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AppThwack maintains a remote device lab of hundreds of iOS and Android devices and an automation infrastructure that allows you to run automated test scripts in parallel on real devices, not emulators. AppThwack supports all popular automation frameworks. With AppThwack, you can

- Execute your tests, in parallel, across 100s of iOS and Android phones and tablets with results available in minutes
- Initiate tests through a simple web interface or Jenkins Plug-in
- View results in web-based dashboard or download for offline viewing
- Analyze reports in real-time that include high-level results, low-level logs, pixel-perfect screenshots, and performance trends (CPU, Memory, Threads, Frame draw time)
- Integrate report data with CI and other business flow applications

AppThwack offers a free 7-day trial period. Start testing with AppThwack today!

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  • AppThwack - Running Appium Tests on Real Devices

    1. 1. AppThwack Run Appium Tests On Real Devices in Remote Device Lab Bryan Segale | @bsegaleSF |
    2. 2. AGENDA • • • • AppThwack Overview Appium Solution Overview Demo Q&A
    3. 3. So what’s the big deal? 1,000,000+ apps in 1,000,000+ apps in 2 crashes and 84% will uninstall - Compuware as reported in TechCrunch
    4. 4. Automated Testing for Android, iOS & Mobile Web Over 250 devices, phones & tablets hosted in our remote device lab Choose from built-in compatibility tests or your own custom scripts Parallel execution of tests, results are available in minutes Intelligent reports with high-level results, low-level logs & pixel-perfect screenshots Jenkins plug-in and API available for continuous integration
    5. 5. We makeLab simple, it - Run automation on real devices Our Device fast, affordable, and we find real issues. • • • • • • • Over 250 non-rooted or jailbroken Android & iOS devices OEM & Carrier handsets All relevant OS versions Varying screen sizes Other hardware characteristics Hundreds of combinations New devices added every week Complete coverage – Matching what your customers have in their hands today.
    6. 6. Run your own automated scripts • • • • • • Implement test scripts with Appium or one of our other supported frameworks Develop tests locally Run them in AppThwack’s remote mobile device lab Integrate tests with CI Server using Jenkins plug-in or our RESTFul API Increase test coverage Enable manual testers to focus on lessrepetitive tests Android Frameworks • • • • • • • Appium Calabash Junit Robotium MonkeyTalk Espresso UI Automator iOS Frameworks • • • • • Appium Calabash UI Automation KIF Frank
    7. 7. Our Appium Support • Execute Appium tests on devices in our remote device lab • Same experience as running on local device • Run tests cases across multiple devices • View results in an intelligent dashboard - test case results span all devices • Analyze key performance metrics - CPU, Memory, Threads, FPS • View pixel-perfect screenshots captured during execution • Drill into lower-level device logs
    8. 8. How it Works: Custom Tests Set desired_capabilities • • • • • Specify AppThwack project name Set run_name to combine test runs into single report Choose make, model and OS, we’ll run test on that device Specify location of APK, IPA file for upload Execute the script, test will run on devices in our remote device lab
    9. 9. Demo Time
    10. 10. Sign Up for Free Trial • 7-day free trial, sign up at: • Simple registration process, begin testing in minutes • Have questions send an email to
    11. 11. Q&A Bryan Segale| @bsegaleSF |
    12. 12. Intelligent Reporting • • • • • • Easy-to-navigate dashboard Actionable insights into compatibility, performance and functionality Learn what failed and why Quickly go from high-level results to lower-level details: • Pixel-perfect screen shots • Performance (CPU, Mem, Threads) • Frame draw time • Device log files Track metrics across application versions Downloadable report or share with others Drill into test log
    13. 13. Device Logs
    15. 15. Performance Summary
    16. 16. Performance Detail