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Introduction To #Learning3


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An introduction to the #learning3 conversation. What is it? What are we talking about?

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  • Nobody is denying the incredibly fast pace of change in the world at the moment, things are moving so fast we can hardly keep up and that is one of the reasons we have started the Learning 3.0 conversation to really reflect on what is going on.
  • Everybody wants a piece of the action now! The recession has focused people’s minds. All the talk is of producing more for less and many people are turning to new technologies to help them do that.
  • But! The way government is structured and the way our organisations are funded means that we are still often working in silos. There is some great activity happening in each ‘silo’ but not all of it is being shared.
  • Now is the time for us to be collaborating! A number of  groups are involved in developing the skills of those that develop our skills – those working in schools, 6th form colleges, FE, HE Libraries and Museums, those supporting learning that goes on in the workplace and in communities. The needs and aspirations of learners across the system are constantly changing.
  • New media has the potential to impact the way we think about learning, but to what extent are  learning professionals prepared to deliver 21st century learning to 21st century communities and workplaces?  We have done some research which highlighted that people who train teachers in the further education sector are either in the bathing machine – they haven’t even got their bathing suit on yet – they are simply not engaged with technology at all nor do they think that it’s ‘something for them’. The vast majority are like the woman in this picture, tentatively stepping into the water but a little frightened of what might happen. And then there are a few, like the man in this image, in the water, splashing around and saying ‘come on in, the water’s lovely!’ How do we help people to ‘take the plunge’ and use technology for their own learning and for their teaching or training? That is what this conversation is about, I hope you can join in!
  • Introduction To #Learning3

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