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Powerpoint of mexican drug war
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Powerpoint of mexican drug war


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  • 1. Bruce Li
  • 2.  The hard drug is a dead cancerin Mexico society even in somecountries in united states , sincelast century the drug traffickersin Mexico built the their ownarmy to against to thegovernment crackdowns , thedrug dealer has more firepowerthan the local police , so thepolice can not do anything onthem , some cops just choose towalk away when they are seeingthe crime , cause this is only theway they can survival in thatkind of environment . The drugdealers increasingly rampant inMexico , they usually kill theinnocent civilian and never getpunished.
  • 3. HARD AND SOFT DRUGS Hard and soft drugs are terms to distinguish betweenpsychoactive drug that are addictive and perceived asespecially damaging and drugs that are believed to be non-addictive (or minimally addictive) and with fewer dangersassociated with their use. The term "hard drug" is consideredcontroversial by its critics because it implies that all the"hard" drugs cause severe harm.
  • 4. DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCY Drug Enforcement Agency is a UnitedStates federal law enforcement agencyunder the U.S. Department of Justice,tasked with combating drug smuggling anduse within the United States. Not only isthe DEA the lead agency for domesticenforcement of the Controlled SubstancesAct, sharing concurrent jurisdiction withthe Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)and Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE), it also has sole responsibility forcoordinating and pursuing U.S. druginvestigations abroad.
  • 5. INTERVIEW I was recently asked to participate to a police interviewconcerning the drug wae of Mexican. I was asked specificallyabout what’s going on in Mexico with the drug war andwhether or not things have gotten more dangerous in areaswhere he works . I prepared a short answer for the interviewfor office Sherman who been working 5years in Texas sheriffdepartment to fight against crime
  • 6. INTERVIEW First question; How could Mexico become the centerof the drug and why is it such turmoil of Mexicansociety ? Officer Sherman ; Well , Mexico has long been usedas a staging and transshipment point for narcotics,illegal immigrants and contraband destined for from Mexico itself, South America andelsewhere. It’s estimated that over 70% of the drugflow into the US , each year is controlled byMexican drug traffickers .
  • 7. INTERVIEW Second question ; Is it hard to control the drug businessby the war ? Officer Sherman ; yes it is hard for the Mexicangovernment ever too hard for the Americangovernment .Because the drugs are under a lot ofprofit ,they drug dealer at risks to carry drugs and cell ,In addition Mexican has poor economy conditions ,thecivilian are so poor , they do not have the choice tochoose their life , selling drug is the only way to survivein that kind of environment . So the drug is really hard tocontrol .
  • 8. INTERVIEW Third question; For your own opinion , how to win theMexican drug war ? Officer Sherman; Well the US government has spent$1.6 billion to help Mexico end a war between drugcartels that killed 36000 people south of our border inthe past six years , some people think US governmentmay be helping Mexico fight the wrong war because wedo not know who the enemy is , because the drugtraffickers had bribe a lot of official in the governmenteven the higher ranks Army generals , Basically the warin ultimately failed.
  • 9. THEORY In Chinese ancient philosophy there is certain accuracy to thatline in the historical and literary that goes “Know your enemyand know yourself “by Confucius.
  • 10. KNOWLEDGE FROM TIMES In today’s Mexico, The governments are fighting a warostensibly for strike the drug business, but thegovernment has become riddled with corruption andinefficiency, a lot of government official were bribed.Even US government speed more money sends moretroop eventually will end in failure.
  • 11. INFORMATION FROM NEW YORK TIMES In MAY 28, 2012 the Mexican government arrested three high-rankingArmy generals "including a former second in command at the DefenseMinistry," The New York Times reported. According to multiple press reports, Tomás Ángeles Dauahare, who retiredin 2008, was an under secretary at the Defense Ministry during the first twoyears of President Felipe Calderóns "war" against some narcotraffickingcartels and had even been mentioned as a "possible choice for the top job." The Times disclosed that in the early 1990s Ángeles "served as thedefense attaché at the Mexican Embassy in Washington," a plum positionwith plenty of perks awarded to someone thought by his Pentagon brethrento have impeccable credentials; that is, if smoothing the way the for drugsto flow can be viewed as a bright spot on ones résumé. The other top military men detained in Mexico City were "Brig. Gen.Roberto Dawe González, assigned to a base in Colima State, and Gen.Ricardo Escorcia Vargas, who is retired."
  • 12. FINAL QUESTIONS Question1; If someday you get the control to strike drug, what willyou do to keep social stability? Question2; How much do you know about drugs? Question3; Do you have any drug addicts around your life, such asrelatives friends??? If yes, what different they take drugs beforeand after drug use ?