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Evaluating your Website - FDL ACU presentation by BrownBoots Interactive Evaluating your Website - FDL ACU presentation by BrownBoots Interactive Presentation Transcript

  • Evaluating Your Website Presented by: Alan Hathaway, President/Owner Jenny Knuth, Creative Director David Williams, Account Executive"Social Media: Is It Worth It?" ACU panel
  • Current state of “the web” – Engage customers – Focus on goals – IntegrateEvaluating Your Website
  • “I like...” -vs- “I know...”Evaluating Your Website
  • Top 6 ways to evaluate your website... – Content – Accessibility – Usability – Design – Reliability – PerformanceEvaluating Your Website
  • Content is king!Evaluating Your Website: CONTENT
  • To keep your website relevant,review content regularly. – Remove outdated/obsolete information. – Add new content as it becomes available. – Prune existing content. – Use headers, charts and other visual aids. – Split content into multiple pages when practical.Evaluating Your Website: CONTENT
  • When creating new content… – Write for your audience(s). – Prioritize most-accessed, most-needed content. – Make regular updates as incentive for return visits. – Don”t forget too proofread!Evaluating Your Website: CONTENT
  • Evaluating Your Website: CONTENT
  • Content creation tools: – ‘Skim (don’t read) these tips for writing for the web’ www.brownboots.com/blog – The Yahoo! Style Guide – Google AdWordsEvaluating Your Website: CONTENT
  • Managing content resources: – Content management system (CMS) – Blogging = WordPressEvaluating Your Website: CONTENT
  • Accessibility Content ... check! Now make sure your audience can access it.Evaluating Your Website: ACCESSIBILITY
  • Account for users of allabilities and disabilities.Evaluating Your Website: ACCESSIBILITY
  • Tips for making a website moreaccessible for disabled users: – Add alt tags and captions to images. – Make sure text isn’t too small. – Provide transcripts of audio files. – Keep questions/criteria close to form input fields. – Allow users to turn off time limits. – Display “contact us” info on every page.Evaluating Your Website: ACCESSIBILITY
  • Account for wide variety ofhardware and software. – Avoid programs that are incompatible with popular platforms (e.g., Flash). – If a universally compatible format is out there, use it (e.g., YouTube). – In general, make content as easy to access as possible (e.g., body copy vs. PDF).Evaluating Your Website: ACCESSIBILITY
  • Account for wide variety ofdevices out there, especiallymobile. – Smart phones already outsell PCs; 53% of American cell phone users have smart phones.Evaluating Your Website: ACCESSIBILITY
  • Accessibility + Mobile – Evaluate your mobile needs: • Check site traffic/analytics. • Put yourself in a mobile user’s shoes. – Implement a mobile strategy: • Prioritize what people want/need on the go. • Streamline content (microsite vs. responsive design).Evaluating Your Website: ACCESSIBILITY
  • What about tablets?Evaluating Your Website: ACCESSIBILITY
  • Accessibility resources: – Human accessibility: W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines www.w3.org/WAI/ER/tools – Device accessibility: www.gomez.com www.mobilexweb.comEvaluating Your Website: ACCESSIBILITY
  • Usability Making sure it works well and that the average person can use it.Evaluating Your Website: USABILITY
  • Components of usability:Predictable structure 20Evaluating Your Website: USABILITY
  • Components of usability:Expected behaviors /responses to user actionsEvaluating Your Website: USABILITY
  • Components of usability:Familiar & appropriatelanguage 22Evaluating Your Website: USABILITY
  • Components of usability:Consistent appearance 23Evaluating Your Website: USABILITY
  • How do you do this...?Sitemap 24Evaluating Your Website: USABILITY
  • How do you do this...?Wireframes Wireframe Tools: • OmniGraffle •http://iphonemockup.lkmc.ch/ 25Evaluating Your Website: USABILITY
  • How do you do this...?User testing 26Evaluating Your Website: USABILITY
  • Why care...? + your competitors are only 1 click away! 27Evaluating Your Website: USABILITY
  • Usability resourceswww.clicktale.comwww.uxbooth.comwww.usabilityfirst.comwww.useit.com 28Evaluating Your Website: USABILITY
  • Design “Little things make big things happen.”Evaluating Your Website: DESIGN
  • Objective criteria:Design that supports brandstyles and guidelines 30Evaluating Your Website: DESIGN
  • Objective criteria:Strong design aestheticsEvaluating Your Website: DESIGN
  • Objective criteria:Connect the dots• Take wireframes to the next level• Use moodboards as necessaryEvaluating Your Website: DESIGN
  • Objective criteria:Smart integrationof trendsEvaluating Your Website: DESIGN
  • Top trends:Mega dropdownsEvaluating Your Website: DESIGN
  • Top trends:Mega footersEvaluating Your Website: DESIGN
  • Top trends:Infographics!Evaluating Your Website: DESIGN
  • Top trends:Illustrative websitesEvaluating Your Website: DESIGN
  • Top trends:BIG background imagesEvaluating Your Website: DESIGN
  • Design resourcesAbove the Fold - http://iampaddy.com/lifebelow600/www.smashingmagazine.comCreattica - www.faveup.comEvaluating Your Website: DESIGN
  • ReliabilityEvaluating Your Website: RELIABILITY
  • Speed - DesktopPercent below 256 kbps: 4.4 percent inWashington DC1995 - 14kb2012 - 980kbhttp://tools.pingdom.comEvaluating Your Website: RELIABILITY
  • Speed - MobileDial it back a decade. Thesmaller the better for mobilelanding pages.How fast is your phone?http://www.mobilespeedtest.comEvaluating Your Website: RELIABILITY
  • UptimeAt some point your website will go down! 90% 36.5 days 95% 18.25 days 99% 3.65 days 99.8% 17.52 hours http://www.monitis.comEvaluating Your Website: RELIABILITY
  • PerformanceEvaluating Your Website: PERFORMANCE
  • Goals!Evaluating Your Website: RELIABILITY
  • #1 Goal - Lead GenerationStarts and ends with SEO Keyword selection (Google Keyword Tool) Keyword usage (blog!) Inbound linksEvaluating Your Website: RELIABILITY
  • Bringing Order to the ChaosEvaluating Your Website
  • - or -Evaluating Your Website
  • Thanks for listening! Any questions?Evaluating Your Website