How to be Awesome with Google Adwords


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  • I found this presentation to be very beneficial. It will be very useful for those working in SEM. I especially like the tips regarding targeting and landing page. Well done!
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  • Bruce, I read your presentation with interest. It is well thought out, with critical key points that is helpful in understanding 'how to be awesome with Google Adwords' It brings home the fundamentals to superb campaign management and a basis for a successful campaign.
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  • Wonderful presentation, Bruce. Relevancy is essential in campaign management!

    Not only is this is extremely helpful for those new to SEM, but for those with many years of experience. Thank you for sharing!
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How to be Awesome with Google Adwords

  1. 1. How to be Awesome withGoogle AdwordsBYBRUCE GIBBS
  2. 2. 2KeywordsKeywords are the life blood of your campaigns. It’s the keywords that trigger your ads so spendtime getting this right.Make sure you use the right match type. Broad match can give you a lot of impressions but itcan also deliver clicks you don’t want. Phrase and exact match are good match types to start acampaign.Use long tail keywords. “Attorney” is a broad keyword. A long tail keyword would be “realestate attorney” or “bankruptcy attorney Atlanta”.Continue to optimize the campaign to remove keywords that are not performing and add newones based on your continued research.Use Adwords keyword tool to help you refine your keyword listBRUCE GIBBS
  3. 3. 3Ad CopyThere’s a line from the book, The Richest Man in Town by Randall Jones. He says, “If you cannotpersuade people to do things, you simply will not be a success.” This statement accuratelyapplies to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Persuading people to click or call is what ad copy is allabout.You don’t just want clicks. You want relevant clicks. Your ad copy has to speak to the person youare seeking. It has to touch them in a way to say, yes, you are speaking to me. You want them tosay “I need that service and I want you to give it to me”.To do that you have to engage the searcher and persuade them to click on your ad. This meansusing good call to action words such as “Get a Free Quote” or “Call Us Today”.Use keywords in your ad copy to help searchers see your ad as relevant to their need.BRUCE GIBBS
  4. 4. 4Target WiselyTarget your campaigns to a serviceable area.For example a dentist in Atlanta or Dallasprobably does not want to target the entiremetro area. Target a region/area around thebusiness, say a 10-20 mile radius.To target locally include local areas in your adcopy to make your ad more relevant to thesearcher, i.e. Bay Area Dentist or NorcrossDentist (Norcross is a suburb of metro Atlanta).BRUCE GIBBS
  5. 5. 5Search versus DisplayGoogle offers both the Search and Display networks toadvertise your campaigns.The Search Network includes a group of sites powered byGoogle’s search engine to show ads based on thesearcher’s input. The Search Network includes Google sitessuch as, Google Maps, GoogleShopping, Google Images, etc. It also includes Google’ssearch partners that uses Google’s search engine to displayads. The Search Network mainly displays text ads.The Display Network (formerly called Content Network)includes over a million sites. These sites can show ads withan article or email that may relate to that ad.BRUCE GIBBS
  6. 6. 6Search versus Display (cont.)To have ads display on just Google Searchand Google Shopping, deselect the “Includesearch partners” selection.I recommend starting with the GoogleSearch Network and then branching out tothe Display Network.BRUCE GIBBS
  7. 7. 7Landing PageThe page your visitors go to when they click your ad is called the landing page.Your landing page should be relevant to what the searcher is seeking. In other words, thelanding page should reinforce what the searcher read in the ad copy that brought them to thelanding page. If your ad copy states you are a residential plumber, your landing page shouldreinforce that and give additional information.Make sure your landing page is optimized to deliver/capture leads. After all, this is why you arerunning a PPC campaign. Don’t buried your phone number in text heavy paragraphs. Clearlydisplay your contact information so your customers can reach you.Make your call to action clear. Tell your customers what you want them to do. Use phrasessuch as Call Today, Download Now, Try it Free, or Get a Free Quote.BRUCE GIBBS
  8. 8. 8Use Search Term reportsSearch term reports (also known as search query reports) show you what keywords peopleare using to cause your ads to display. You can use this report to:◦ Decide which keywords you may want to add to your keyword list◦ Decide which keywords you may want to include as negative keywords to keep your adfrom displaying◦ Decide whether to add keywords as broad, phrase, or exact matchBRUCE GIBBS
  9. 9. 9Google ReportsBesides the Search Query report, Adwords offer many other reports. Running these reportsregularly can help you better optimize your campaigns. Below are 4 common reports you shouldrun:◦ Ad Extensions report – shows you extra information you can add to your ads such as a phone numberor links to pages on your site.◦ Change History - this is very helpful if more than one person is optimizing an account◦ Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool - use this tool instead of to see if your ads are showing. Thisway you won’t accrue any false impressions.◦ Traffic Estimator – this tool shows you estimated traffic for keywords you can use in your campaign. Itsaves valuable time by helping you to eliminate or choose appropriate keywords.BRUCE GIBBS
  10. 10. 10Give Google What it WantsGoogle is working to make searches more relevant to the user. Help them do this by makingyour ads and landing pages relevant to what your potential customer may be searching for.Don’t say one thing in your ad and have something totally different on your landing page. Theservice or product you are offering in the ad should match what is on your landing page.Giving Google what it wants can benefit your campaign by higher ad rank position and qualityscore because your ads are relevant to the search term.Keep optimizing your campaigns – “Set it and forget it” does not work in PPC.BRUCE GIBBS
  11. 11. 11Join the CommunityThere are many resources online to help you be successful with Adwords (and online marketingin general). Check out the resources below:◦ Adwords Blog (◦ Adwords Community (◦ Adwords Online Training (◦ Search Engine Land (◦ Search Engine Watch ( GIBBS
  12. 12. 12ContactNeed to contact me? Reach me at or click the image below:BRUCE GIBBS