'Twas the Night Before Christmas


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Fill in the blanks on this ESL study help. Designed for a Vietnamese group of students, but other languages can be filled in as well.

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'Twas the Night Before Christmas

  1. 1. by Clement C. Moore
  2. 2. Twas the nightbefore Christmas,and allthrough the house,Not a creaturewas stirring, mousenot even a ___________. chuột
  3. 3. ống khóiThe stockings were hung chimneyby the ___________ with care,In the hope that St. Nicholassoon would be there.
  4. 4. múa nhảyThe childrenwere nestledall snugin their beds,While visionsof sugar-plums danced___________ in their heads.
  5. 5. And mamma in her kerchief,and I in my cap,Had just settled our brains winter’sfor a long ___________ nap; mùa đông
  6. 6. giườngWhen out on the lawnthere arose such a clatter; bedI sprang from the ___________to see what was the matter.
  7. 7. cửa chớpAway to the windowI flew like a flash, shuttersTore open the ___________and threw up the sash.
  8. 8. tuyếtThe moon on the breast snowof the new-fallen ___________Gave the lustre of middayto objects below—
  9. 9. xe trượt tuyếtWhen whatto my wonderingeyes should appear sleighBut a miniature ___________and eight tiny reindeer.
  10. 10. With a little old driverso lively and quick,I knew in a moment St. Nickit must be ___________. Thánh Nick
  11. 11. More rapid than eagleshis coursers they came, whistledAnd he ___________and shoutedand called them by name— để còi
  12. 12. "Now, Dasher!Now, Dancer!Now, Prancer!Now, Vixen! CometOn, ___________!On, Cupid!On, Donder and Blitzen! sao chổi
  13. 13. tườngTo the topof the porch,to the top wallof the ___________!Now, dash away!Dash away!Dash away! All!"
  14. 14. bão gióAs dry leaves before hurricanesthe wild ____________ fly,When they meet with an obstacle,mount to the sky,
  15. 15. đồ chơiSo up to the house-topthe coursers they flew toysWith the sleigh full of ___________,and St. Nicholas, too.
  16. 16. And then in a twinklingI heard on the roofThe prancing and pawing hoofof each tiny ___________. móng ngựa
  17. 17. ống khóiAs I drew in my head,and was turning around, chimneyDown the ___________ St. Nicholascame with a bound.
  18. 18. bồ hóngHe was dressedall in furfrom his headto his foot,And his clotheswere all tarnished sootwith ashes and ___________;
  19. 19. người bán rongA bundle of toyshe had flung on his back,And he looked peddlerlike a ___________just opening his pack.
  20. 20. lúm đồng tiềnHis eyes—how they twinkled! dimplesHis ___________, how merry!His cheeks were like roses,his nose like a cherry;
  21. 21. râuHis droll little mouthwas drawn up in a bow, beardAnd the ___________ on his chinwas as white as the snow.
  22. 22. pipeThe stump of a ___________he held tight in his teeth,And the smoke, it encircledhis head like a wreath. tẩu
  23. 23. He had a broad face, bellyand a little round __________,That shookwhen he laughed,like a bowl full of jelly. bụng
  24. 24. He was chubby and plump, elfa right jolly old ___________,And I laughed when I saw him,in spite of myself. yêu tinh
  25. 25. A wink of his eye,and a twist of his head,Soon gave me to know dreadI had nothing to ___________. kinh sợ
  26. 26. vớHe spoke not a word,but went straight to his work, stockingsAnd filled all the ___________then turned with a jerk,
  27. 27. ngón tay fingerAnd laying his ________aside of his nose,And giving a nod,up the chimney he rose.
  28. 28. He sprang to his sleigh,to his team gave a whistle,And away they all flew, thistlelike the down of a ________; một loại cây gai
  29. 29. đàng trướcBut I heardhim exclaim ‘ere___________he drove out of sight,“Happy Christmasto all,and to alla good night!"
  30. 30. nguồn gốc quốc gia
  31. 31. St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra Saint Nicholas was born in the Middle East in the fourth century. He grew up to become the bishop of Myra. His hometown was Lycia, near the coast of what is now Turkey. Legends tell of his love for children, his kindness and the miracles that have been attributed to him.
  32. 32. Thổ nhi kỳ
  33. 33. suitor= người đương sự dowry = thiên bâmThe most famous story about St. Nicholas tells ofhow he helped three unfortunate young sisterswho all had suitors but had no dowries becausetheir father, a poor nobleman, could not raise themoney. Because of this, they could not marry.
  34. 34. The Bishop Nicholas was a shy man and did notlike to give money directly , so he thought of a wayto give it anonymously. nặc danhWhen the first daughter was ready to marry, thegood bishop tossed a bag of gold into the house atnight. Later, when the seconddaughter prepared to marry,she too received a mysteriousbag of gold. bí ẩn
  35. 35. When the third daughterprepared to marry, the poornobleman and father of thethree girls was determinedto find out who had been sogenerous. So he kept watchand saw the bishop dropanother bag of goldinto the house. quyết định
  36. 36. It has been said that Saint Nicholasclimbed on the roof and dropped thethird bag of gold down the chimneywhere it landed in a stocking hung todry, giving us a reason to hang upChristmas stockings today.When the father saw what hadhappened, Nicholas begged him to keepthe secret, but, of course, the news gotout. From then on, whenever anyonereceived an unexpected gift, theythanked St. Nicholas. bất ngờ
  37. 37. Santa Notes: Where does Santa live?  North Pole Who is his wife?  Mrs. Claus Who makes the toys?  The elves How does Santa know  The kids write letters which toy a child wants? or sit on his knee. What is “the list”?  Naughty or Nice What is Santa’s favorite  Cookies and milk snack to eat?
  38. 38. 42, Đường Đình Phong Phú P. Tăng Nhơn Phú B, Q. 9 Tp. Hồ Chí Minh Việt Nam © 2010