Rich dad asia™ workshop in cambodia


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Topic: Rich Dad Asia™ Workshop in Cambodia
Date: 22 June 2013 (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)
Venue: Sunway Hotel Phnom Penh
Ticket Price: USD 99 Before 30 April (Normal Price: USD 199)
Contact: or Call: 023 6364 966

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Rich dad asia™ workshop in cambodia

  1. 1. THE WORKSHOP The most IN-DEMAND WORKSHOP in Asia based on the best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is now within your reach. The most-awaited life-changing workshop seminar entitled Rich Dad Asia™ Live in Cambodia 2013 will be held on June 22, 2013 from 8:00am to 5:00pm at the Sunway Hotel. This one day hands-on workshop will take you through the process of starting from The Rat Race to the Fast Track, where the rich play their game, so you can learn
  2. 2. to be financially free to work less and yet earn more! It won’t even matter how much or howlittle money you have to invest or what little education you have.The workshop will help you attain your dream house, dream car, business, and lifestylewithout forcing you to spend lesser time with your loved ones and sacrificing your ownbody’s need to rest. No more weeks of staying up late working for meager overtime pay! Saygoodbye to being over-worked and under-paid. Make your dreams come true instead!This seminar will teach you how to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR FINANCES and open yourmind on how to make the choices you want with whoever or whatever you want andwhenever you wish. The seminar will open your eyes on the differences and similarities ofhow money is made by the Poor, Middle Income and The Rich, and how the Rich spend tobe Richer and take advantage of their financial mindset.BENEFITS OF THE PROGRAMRich Dad Asia™ Bellum Tan will teach you:  How you can work less and yet make more money  How you can make money while you are on holiday, at the golf course, or on vacation  How to use other people’s money to make you richer  What type of debt is good and what type is bad  How to fill up your personal balance sheet  How you can make money in a bad market and in a good market  When is the time you make money, when you buy or sell  How to use other people’s time to make you richer  Why your home can be your liability instead of an asset  What your CPA or your banker did not tell you  Why middle income people are loading up with liability without knowing about it  Simple rules of thumb to differentiate between assets and liabilities  What type of income the Rich go for that the Poor don’t  What the Rich do that the Poor don’t  What the Rich know that the Poor don’t know  What type of education the Rich have that the Poor and Middle Class don’t have  What types of investment vehicles the Rich use to made them richer everydayThis workshop won’t be just like the usual seminars that leave you overloaded withinformation on theories and principles that are hard to practice in real life. Instead, thespeaker, Rich Dad Asia™ and multi-millionaire Bellum Tan himself will teach you how tostop working for money and instead let your money start working for you — so you can haveall the time you want with your loved ones and with the things that you really love to do.WHO SHOULD ATTENDRich Dad Asia™ Live in Cambodia 2013 is designed for you if you are:  a manager who wants to build a part-time business income  a self-employed professional stuck in their work  a sales professional who wants to earn more  an investor looking for better returns  an entrepreneur who wants to build their business  an executive who wants more income-generating assets  a real estate broker wanting a boost in sales   
  3. 3.  a direct selling professional who wants to increase their incomeMR. BELLUM TAN Bellum Tan is the CEO of Rich Dad’s Training (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd. He has over 30 years’ experience in operating a group of companies and have successfully applied Rich Dad™ concepts of investment to attain financial freedom. He will teach you the right mindset necessary to obtain their financial goals and give them a chance to benefit personally by tapping into his wealth knowledge and experience.Bellum Tan met Robert Kiyosaki (creator of Rich Dad Poor Dad) in 1992 and has sincethen practiced everything he learned from Robert by actively investing in real estate in theearly 90′s and today has gone into investing with Robert and his team in providing seedfunding for a few companies that have successfully gone public.Now, Bellum is classified as a Level-5 Investor as defined in Robert Kiyosaki’s bookCASHFLOW® Quadrant. He has mastered his investment skills through businesses, realestate and venture capital funding and has even created “The Singapore Strategy” forCASHFLOW® 101. He shared this strategy with Rich Dad’s organization in Phoenix,Arizona, where he surprised everyone during the “Strategic Conference Seminar” with themillions of dollars created as a result.You can listen to seminars by so-called success coaches and self-described financial gurus,or you can listen to the real deal! Bellum Tan is the real deal!TICKET PRICENORMAL PRICE: USD 199EARLY BOOKING: Before 30 April ONLY USD 99CONTACT: Ms Ken Malay, Marketing Manager of PM LeadershipE-MAIL: or Tel: 023 6364 966 or 012 518422EVENT DETAILS VISIT: