a student Choose whichor class you teach tool(s) you wouldand an activity you encourage them towant them to do use Reminder: Social Bookmarking, Blogging, Audio, Video, Images, Surveys & Polls, Social Media
  • 18. Your reflective practice! Write down:One thing you’re going to do One thing you’re going to find out more aboutOne thing you’re going to tella friend or colleague
  • 19. Thanks! Keepin touch!I’m @vahva Find this presentation & write up of the sessions from today at:
  • 20. Image acknowledgements 1. Circuit board by Botheredbybees on Flickr2. Digital Natives by Angerman on Flickr3. Tour guide’s umbrella by Garry Knight on Flickr.4. Classroom by Chenevier on Flickr5. PLE by Sarah M Stewart on Flickr6. Lightbulb by Aaronth on Flickr7. Bowl of sweets by Ali A on Flickr8. Mobile phone by Rakka on Flickr9. Library books by Wonderfully Complex on Flickr10. Journal by Curtfleenor on Flickr11. Headphones by the.approximate.photographer on Flickr12. Yes no maybe by Visionello on Flickr13. Social media mess by Kexino on Flickr14. Talking by Lovelornpoets on Flickr