The Manipulation of the Incas


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The Manipulation of the Incas

  1. 1. The Manipulation of the Incas By: Bryan Baugher
  2. 2. The Incursion of the Spanish A Brief Review… • In the early 16th Century, the Spanish Crown began to push their way into the heart of South America with the expeditions of Francisco Pizarro. • Pizarro made contact with the Inca Empire in 1532 and offered a peaceful meeting of friendship at Cajamarca. • Pizarro used his superior weaponry, tactics, and the naive and trusting attitude Incan people to capture Atahuallpa and use him as ransom. The Manipulation of the Incas
  3. 3. The Inca Empire Geographical Size: • Distance: • 2,400 miles, North to South • Area: • 300,000 Square Miles Population: • By most estimates: 6-12 million • According to Terence: 10-12 million • Class System: Inca, Royalty, Nobility, and Ayllu on the bottom. The Manipulation of the Incas
  4. 4. Technological Advances • Goldsmithing • Textiles • Extensive network of roads • Some as long as 40,000 kilometers • Governmental Storage facilities • used to supply royalty and government buildings. The Manipulation of the Incas
  5. 5. Religious Beliefs • Viracocha – Universal god – Creator • Guaca - Assistants of Viracocha to look after his creation. – Major Guaca • Apu Inti- “Lord Sun” • Moon & Stars – Minor Guaca • Lions, Tigers, and Bears • Snakes and Serpents • Thousands more… The Manipulation of the Incas
  6. 6. Problems Arise • Naivety of the Natives – No Previous Contact – Over Confidence – The Spanish “gods” • Apu Illamp • No Written Language – Traditions & Sacrifices – Myths, Legends, and History – Forgotten Lore The Manipulation of the Incas
  7. 7. “The Son of the Sun” Atahuallpa’s Divinity • Already revered as a living god (or Guaca). • Said to be “The Son of the Sun” • Therefore, a living interpreter of Viracocha’s power in the world. • His word was law. Saw Pizarro’s entrance as an opportunity to gain even more power and influence. Guns, Germs, and Steel Segment The Manipulation of the Incas
  8. 8. Why were these problems fatal? Atahuallpa’s Mistakes The Manipulation of the Incas • Unfamiliar M.O. – North/South vs. East/West Geography – Knew nothing of European Culture • Loss of Religious Lore – Tradition tops doctrine – Followed Inca religious rule – Desire to transcend the gods.
  9. 9. The result The Destruction of the Inca • Atahuallpa’s Influence – 20 tons of gold and silver – Free unmolested Spanish exploration parties – Time to send for reinforcements from Panama • The Death and Aftermath of Atahuallpa – Revolts against Spanish – Smallpox Rampant – Almost an entire people wiped from existence. The Manipulation of the Incas
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