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Danish Fitness and Health Organization 2013 Conference In Copenhagen

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Bryan O'Rourke presented this content in Copenhagen to the Danish Health and Fitness Organization in May of 2013. It touches on key trends impacting the fitness and health club business.

Bryan O'Rourke presented this content in Copenhagen to the Danish Health and Fitness Organization in May of 2013. It touches on key trends impacting the fitness and health club business.

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  • 1. @bryankorourkeDansk Fitness & HelseOrganisation 2013@Bryankorourke #DFHO2013Trends der påvirkerfitnessbranchen22. maj, 2013COPENHAGEN, DK
  • 2. bryankorourke.comTak for invitationenDesværre er mit dansk meget dårligt
  • 3. bryankorourke.com3all #dfho2013 content available hereslideshare.net/ bryankorourke
  • 4. @bryankorourke #DFHO2013revolutionære tider
  • 5. #DFHO2013GROWTH =CHANGE“Innovation distinguishes between aleader and a follower.” Steve JobsVæksten betyderforandring
  • 6. @bryankorourke #FutureofFitnessPERCEPTIONabundance vs. scarcitySer vi muligheder eller risiko?
  • 7. 7Law Of Accelerating ReturnsLov af accelererende afkast
  • 8. Many leaders grossly underestimatethe impact of technologyLedere undervurdereeffekten af teknologi @bryankorourke #DFHO2013
  • 9. 9@bryankorourke #DFHO2013Transforming Winds AreChanging Industriestransformative forandring
  • 10. 10@bryankorourke #DFHO2013Hvad er fremtiden for erhvervslivet@briansolisWTF
  • 11. CONVERGENCE11 #DFHO2013 @bryankorourkepeopleglobalismtechnology
  • 12. People = Markets12#DFHO2013 @bryankorourke
  • 13. 1343MillionEU health club members@bryankorourke #dfso201348 thousand clubsNordiske lande langt mere aktive
  • 14. 14650ThousandDanish health club members@bryankorourke #dfho2013930 clubsNordiske lande langt mere aktiveLow Penetration12%
  • 15. 15@bryankorourke #dfho201348%Daily Soft Drink Forbrug EU http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/25/half-of-americans-drink-soda-everyday-consumption_n_1699540.htmlclub vækstpotentiale er reelWe Have Room To Grow
  • 16. 16@bryankorourke #ihrsa2013Prior People Trends Impacted ClubsThe Past fortæller en historieHow Will We Grow ?
  • 17. Women Transformed Club BusinessHistory Teaches Us171930-1950 1950-1970 1970-1990 1990-2000 2000-2010Fitness FemininityWomen encouraged to beattractive and feminine, but notmuscular. The Women. Health Spa.Means of keeping a husband.LaLanne, Figure SalonsTelevision personalities, weight loss centers, spotreduction vibration machines. Gender specific clubs.Fonda & CooperMusic and aerobics. Thebeginning of uni-sex clubs aswoman entered corporateworld.Millennial, TechnologyTechnology use, gaming, socialmedia, quantified self, smartphones,grown children, empty nesting.Ecology, Reflection, ImpactBack to basics, functional training, outdooractivities complimented. Low impact, Pilates,Yoga.Woman have påvirketKlubber Den mest@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 18. “73% of consumers consider beingphysically fit important to being ‘well,’with 74% including ‘feeling good aboutthemselves’ .”- The Hartman Group, August 2010WELLTHY | SIGN OF THE TIMESBRYANKOROURKE.COM | WELLNESS INDUSTRY 201318Sundhed Nu Enværdifuld Luxury @bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 19. 1941%Millennial | 10-32@bryankorourke #DFHO2013Global Millennial PopulationDenmark 15%EU 15%http://populationpyramid.net/EUROPE/2015/
  • 20. 20@bryankorourke #DHFO2013Dansk Internet Brug89%A More Important FigureDanish Internet Access
  • 21. 21http://theregenerationroadmap.com/research/consumer-studyhttp://techcrunch.com/2012/12/19/forrester-84-of-u-s-adults-now-use-the-web-daily-50-own-smartphones-tablet-ownership-doubled-to-19-in-2012/Access The Internet Daily84%Traversing Demographicsikke demografiConnected Consumers
  • 22. 22@bryankorourke #DFHO2013Distrust72%Mistillid er høj
  • 23. 23Generation “Me”89% Equivocate Brand to Ethnicity@bryankorourke #DFHO2013Identitet er stærk
  • 24. 24@bryankorourke#dfho20134 + Sources When Buying51%Brug teknologien til atkontrollere
  • 25. 25@bryankorourke #dfho2013ForbrugerneændrerRadical Consumer TransformationErnst & Young 2012 Global Reporthttp://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/This_time_it_is_personal_-_from_consumer_to_co-creator_2012/$File/Consumer%20barometer_V9a.pdfIn every industry andbusiness the consumeris dramaticallychanging.
  • 26. 26http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/This_time_it_is_personal_-_from_consumer_to_co-creator_2012/$File/Consumer%20barometer_V9a.pdf Brand Doesn’t Matter25%The Chameleon ConsumerErnst & Young 2012Brand betydermindre
  • 27. 27@bryankorourke #dfho2013 Economics89% Price#1 Decision FactorPrisen betyder mereøkonomi
