IHRSA 2013 Summit For A Healthier America

How will the health club and fitness industries become a bigger part of solving the health crisis of inactivity and obesity ? Bryan O'Rourke shares his views.

How will the health club and fitness industries become a bigger part of solving the health crisis of inactivity and obesity ? Bryan O'Rourke shares his views.



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IHRSA 2013 Summit For A Healthier America IHRSA 2013 Summit For A Healthier America Presentation Transcript

  • @bryankorourke #FutureofFitnessSummit For A Healthier America 2013@Bryankorourke #IHRSASUMMITHow Technology & Innovation Will AdvanceThe Health Club IndustryMay 14, 2013
  • #IHRSASUMMIT#FutureofFitnessGROWTH =CHANGE“Innovation distinguishesbetween a leader and afollower.” Steve Jobs@bryankorourke
  • @bryankorourke #ihrsasummitA Story
  • 4Boa Constrictor Consumed An Elephant@bryankorourke#ihrsasummit#Perception
  • @bryankorourke #FutureofFitnessAdvancement =GROWTH= CHANGEPERCEPTIONabundance vs. scarcityImagination
  • 6Law Of Accelerating Returns
  • 7@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitTransformativeChange
  • CONVERGENCE8 @bryankorourkepeopleglobalismtechnology
  • 9Our Digital Culture@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • People10Big Changes New Markets“Nat” Van PeerLes Mills Millennial
  • 1152MillionUS health club members@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit18%
  • 12@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit48%daily soft drink consumption http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/25/half-of-americans-drink-soda-everyday-consumption_n_1699540.html
  • 13@bryankorourke #ihrsa2013Prior Trends Impacted Clubs
  • Women Transformed Club BusinessHistory Teaches Us141930-1950 1950-1970 1970-1990 1990-2000 2000-2010Fitness FemininityWomen encouraged to beattractive and feminine, but notmuscular. The Women. Health Spa.Means of keeping a husband.LaLanne, Figure SalonsTelevision personalities, weight loss centers, spotreduction vibration machines. Gender specific clubs.Fonda & CooperMusic and aerobics. Thebeginning of uni-sex clubs aswoman entered corporateworld.Millennial, TechnologyTechnology use, gaming, socialmedia, quantified self, smartphones,grown children, empty nesting.Ecology, Reflection, ImpactBack to basics, functional training, outdooractivities complimented. Low impact, Pilates,Yoga.
  • “73% of consumers consider beingphysically fit important to being ‘well,’with 74% including ‘feeling good aboutthemselves’ .”- The Hartman Group, August 2010WELLTHY | SIGN OF THE TIMESBRYANKOROURKE.COM | WELLNESS INDUSTRY 201315
  • 1641%Millennial | 10-3217% Under 913% Gen X 33-4521% Boomers 46-647% Over 65@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitGlobal Population
  • 17@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitUS Club Members Millennial18-34 Years of Age30%
  • 18@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitDistrust72%
  • 19Generation “Me”89% Equivocate Brand to Ethnicity
  • 20@ #ihrsasummit4 + Sources When Buying51%
  • 21http://theregenerationroadmap.com/research/consumer-studyhttp://techcrunch.com/2012/12/19/forrester-84-of-u-s-adults-now-use-the-web-daily-50-own-smartphones-tablet-ownership-doubled-to-19-in-2012/Access The Internet Daily84%Traversing DemographicsConnected Consumers
  • 22@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit“TransformingExpectations Ofand InteractionsWith All Suppliers- From Retailersand Manufacturersto Governmentsand Utilities”Radical Customer TransformationErnst & Young 2012http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/This_time_it_is_personal_-_from_consumer_to_co-creator_2012/$File/Consumer%20barometer_V9a.pdf
  • 23http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/This_time_it_is_personal_-_from_consumer_to_co-creator_2012/$File/Consumer%20barometer_V9a.pdf Brand Doesn’t Matter25%US Chameleon ConsumerErnst & Young 2012
  • 24@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit Economics89% Price#1 Decision Factor
  • 25http://theregenerationroadmap.com/research/consumer-study/ Society Needs to Consume Less66%
  • 26@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitwould say customer experience isgood or excellentExperian Survey 201225%digital darwinism
  • 27@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitUsing Devices To Maxmimize Every MomentMobile Moments63% of femalesand 73% ofmales checkevery hour
  • Steven Van Belleghem28@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitThe Power ofthe ModernConsumerand the End ofthe TraditionalAdvertiserBig Change Isn’t Going Away
  • Our big world is getting smaller29Globalism@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • Masai WarriorWith a smartphone30
  • The Rise Of The Rest31By 2030 Global MiddleClass Doubles to 5 Billion@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitShanghai Tower
  • 32@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit2016 World PopulationIn Emerging Markets88%
  • Our big world is getting smaller33GlobalismAsia - Pacific RegionHighest Growth 5-7%@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • 34Increasingly Global Industryhardcandyfitness.com@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • 35Peter DiamandisPeter Diamandis@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • 36GlobalizationPeter Diamandis @bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • #FutureofFitnessTechnologyAn onslaught ofinnovation@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • 381997 - 1998$999
  • 39@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • 401.1 B - 2.3 B2007 - 2012 people using InternetInternet Users Doubled
  • @bryankorourke #FutureofFitnessTECH vs HUMANconflict is not what you think
  • Mobile Devices4272%@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • Tablet Sales As% of PC Sales4358%@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • The Internet Of Things44@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • Quantified Self 45@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit35 Million US Adults485 Million AnnualShipments by 2018
  • Mobile Social Applications46@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit20K Health AppsService DeliverySchedulingSocial MediaNew Business Models
  • 47TRYSUMERNewismSee or Hear; CheckReviews; Try forFREE
  • Gamification & Channel Extensions48@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • Mobile Payment 49@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • 50RFID | Cashless Transactions | Kiosks
  • 51Virtual ClassesProgramming - Wexer
  • 52New Ways To Reach New MarketsDropping Cost of Technology
  • 53@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitWhere Are We Heading ?The Dawn Of A New Exciting Era
  • 54@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitDisruption - New Opportunities
  • 55@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitUS “Sick Care” System Broken$2.6 TrillionNew Markets
  • Dr. Eric TopolDisruption Of Health Care 56@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit
  • 57@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitThe New ParadigmClubs Fill Many Of These Needs
  • Digital Disruption58@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitVirtualNutritional MotivationalWellnessThanks @ChuckRunyon
  • S Curve - Reinvention & Fragmentation59@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitNew Era : Micro GymLow CostPop UpDigitalWellnessMind Body
  • 60New Business Models
  • 61@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitSince 1970 US PhysicalActivity Down 32%Clubs Meet Community Needs
  • 62@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit23% Of US Health CareCosts Diabetes RelatedPhysical Activity SignificantlyAssists in Management Of TheDisease
  • 63Perception"What is essential isinvisible to the eye."
  • 64@bryankorourke #ihrsa2013Growth The Dawn Of A New Era
  • CONVERGENCE65 @bryankorourkepeopleglobalismtechnology
  • 66“The best way to predict the futureis to create it “ - Peter Drucker
  • 67@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitWe Can Create An Abundant FutureThank You