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Poison Dart Frog- Science Project

Poison Dart Frog- Science Project






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    Poison Dart Frog- Science Project Poison Dart Frog- Science Project Presentation Transcript

    • Biodiversity ProjectPoison Dart Frogs
    • Introducing Poison DartNames: Frogs! Classification: Dart Frogs have two Kingdom- Amimaliacommon names and Phylum- Chordataone scientific name. Subphylum-Their scientific name Vertebratais De nd ro ba tid e .One of the common Class- Amphibianames is Po is o n Order- AnuraDa rt Fro g and the Family-other is Po is o n DendrobatidaeA w Fro g . rro Genus- Dendrobates
    • AppearancePoison Dart Frogs are They are also uniquevery unique frogs because of theirbecause of their extremely small size.appearance. Their skin isnot only highly toxic but They are less than 2brightly coloured and and a half inchesbecause of their bright long(5cm) and aboutcolours, predators are as tall as a paper clip.warned to stay away.Another unique thingabout this frog is thatthey have excellentvision which helps themsee their prey andpredators.
    • LocationPoison Dart Frogs are found in TropicalRain Forests of mostly Central and SouthAmerica. They live on and under the groundor in trees.
    • About the Rainforest!In the rainforest it is sunny Some other animalsand of course rainy. that live in theTemperatures in the rainforest arerainforest are no higherthan 34 degrees Celsius Toucans,and no lower than 20 Parrots,Piranhas,degrees Celsius, which is Manatees, Gorillas,perfect for poison dart frogs Spider Monkeys,because they do best when Chimpanzees,the temperature is between Jaguars and many21 and 28 degrees Celsius more!The average humidity isbetween 77 and 80 percent.Every year an average of50-260 inches of rain falls.
    • Life CyclePoison Dart Frogs have the same life cycle as anyordinary frog but the parents raise them differently.First the mother lays her eggs under a leaf or in holebeneath the ground. The male fertilizes and guardsthem from predators until they hatch into tadpoles.Once they are tadpoles they wiggle onto their mothersback, she then carries them to a bromeliad which is asmall plant filled with water. The mother puts eachtadpole into their own bromeliad. The father guardsthem for 6-8 weeks. The tadpoles eat algae, mosquitolarvae and unfertilized eggs that the mother brings tothem. After 6-8 weeks the tadpoles grow legs andcome out of their bromeliad.
    • NutritionWhat Do They Where Do TheyEat? Get Energy?A Poison Dart Frog is Poison Dart Frogsa carnivore and their get energy thediet includes mostly same way we do!small insects such asspiders, ants, fruit From the food theyflies, crickets, wax eat and the sun!worms and termites.To capture theseinsects they use theirlong, sticky tongues.
    • Threats and SolutionsPredators Threats SolutionsPoison Dart Frogs Pollution Stop building tons of factories near theonly have one natural rainforest and putpredator which is a up a bunch of “No Littering” signs. Putsnake called the frogs in captivity.Leimadophis Logging Stop logging whereEpinephelus. This there are lots of animals. Put thesnake is actually frogs in captivity.immune to the frogspoison, therefore thesnake wont die whenthey eat the frog.
    • Fun Facts!● They lay eggs in ● A Golden Poison Dart February, March and Frog have enough throughout the poison to kill 10 summer. grown men.● Some Indians use ● Their lifespan in the Poison dart Frogs to wild is 3-15 years. poison the tips of their ● There are more than blow gun darts for 100 different species hunting. of Poison Dart Frogs.
    • W You Listening? ereWhat are Where are How tall arethe two they found? they?commonnames?What do What was What isthey eat? the plant their only called that predator? the mother puts her tadpoles in?
    • Pictures!
    • Pictures
    • Resources- “Rain Forest Alliance” Available at:Http://www.rainforest-alliance.org/kids/activities/poison-frog- “ Rain Forest Animals” Available at:Http://www.rainforestanimals.net/guide.html- “a-z” Available at:Http://a-z-animals.com/animals/poison-dart-frog/- “Google” Available at: http://www.google.ca/- “Youtube” Available at: Http://www.youtube.com/- “National Geographic” Available at:Http://animals.nationalgeographic.com-
    • By BrooklynLivingstonThanks for watching!