  • 28. 28http://theregenerationroadmap.com/research/consumer-study/ Society Needs to Consume Less66%økologi er vigtig
  • 29. 29@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitwould say customer experience isgood or excellentExperian Survey 201225%Virksomheder Ikke tage sig af kunderne
  • 30. 30@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitUsing Devices To Maxmimize Every MomentMobile Moments63% of femalesand 73% ofmales checkevery hourTeknologi ændrerEverything
  • 31. Steven Van Belleghem31@bryankorourke #dfho2013The Power of theModern Consumerand the End of theTraditionalAdvertiserBig Consumer Change Isn’t Going AwayStore ændringer erførst lige begyndt
  • 32. Verden bliver mindre32Globalism@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 33. Masai WarriorWith a smartphone33@bryankorourke #dfho2013This Summer Number Of SmartphonesExceeds Humans On Earth
  • 34. The Rise Of The Rest34By 2030 Global MiddleClass Doubles to 5 Billion@bryankorourke #dfho2013Shanghai TowerFremkomsten af en Big Middle Class
  • 35. 352016 World PopulationIn Emerging Markets88%@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 36. Our big world is getting smaller36GlobalismAsia - Pacific RegionHighest Growth 5-7%@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 37. 37Increasingly Global Industryhardcandyfitness.com@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 38. 38Increasingly Global Industrygymbox.com@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 39. 39Peter DiamandisPeter Diamandis@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 40. #FutureofFitnessTechnologyAn onslaught ofinnovation@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 41. 411997 - 1998$999
  • 42. 421.1 B - 2.3 B2007 - 2012 people using InternetInternet Users DoubledInternet Brug Fordoblet
  • 43. @bryankorourke #FutureofFitnessTECH vs HUMANconflict is not what you think
  • 44. @bryankorourke New Motivational & Coaching ModelsArtificial IntelligenceKunstig Intelligens@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 45. 4580%@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitDK MobileDevicePenetration
  • 46. Tablet Sales As% of PC Sales4658%@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 47. The Internet Of Things47@bryankorourke #dfho2013 Tingenes internet
  • 48. Bærbar Tehnology 48@bryankorourke #dfho201335 Million US Adults485 Million AnnualShipments by 2018
  • 49. Mobile Social Applications49@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit20K Health AppsService DeliverySchedulingSocial MediaNew Business Models
  • 50. 50TRYSUMER - New Business ModelsNEWISMSee or Hear; CheckReviews; Try forFREENye forretningsmodeller
  • 51. Gamification & Channel Extensions51@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 52. Mobile Payment 52@bryankorourke #dfso2013
  • 53. 53RFID | Cashless Transactions | Kiosks
  • 54. 54Virtual ClassesProgramming - Wexer
  • 55. Alternative Cardio55New TechnologiesNyt udstyr
  • 56. We Need Technology Standards56@bryankorourke #dfho2013 57% of Members Use Smartpones or TabletsAdopting Open SystemsFitness Industry Technology Councilwww.fit-c.orgTeknologi Standarder er nødvendige
  • 57. 57New Ways To Reach New MarketsDropping Cost of TechnologyKom billigere
  • 58. 58@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitWhere Are We Heading ?The Dawn Of A New Exciting EraEn ny æra
  • 59. 59@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitDisruption - New Opportunities
  • 60. 60@bryankorourke #dfho2013“Sick Care” Is BrokenNew Markets
  • 61. Dr. Eric TopolDisruption Of Health Care 61@bryankorourke #dfho2013Health CareForstyrrelse
  • 62. 62@bryankorourke #dfho2013The New ParadigmClubs Fill Many Of These NeedsKlubber kanmøde NewParadigm
  • 63. 4 Realignment Drivers63@bryankorourke #dfho2013VirtualNutritional MotivationalWellnessThanks @ChuckRunyonFire Drivers for justering
  • 64. S Curve - Reinvention & Fragmentation64@bryankorourke #dfho2013New Era : Micro GymLow CostPop UpDigitalWellnessMind BodyModning og Fragmentering
  • 65. 65New Business Models
  • 66. 66@bryankorourke #ihrsasummitSince 1970 US PhysicalActivity Down 32%Clubs Meet Community NeedsBørns fysiskeaktivitet Afslår
  • 67. 67@bryankorourke #ihrsasummit23% Of Global HealthCare Costs DiabetesRelatedPhysical Activity SignificantlyAssists in Management OfDiabetesDiabetes er størst Healthcare Cost
  • 68. 68PerceptionWhat Do You See ?I See UnlimitedOpportunitySer vi mulighed eller risiko?
  • 69. 69@bryankorourke #ihrsa2013Growth The Dawn Of A New Era@bryankorourke #dfho2013En ny æra
  • 70. CONVERGENCE70peopleglobalismtechnology@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 71. 71“The best way to predict the futureis to create it “ - Peter Drucker@bryankorourke #dfho2013
  • 72. bryankorourke.com72all #dfho2013 content available hereslideshare.net/ bryankorourke