Marketing Essentials: Cause Marketing


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A relatively new marketing strategy, Cause Marketing is built around the concept of aligning a brand or business with a charitable cause for mutual benefit. This is not about donations or simply fundraising, but instead about developing an integrated marketing plan with a cause related partner that fits with your brand identity and your company philosophy. We will show you how to research and identify the right cause for your brand, define the roles of the relationship, create a messaging platform, and how to engage your employees, vendors, partners and customers with the cause.

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Marketing Essentials: Cause Marketing

  1. 1. Marketing Essentials WEEK 6 Cause Marketing
  2. 2. Cause Marketing
  3. 3. Cause MarketingDefinition: Cause MarketingA marketing partnership between a nonprofitand for-profit organization where each partyreceives benefit toward their individualmarketing objectives, while striving to create agreater good through their combined resources.
  4. 4. Cause MarketingObjectives?In most cases, the nonprofit organization seeksfunding, greater public awareness andexpansion of their services & programs; the for-profit business usually seeks increased brandrecognition, enhanced public relations value andgreater sales generation.
  5. 5. Cause MarketingCause Marketing is NOT the same as…• Corporate Giving (Donations / Philanthropy)• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)• Volunteering• Nonprofit Marketing / Cause Branding
  6. 6. Cause MarketingCause Marketing Vs. Philanthropy Cause marketing differs from Corporate Giving(Philanthropy) as the latter generally involves a specific donation that is tax deductible, whilecause marketing is a marketing relationship not necessarily based on a donation.
  7. 7. Cause MarketingCause Marketing Vs. CSR Corporate Social Responsibility is operating abusiness in a manner that accounts for its social and environmental impact, with the aim to embrace responsibility for its actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on consumers, employees, the environment, local communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public.
  8. 8. Cause Marketing
  9. 9. Cause MarketingEarly Cause Marketing CampaignAmerican Express Statue of Liberty RestorationOne cent was donated to the Statue of Liberty RestorationFund every time a customer used an American Expresscard and $1 was donated for every new American Expressaccount approved. (1983)
  10. 10. Cause MarketingDid it work???American Express Statue of Liberty RestorationIn 4 months, the campaign raised over $1.75 million forthe Restoration of the Statue of Liberty fund.The payback for American Express? Credit card use roseby 28%, new card applications increased by 45% andnew accounts by 17%.
  11. 11. Cause MarketingPublic Perception• 88% of consumers say it is acceptable forcompanies to involve a cause or issue in theirmarketing.• 85% of consumers have a more positive imageof a product or company when it supports acause they care about.• 90% of consumers want companies to tellthem the ways they are supporting causes. Cone Communications Cause Evolution Study 2010
  12. 12. Cause MarketingPublic Perception80% of Americans are likely to switch brands,about equal in price and quality, to one thatsupports a cause. Cone Communications Cause Evolution Study 2010
  13. 13. Cause MarketingPublic PerceptionCause also motivates many of these consumersto step outside their comfort zone and try new,generic or more expensive brands. Cone Communications Cause Evolution Study 2010
  14. 14. Cause MarketingTypes of Campaigns• Transactional• Licensing• Awareness / Activism / Volunteering
  15. 15. Cause MarketingCampaigns: TransactionalWhen a consumer buys a product or service adonation is made to a cause; can be a setamount or a percentage of sales.
  16. 16. Cause MarketingCampaigns: Transactional - ExampleYoplait’s Save Lids to Save LivesFor each pink lid received and each code redeemed onlineGeneral Mills will donate 10 cents to Susan G. Komen forthe Cure, up to $2,500,000. Since 1997, General Mills/Yoplait has donated more than $34m to thecause through the Save Lids to Save Lives program and other initiatives.
  17. 17. Cause MarketingCampaigns: TransactionalSometimes instead of a purchase, a donation ismade when the consumer performs some typeof action… Macy’s donates $1 to the Make-a-Wish Foundation forevery letter to Santa droppedinto their special letter boxes at Macy’s stores.
  18. 18. Cause MarketingCampaigns: TransactionalSometimes instead of a purchase, a donation ismade when the consumer performs some typeof action…
  19. 19. Cause MarketingCampaigns: LicensingA company pays a fee to use a nonprofit’s brandon its product. Licensing may include acertification process by the nonprofit before thecompany is allowed to use the logo.
  20. 20. Cause MarketingCampaigns: Licensing - ExampleArctic Home: Coca-Cola & World Wildlife FundThe “Arctic Home” campaign was created by WWF toraise awareness of the polar bear’s plight and generatepublic funding for its protection. Coca-Cola made aninitial $2m donation to the cause and agreed to matchconsumer donations up to $1m through March 15, 2012.
  21. 21. Cause MarketingCampaigns: AwarenessWhen a business puts its resources to work topromote a cause-focused message or activity.
  22. 22. Cause MarketingCampaigns: Awareness - ExampleTide Loads of HopeA mobile laundromat sent to disaster-stricken areas towash, dry & fold clothing for free; created in the wake ofHurricane Katrina and has cleaned more than 30,000loads of laundry in disaster sites around the U.S.
  23. 23. Cause MarketingCreating Your Campaign - Key Steps• AuthenticityIdentify a CAUSE - not a Nonprofit org - that fitswith your business, your brand and yourcustomers OR that resonates with you as thebusiness owner
  24. 24. Cause MarketingCreating Your Campaign - Key Steps• Authenticity
  25. 25. Cause MarketingCreating Your Campaign - Key Steps• ResearchDo your homework before you approach aNonprofit org or cause-related partner.- What’s their reputation?- Where do they run their programs?- Have they participated in cause campaigns?- Are they media/marketing savvy?
  26. 26. Cause MarketingCreating Your Campaign - Key Steps• Goal SettingWhat do you want to accomplish:Increased sales? Brand awareness?New customers? Launching a new product?What does the Nonprofit want to accomplish:Funding? Awareness? Brand Association/Status?
  27. 27. Cause MarketingCreating Your Campaign - Key Steps• Use your Marketing ToolsBuild a comprehensive campaign with yourresources AND the Nonprofits’ resources;activate across all appropriate channels.• Earned Media - Public Relations• Owned Media - Social Media/Blog/Website/Newsletter• Paid Media - Advertising/Direct Marketing/Events
  28. 28. Cause MarketingCreating Your Campaign - Key Steps• Track / Measure / EvaluateDid we hit our goals?Did we hit the Nonprofit’s goals?What went right/wrong?
  29. 29. Cause Marketing
  30. 30. Cause MarketingAvoiding “Cause-Washing”Best Practices (NY State Attorney General)• Clearly describe the promotion• Allow consumers to easily the determinedonation amount• Be transparent about what is not apparent• Ensure transparency in social media• Tell the public how much money was raised
  31. 31. Cause MarketingResourcesSelfishgiving.comCauseMarketingForum.comCauseMarketing.bizCone Communications