The Differentiators Enquist 2008


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The Differentiators Enquist 2008

  1. 1. The Differentiators Sue Enquist-UCLA Coaches Development November 19, 2008
  2. 2. Champion Gene Pool THE RULE. YOUR GAME. Thank the influencers in your life? Industriousness
  3. 3. Your Coaching Armor 33% RULE Are you a teacher AND student of the game? Friendship
  4. 4. Barfers Bottom Third Code: b3 Hit reply faster on your blackberry? Loyalty
  5. 5. Blowers in the wind Middle Third Does everyone matter in the Morgan Center? Cooperation
  6. 6. BruWINS Top Third Love your razor thin margin for error? Enthusiasm
  8. 8. THE GAME PREPARE LOVE HONOR Is it “my” team or “our” team? Alertness
  9. 9. PREPARE for the game! 1) Enjoy the anticipation 2) Plan A, B, C, & 911 Do you enjoy the little parts of your game? Poise
  10. 10. LOVE the game 1) Commit. 2) Love unconditionally. Last time your thanked your assistants? Your head coach? Initiative Grounds crew? support staff?
  11. 11. HONOR the game 1) Game doesn’t know your age. 2) Investments & paybacks. Are emotions under control? Self Control
  12. 12. Be in control.
  13. 13. Where are you? 1) Honeymooners (1-5 yrs.) 2) Reality Checkers (5-10 yrs.) 3) Servers(10 and beyond) yrs End a complaint with a solution? Intentness
  14. 14. HONEYMOONERS (1-5 yrs.) 1) Assistants a. Filter the riff raff b. Be catalyst: head coach, team, & department. 2) Head Coaches a. Give assistants more responsibility. b. It’s ok NOT having ALL the answers. Are you obsessed with the fundamentals? Condition
  15. 15. REALITY CHECKERS (5-10 yrs.) 1) Assistants a. Discipline to keep coach on task. b. Step up and start thinking like a head coach. 2) Head Coaches a. Discipline to find the LOVE in your game b. Keep it fresh. Challenge through passion. Are you executing your daily checklist or living life? Skill
  16. 16. SERVERS (10 yrs and beyond) 1) Assistants a. Remain curious about teaching and coaching. b. GET OFF YOUR COMFORT SOFA. Stretch! 2) Head Coaches a. YOU’RE NOT BIGGER THAN THE GAME. b. Put your EGO to bed. The sport has given you enough. Be accountable to team principles? Team Spirit
  17. 17. LEAP
  18. 18. STOP! BruWIN Blood Homework GUT CHECKS PYRAMID OF SUCCESS 1. Thank your influencers? 2. Student and teacher? Faith Fight 3. Blackberry reply faster? Industriousness Poise 4. Does everyone matter in MC? Patience Resourcefulness 5. Love the struggle? Integrity Initiative 6. “My” team or “our” team? Friendship 7. Enjoy the little things? Self Control Loyalty Ambition 8. Thank your colleagues more? Reliability Intentness 9. Emotionally under control? 10. End a complaint with a solution? Honesty Condition 11. Obsessed with fundamentals? Cooperation Skill 12. Executing or LIVING life? Sincerity Team Spirit 13. Accountable to team principles? Enthusiasm Competitive Greatness 14. Let your seniors run practice? Adaptability Confidence 15. Belief in self/team in good and bad times? Alertness
  19. 19. Be Aware
  20. 20. Common Problems and Solutions CONFRONTATION(Player, team, administration) “It’s like a card game and I always let them show their hand first”. RECRUITING “Don’t let it permeate your core and your principles”. CULTURE Root: Cult. Do you have cult-like commitment to your guiding principles and the standards that hold them up?
  21. 21. YOU are the difference. • Better people • Better citizens • More smarty pants graduates • More Olympians • More National Champions • More All Americans • THIS IS OUR BUBBLE! • We know the rule and we know our game! Let your seniors run a practice? Competitive Spirit
  22. 22. Our Champion DNA Competitive Greatness Poise Confidence Team Condition Skill Spirit Self Control Alertness CI Initiative Intentness Industriousness Friendship Loyalty Cooperation Enthusiasm
  23. 23. Download presentation Special thanks to Coach Wooden and his Pyramid of Success Sue Enquist Belief in self on good & bad days. Confidence