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Simple guide to twitter   Part 4 - managing the flow of information on twitter
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Simple guide to twitter Part 4 - managing the flow of information on twitter


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Simple guide to Twitter …

Simple guide to Twitter
Part 4 of 4

Managing the flow of information on Twitter

Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1. My simple guide to Twitter Using the new Twitter layout Autumn 2010 Part 4: Managing the flow of information on Twitter
  • 2. Image from:
  • 3. Benefits of using Twitter
    • Short headlines
    • Instant/live
    • You select what you want – not like Facebook where your friends might share stuff you don’t care about – you choose your friends more carefully on Twitter!
    • There are lots of Twitter analysis tools
  • 4. Twitter lists
    • When you choose who to follow you can add people to different twitter lists
    • Click on the list button to add the person to a list
    • So, you might have a list called ‘government depts’ – you can just view that list rather than all the people you follow on Twitter
    List button
  • 5. Lists
    • You can also look at other people’s lists and quickly follow a whole list. Click on ‘listed’ under the person’s name.
    • Then choose a list you like the look of
    • Then you can click ‘follow this list’ and follow all the people on that list
  • 6. Twitter news sites
    • There are some sites which take all the links shared by people you follow on Twitter and create an online newspaper out of it. Two excellent examples are:
    • Twitter Times: http:// /
    • http://
  • 7. Twitter news sites
    • You can either create your own version of these news sites or view other people’s
    • Here are mine:
    • http:// /vahva
    • http:// /vahva
  • 8. Saving and archiving tweets
    • A simple way of saving tweets to return to later is by making them a ‘favourite’ by clicking on the star under the tweet – you can view them at any time by clicking on ‘favourites’
    • If you want to save certain tweets and also analyse tweets based on a theme or event these tools are useful:
    • Twapperkeeper:
    • Archivist:
    • http:// /
  • 9. Search and analysis tools
    • Visit these sites to see the different things you can do with Twitter
    • Twitter for busy people:
    • Twitterfall: http:// /
    • Tweetgrid: http:// /
    • Tweetdeck: http:// /beta/ (this is a download rather than a website
    • but is a very useful way to manage lots of followers)
  • 10. Approaches to using Twitter
    • Have Twitter open most of the time (I use Twitter Gadget: on my iGoogle page)
    • View Twitter in short bursts
    • Read a Twitter ‘newspaper’
    • View Twitter using your lists to distil information in groups
    • View topics by using the search bar or
    • clicking on trends or using an event
    • hashtag
  • 11. Thanks for viewing!
    • Thanks for viewing these slides. If you found them useful, why not tweet the link?!
    • See you on Twitter, I’m @vahva !
  • 12. End of part 4 (of 4)
    • View the other parts in the series at:
    • Part 1 – Why should I join Twitter?
    • Part 2 – Creating your profile
    • Part 3 – Tweeting
    • Part 4 – Managing the flow of information on Twitter