Social Media for Human Resources - Hire, Retain and Leverage Employees


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How the best companies are using social media to hire, train and leverage their employees.

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Social Media for Human Resources - Hire, Retain and Leverage Employees

  1. Best Companies in the Age of Social Media<br />Hiring, Engaging and Leveraging Employees<br /> …while avoiding potential catastrophes<br />
  2. What is Social Media?<br />Facebook<br />Twitter<br />LinkedIn<br />Flickr<br />Social Media is a buzz term for a web based conversation that relies on and revolves around media – written, photographed or filmed.<br />
  3. Why Should I Care?<br />80% of Americans use social media monthly.<br />2/3 of the world’s population uses social networks. <br />Time spent on social networks is growing 3 times faster than time spent online. <br />*Forrester, The Broad Reach of Social Technologies, August 25, 2009<br />*Neilsen, Global Place & Networked Places, 2009<br />
  4. But it has no place in business!<br />…yes it does<br />
  5. The best are leveraging this huge opportunity to connect with:<br />Customers<br />Prospects<br />Candidates<br />
  6. …some statistics<br />
  7. Percentage of corporate marketing departments using social media…<br />*Association of National Advertisers Study , 2009<br />
  8. Percentage of companies using social media for background checks…<br />*Jobvite Survey, 2009<br />
  9. Percentage of companies using social media to recruit talent…<br />*Jobvite Survey, 2009<br />
  10. …some scary statistics<br />
  11. 51% of companies fear that social media could be detrimental to employee productivity.<br />49% of companies fear that employees’ use of social media could damage their reputation.<br />80% of executives view social media as a liability.<br />Just 18% of executives can link the results of social media campaigns to an increase in revenue.<br />*Ethos Business Law/ Russell Herder Social Media Study , 2009<br />
  12. What to do?<br />
  13. Inaction is NOT an option…<br />
  14. Last month the White House began a job search for a Social Media Archivist.<br />…Ready to take this seriously?<br />*Mashable, Why the White House is Hiring a Social Media Archivist, 2007<br />
  15. and yet…<br />Less than 1 in 3 businesses have a social media policy<br />Less than 1 in 10 businesses have conducted social media training<br />*Ethos Business Law/ Russell Herder Social Media Study , 2009<br />
  16. Option 1: All Out Ban<br />Fear of social media has caused the practice to be banned at these organizations:<br />
  17. Option 2: Embrace Wisely<br />While many other organizations have embraced employee use of social media:<br />
  18. Examining the Fears<br />Leaks of Confidential Information<br />Network Security Threats<br />Embarrassing Employee Actions<br />Ownership of Content<br />
  19. Upside of Social Media Engagement<br />New Marketing and Hiring Channel<br />Improved Customer Service<br />Better Internal and External Communications<br />Transparent Brand Image<br />
  20. They are talking about you…<br />
  21. The Answer<br />Don’t ban it...<br />Don’t ignore it…<br />Embrace!<br />Engage!<br />Create a Wise Use Policy, to engage effectively. Social media is too great an opportunity to miss because of restrictive company policies, or by burying your head in the sand and pretending it doesn’t exist. <br />
  22. A Wise Use Policy<br />Should…<br />ENCOURAGE employees to embrace social media. <br />EXPLAIN that employees are responsible for everything that they publish on social networks – BOTH professional and personal.<br />EXPLICITLY forbid the revealing of confidential company information and any actions that could be considered unprofessional or insulting to customers, colleagues and social connections.<br />
  23. The Bottom Line<br />Employees should conduct themselves as they do at work across all social networks, whether personal or professional. <br />
  24. Dumb Social Media<br />8% of employers have fired employees for misuse of social media.<br />Employee training should include examples of these kinds of mistakes:<br />
  25. More Dumb Social Media<br />*TheNextWeb, “Note To Self,” 2009<br />
  26. …and now back to the benefits<br />
  27. @DellOutlet has driven $3 million in sales in the past two years…<br />*Twitter 101, Case Study: DellOutlet, 2009<br />
  28. Twitter #hashtag competition led the brand to be mentioned hundreds of thousands of times<br />
  29. This wildly popular series of viral videos increased blender sales by 500%<br />*Mashable, “Will It Blend Videos Boost Sales 5x, 2007<br />
  30. Finding Talent with LinkedIn<br />Founded: 2002<br />Annual Revenue: $100 million<br />Number of Users: 45 million<br />Post a job to LinkedIn for $195.00<br />Be found on LinkedIn’s job boards<br />Promote the job to people in your network<br /> <br />Larger corporations may want to consider LinkedIn Talent Advantage, which gives your HR department access to all LinkedIn members. <br /> <br />Companies using LinkedIn to hire: <br />
  31. Finding Talent with Twitter<br />Use your company or personal Twitter to notify your network<br />Get ReTweeted by friends and colleagues in your network<br />Remember to use hashtags- #hiring, #job, #jobs<br />Search Twitter Manually:<br /> <br />Twitter Job Search Engines:<br />Founded: 2006<br />Annual Revenue: N/A<br />Number of Users: 18 million<br />
  32. Finding Talent Across Social Media<br />Jobvite is an application that your employees can install to search all of their social networks for matches to job openings<br />Employees choose whether to act when a match is made<br />Software tracks hires, so employees who refer candidates can be rewarded <br />Companies using Jobvite:<br />
  33. Train & Retain Talent<br />Employees thrive in environments that support open and creative exchanges of ideas. <br />Social media creates this environment…<br />
  34. Leverage Talent<br />Your employees are good – show them off!<br />Assign social media responsibilities to particular employees<br />Monitoring, customer service, webinars, blogs and fielding questions <br />
  35. Conclusions<br />First define your company’s social media goals<br />Increase Sales<br /> Improve Customer Service<br /> Decrease Staffing and Training Costs<br />Next define the threats<br />Security Breach<br /> Intellectual Property<br /> Reputation Damage<br />Create a Smart Use Policy & engage your employees<br />
  36.<br /><br />(888) 400-5995<br />Bryce Maddock<br /><br /><br />