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Small Group Training - How It Can Drive Your Profits


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Small Group Training is a big trend in fitness facilities. How can you make it work for you ? Here are some ideas.

Small Group Training is a big trend in fitness facilities. How can you make it work for you ? Here are some ideas.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Small Group TrainingTrends, Business Models & Technologies How You Can Use Small Group Training To Drive Your Revenues & Profits
  • 2. What Is Driving Small Group Training ?Industry Trends and Economics 1Programs and FormatsBusiness Models, Possibilities and Pitfalls 2Technologies To Make It WorkOnline Booking, Billing, Kiosks and Mobile 3Wrap Up And OverviewWhat To Consider And Where To Go 4 Small Group Training Trends, Business Models and Technologies 2
  • 3. What’s Driving Small GroupTraining Hi, My Name Is Bryan O’Rourke. Hopefully This Information Will Help You With Your SGPT. If I Can Be Of Service Let Me Know. @bryankorourke 504-957-7646 3
  • 4. SGPT Trends & Economics Over 4,500 CROSSFIT GYMSSignificant Number Of Facilities Trying To Offer SGPT 4
  • 5. SGPT Trends & Economics: Why? 6-10% use 1-1 One To One Personal Training Reaches Few Members 5
  • 6. SGPT Trends & Economics: Why?Better Use Of Space & Increase In Revenue Per Sq Ft 6
  • 7. SGPT Trends & Economics: Why?Price Is A Barrier For Many Members - Need An Option 7
  • 8. SGPT Trends & Economics You’re In The Motivation Business. Trainers & Instructors Do That Best.The Right Professionals Influence Your Membership 8
  • 9. SGPT Trends & Economics Many Have Or Are Trying Small Group But Not Everyone Is Succeeding. Think of the Profit Potential 9
  • 10. Personal Training ProfitsSGPT Can Help Drive Overall Training RevenuesTotalMembership 50% Of Membership Base ImpactedImpacted byTraining Huge Impact On Month EFTOne to One PT,SGPT Plus One 10% 10% 30%Month 1-1 PT SGPT 1 Month ReprogramReprogramOne to One PT 10% 10% “SGPT can make a bigPlus SGPT 1-1 PT SGPT difference for your business model; ifOne to OnePersonal 10% its done right.”Training Only 1-1 PT - Robert Dyer 10
  • 11. SGPT Trends & Economics Hear Stories Of Injuries & StupidityDoing It Right Isn’t Easy Often Dangerous 11
  • 12. Program FormatsBusiness Models, Possibilities & Pitfalls | Bryan MurphyCEO Gold’s Gym Houston, Texas A Club Owner’s Realworld Experience 12
  • 13. Program Formats $50K Mos / Club PT EFT Wanted To Keep Growing Create New Opportunity For Staff To Make $ Bryan Murphy History of SGPT 13
  • 14. Program Formats - Concerns Current EFT Stream$29 - 29 Days Replicating Program Identifying Participants Existing Trainer Conflict Managing Those Teaching First Step - $29 | 29 Day Bootcamp Offer 14
  • 15. Program Formats GOALS Fill A Price Void Create Something Replicable An options for members Base It On GGX who spend $0 and those who might spend between Success $60 - $480 per month Incentivize Market Opportunity Exists 15
  • 16. Program Formats - Discovery Group Professionals “Group Fitness Managers Better: In The DNA and Instructors Were Better At Dealing With After Early Adopters It Small Group Formats. It’s Fizzled in Their DNA” Fitness Managers Not -Bryan Murphy Eager To Promote Second Step: What They Discovered 16
  • 17. Program Formats - Today Introduced GRIT “Les Mills Took Our SGPT To A Significant New Level, Making Our Small Group More Profitable And improvement in results Sustainable. We Love It.” - & participation Bryan Murphy Where Are They Now 17
  • 18. Technologies To Help SGPTWork For You I Hope This Information Is Valuable. If I Can Help You Let Me Know. @bryankorourke 504-957-7646 18
  • 19. Mobile Impacting Members Mobile Will Comprise 25% of Global Internet Traffic in 2013 Over 50% of US Mobile Users Browse Mobile Internet 66% of 25-34 Year Olds Own Smartphones Important Trend Technology To Help You With SGPT 19
  • 20. Shifting Consumers - Mobile More People Use Phones To Get Online Than PCs 65% Use Mobile To Find A Business & Purchase >33 Million in US Engage In Buying Activity Via Mobile Important Trend Technology To Help You With SGPT 20
  • 21. The Rise Of Self Service "Moving forward, automation is going to be about cutting to the chase, skipping past laborious processes, to get us to the experience or the product more quickly"30 percent of hotel guests say they wish therewere more opportunities for automated service at Richard Cope Director ofhotels so they could interact less with hotel staff Insights & Trends, MintelImportant Trend Technology To Help You With SGPT 21
  • 22. ChallengesBillingSchedulingIncentives What Technology Tools Make This Easier ? Technologies To Help Small Group PT Work For You 22
  • 23. Kiosks - Scheduling & Billing Technology To Help You With SGPT 23
  • 24. Use of Mobile Phones Technology To Help You With SGPT 24
  • 25. Small Group TrainingEvaluating The “How To”Contact Me For A Special Offer For The Les Mills GRIT 25
  • 26. Facility SWOT Analysis Evaluate Offerings - Does Small Group Fit ? Positive Factors Negative Factors Strengths WeaknessesInternal Factors ‣ An option for members to receive personalized ‣ Integrating small group into 1 to 1 PT and attention at a lower cost thus driving revenues group fitness is challeging and could cause problems ‣ Enages members for improved retention ‣ Delivering safe, effective programs with on- ‣ Attracts new members looking for Small Group going resources ‣ Strong source of new revenues & profits ‣ The program fails Opportunities ThreatsExternal Factors ‣ Compete with studios like Crossfit and other ‣ Allow competitors to pick away at your Microgym formats training EFT by offering SGPT that you don’t ‣ Differentiates from budget model operators ‣ External opportunities lure away your best trainers and GX instructors ‣ Meets a growing member need 26
  • 27. Possibilities & PitfallsDo it all yourself or get some help In-House Turnkey Program Challenge to do it consistenly, safely and without relying on Highly reputable programming sources are available to use for a Creation professionals who may leave. nominal cost. Instructor Having a consistent source of new trainers available requires A reputable industry program company can provide on-going Training on-going training systems. training and certifications. On-going programs and music Music and other content can be Content must be created and identified. provided. Creating marketing materials Marketing materials can beMarketing takes time and money . provided with on-going updates. 27
  • 28. Get Moving With SGPT NOW !I’ve got a special offer for you if youcontact me directly at Learn More. Check Out LES MILLS GRIT I’m looking forward to helping you with all your group and small PT needs. 28