Your linked in profile is not an on line resume


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How to make your LinkedIn profile different than your resume. Make the LinkedIn profile a marketing profile to distinguish your Unique Value Position.

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Your linked in profile is not an on line resume

  1. 1. BRUCE BIXLER Your LinkedIn Profile is NOT an On-line Resume
  2. 2. Your LinkedIn Profile is NOT an On-line Resume
  3. 3. Your LinkedIn Profile is NOT an On-line Resume
  4. 4. Your LinkedIn Profile is NOT an On-line Resume • Most people have a headline that simply states their position. But that doesn’t tell people why they should connect with you. It doesn't tell them how you add value, and it doesn't tell them how you can solve their company's problem. • You need to learn how to set yourself apart. You need to prove that you are a thought leader. You need to show that YOU are the expert. • Your Headline should include keywords, your picture, your value and how you solve a companies problems
  5. 5. Your LinkedIn Profile is NOT an On-line Resume What differentiates a LinkedIn profile from something like a resume is the opportunity to show your work by uploading files and adding links in your Experience and Summary sections. Take full advantage of adding links, especially when describing the work you completed in your previous roles. This will show to customers and employers the quality of work you did with other companies and employers. Your resumé is not going to attract your ideal clients. Why? One good reason – they don’t care about you! They only care about what you may be able to help them with. This is why your profile must be client customer, or employer focused on LinkedIn.
  6. 6. Your LinkedIn Profile is NOT an On-line Resume Sharing updates with connections LinkedIn Book Marklet Share with updates Share with groups Share with individuals
  7. 7. Your LinkedIn Profile is NOT an On-line Resume • Add keywords to your LinkedIn Profile Summary Section this is your elevator pitch to customers or employers – Summary paragraph one: should be about what you do, your job, and add keywords – Summary paragraph two: should show how you have added value to a previous employer or customer, tell a story (SAR) and add keywords – Summary paragraph three: should be with keywords how you will solve a customer’s or companies problems use a story (SAR)
  8. 8. Digital Reputation: LinkedIn Professional gallery (Visual Media) Applications: Events, Amazon Reading List, Answers, the replacement for many of these applications is all in one handy place called Your Professional Gallery. I refer to it as The UVP (Unique Value Positioning)–because differentiating yourself from the rest of the pack, making yourself unique is one of the main objectives of a well-crafted LinkedIn profile. In your Professional Gallery you can share hyperlinks to various media, such as video, images, documents, and presentations. Most media file types are supported by this feature, but they must have a specific URL or web page. Of course, the best place to send people is your website, but other good sites include You Tube, Google Docs, and SlideShare.
  9. 9. Digital Reputation: Install URL’s SlideShare Share ppt’s, presentations, and video, CV’s,You can view all of your connections ppt ,
  10. 10. Digital Reputation: Skills ENDORSEMENTS • Skills (Keywords)
  11. 11. Digital Reputation: Join Groups • Choose 30 groups where your target people or companies are • Join the 5 largest HR groups Your Specialty – – 10 to 15 groups Networking – 5 to 10 Largest LinkedIn Alumni Groups
  12. 12. Digital Reputation: follow Companies
  13. 13. Digital Reputation L:inkedIn interests?
  14. 14. THANK YOU Contact Information @BruceBixler49 Bruce Bixler