Applying for a Tier 4 Student Visa


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A brief guide to applying for a Tier 4 student visa for international students coming to Brunel in September 2012

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Applying for a Tier 4 Student Visa

  1. 1. Immigration OfficefBRUNELINTERNATIONAL Applying for a Tier 4 Visa Webinar 2pm 03/07/2012 By Brunel International’s Immigration Office Lorraine Clark & Laura Cable-Burgess
  2. 2. Immigration Officef What is a Tier 4 (G)BRUNELINTERNATIONAL Student Visa? A Tier 4 (General) Student Visa is: • A visa issued for study on a specific course, at a specific College/University • A College/University must be registered as a Tier 4 Sponsor with the UK Border Agency (UKBA) to be able to offer courses to International Students • Each College/University has a Tier 4 Sponsor Rating • Brunel University sponsor rating is ‘Highly Trusted’
  3. 3. Immigration OfficefBRUNEL Applying for a Tier 4 VisaINTERNATIONAL For a Tier 4 visa you must obtain 40 points. To obtain the points, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) need you to meet the following requirements. - 30 points for having a Confirmation of Acceptance Of Studies (CAS) Number - 10 points for meeting the ‘Maintenance’ (Funds) requirement (Tuition Fees and Living Costs) Total = 40 points
  4. 4. Immigration Officef Confirmation of AcceptanceBRUNELINTERNATIONAL of Studies (CAS) – what is it? • A CAS is an ‘official and unconditional offer of a place on a course of study’ • A CAS makes up 30 points of your 40 points requirement for a Tier 4 (G) Student visa • A CAS Number is ‘not an actual certificate/document on paper document’ • A CAS is an electronic document, with a number, relating to the offer of study (including what qualifications were used to get the offer and Tuition fees for the course). It also contains other details about the applicant. • The information in the CAS is sent to UKBA’s database.
  5. 5. Immigration Officef How can I get my CAS?/BRUNELINTERNATIONAL How do I use it? • Meet the conditions of your offer for the course at Brunel. • Brunel University only issues a CAS once all conditions of an offer for a course have been met • The CAS information given to you (in an email from our International Admissions Office) will help you to complete the Tier 4 (G) application form (if applying from inside the UK) or VAF9 application form and Appendix 8 Student Self Assessment form (if applying from outside the UK- also known as applying for Entry Clearance)
  6. 6. Immigration Officef Maintenance (Funds)BRUNELINTERNATIONAL – what is it? • The ‘Maintenance’ requirement is evidence you have enough money for your Tuition fees and Living costs • The ‘Maintenance’ requirement makes up 10 points of your 40 points requirement to get a Tier 4 (G) Student visa • You have to show you have this money (funds) when applying for the visa
  7. 7. Immigration Officef Maintenance (Funds) –BRUNELINTERNATIONAL How much is it? • All Tuition Fees IF the course lasts 12 months or less. • Tuition Fees for the first year of the course ONLY, if the course is over 12 months in length PLUS Living Costs (figure set by UKBA) of: • £800 per month of the course up to a maximum of 9 months (£7,200) – based on studying in ‘Outer London’ (Brunel University is classed as ‘Outer London’)
  8. 8. Immigration Officef Maintenance (Funds) –BRUNELINTERNATIONAL How do I show it to UKBA? • The documents you need to show depend on whether you are considered to be: ‘Officially Financially Sponsored’ or a ‘Self- Funding’ Student. • An ‘Officially Financially Sponsored’ student is someone who is funded/sponsored by: ‘Her Majesty’s Government, the Tier 4 (General) student’s home government, the British Council or any international organisation, international company, university or an Independent School’ • An Uncle/Friend/Parent is not an Official Financial Sponsor.
  9. 9. Immigration Officef Official Financial Sponsorship –BRUNELINTERNATIONAL documents required • You will need an original document from the Official Financial Sponsor ‘A letter of confirmation from his/her Official Financial Sponsor on official letter-headed paper or stationery of the organisation of the official financial sponsor; and have the official stamp of that organisation on it. The letter must show: • the student’s name; • the name and contact details of the official financial sponsor; • the date of the letter;• the length of the sponsorship; and • the amount of money the sponsor is giving to the student or a statement that the student’s official financial sponsor will cover all of his/her fees and living costs.’ • If your sponsor only pays your Tuition Fees YOU must provide evidence that you yourself have the living costs.
  10. 10. Immigration Officef Self Funding StudentBRUNELINTERNATIONAL - How do I show it to UKBA? • Evidence of cash funds (Shares, Bonds, Overdrafts, Credit Cards, Pension Funds – NOT acceptable) • Account must be in yours/parents /Legal Guardian’s name(s) • Money must have been held for a consecutive 28 day period ending no more than 1 month before the date of application • Can use: Bank Statement/Bank Letter/Bank Book/Loan Letter • Specific Format – see UKBA Tier 4 Policy Guidance Document
  11. 11. Immigration Officef Money Held by ParentsBRUNELINTERNATIONAL – Additional Documents • You are required to show additional documents: ‘i. the student’s birth certificate showing names of his/her parent(s); ii. the student’s certificate of adoption showing names of both parent(s) or legal guardian; iii. a Court document naming the legal guardian of the student. The document use must be the original legal document or a notarised copy. PLUS i. a letter from his/her parent(s) or legal guardian. The letter must confirm:• the relationship between the student and his/her parent(s) or legal guardian; and• that the parent(s) or legal guardian have given their consent to the student using their funds to study in the UK’. • If you are applying inside the UK you also need your parent to complete Declaration Page 27 of the Tier 4 (G) application form
  12. 12. Immigration Officef Self Funding StudentBRUNELINTERNATIONAL – Warning • If using account from overseas check that it is a bank that the UKBA accepts – see list of ‘acceptable financial institutions’ in the UKBA Tier 4 Policy Guidance • If using overseas currency – use to work out the figure in £ (UK Pounds Sterling). Use the smallest figure during the consecutive 28 period and calculate the converted amount using the date of the end balance. • You must show the documents in the correct format, showing the information required as listed in the Tier 4 Policy Guidance document
  13. 13. Immigration Officef Other DocumentsBRUNELINTERNATIONAL Needed? Other Main Documents: • Original Qualifications listed in the CAS (Evidence to Obtain Offer) • ATAS certificate (if applicable) List of Documents depends on where you are applying from: • If outside the UK see UKBA Supporting Documents Guidance Tier 4 (General) • If inside the UK see UKBA Help text for Tier 4 (General)
  14. 14. Immigration Officef Where can I getBRUNEL more information about Tier 4?INTERNATIONAL • UK Border Agency (UKBA) - Please read all guidance available on UKBA website to ensure you meet the requirements and provide documents in the correct format. • UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) - This organisation provides useful information and advice sheets on a range of different topics including Tier 4 Visas • Brunel University Immigration Office (Brunel International) You can email us with queries at