How B2B Marketers Can Use Social Media to Propel Their Personal Business Goals
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How B2B Marketers Can Use Social Media to Propel Their Personal Business Goals



Great marketing professionals should be leveraging the social media marketing toolkit to advance their OWN careers – just as they would advance the marketing effort for any product or service ...

Great marketing professionals should be leveraging the social media marketing toolkit to advance their OWN careers – just as they would advance the marketing effort for any product or service offered by their companies or on behalf of a client. Trish Cunningham from Brookwoods Group offers ideas and approaches on how marketing pros can supercharge their careers using social media tools, whether they are looking for a new opportunity or trying to add greater value in their present situation.



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How B2B Marketers Can Use Social Media to Propel Their Personal Business Goals How B2B Marketers Can Use Social Media to Propel Their Personal Business Goals Presentation Transcript

  • Trish CunninghamProfessionals that Drive Your Business Forward
  • Preparation before ExecutionBefore we jump into social media activity we need toassess your personal business goals, right?Wrong!Similar to business, setting goals is crucial but nogoal will help you unless you are fully aware of whoyou are as a person… in other words, define your PERSONAL BRAND2 2
  • Preparation before ExecutionSteps to take when developing your strategy• Determine who you are• Figure out what you want to do• Develop your action plan• Commit to your action plan• Remain committed and consistent3 3
  • Personal Branding: Who are you?Determining who you are• Self analysis - you are not what you do! – Personality Assessments – Strengths Finder; Hire Success; Birkman; Myers-Briggs• What others think of you is none of your business… until now: – Use this information to gauge what you think of yourself and what others think of you and bring them together to provide an honest snapshot or your true self.4 4
  • Personal Branding: What do you want to do?Explore before assuming!• Take into account your new-found knowledge about yourself• Explore the roles and industries in your area – Diverse Employer Landscape • Oil & Gas • Energy • Petrochemical • Finance • Healthcare • Real Estate • Engineering • Biotechnology5 5
  • Revitalize Your Resume• Develop a NEW resume that stands out! – Value Proposition • What defines you, What do you stand for? – Differentiation • What makes you unique? – Marketability • What is fascinating about you?• SEO-Proof your resume – Massage your resume to honestly match description and take into account the corporate styling.• Highlight your professional accomplishments – What added value did you contribute to company initiatives?6 6
  • Adjectives – let’s play! agreeable decisive fabulous joyous punctual stimulating alert decorous fair kind quiet successful alluring delightful faithful kind-hearted receptive succinct ambitious detailed fantastic knowledgeable reflective talented amused determined fearless level relieved tenacious boundless diligent fine likeable resolute thoughtful brave discreet frank lively resilient thrifty bright dynamic friendly lovely responsible tough calm eager funny loving rhetorical trustworthy capable efficient generous lucky righteous unbiased charming elated gentle mature romantic unusual cheerful eminent glorious modern sedate upbeat coherent enchanting good nice seemly vigorous comfortable encouraging happy painstaking selective vivacious confident endurable harmonious peaceful self-assured warm cooperative energetic helpful perfect sensitive willing courageous entertaining hilarious placid silly wise credible enthusiastic honorable plausible sincere witty cultured excellent impartial pleasant skillful wonderful dashing excited industrious productive smiling dazzling exclusive instinctive protective splendid debonair exuberant jolly proud steadfast7 7
  • How can You Add Value?A resume alone will make it hard for you to stand out,but “little extras” will help you catch the hiring manager’seye!• A Portfolio of work is not just for writers and artists anymore• Your own domain name – Owned platforms – Link Back to SMN• Infographic resume• QR Codes8 8
  • Add Value Beyond The Minimum Live AND Virtual Activity is Key! Digital Elevator Pitch Join Professional Association Digital Business Card Community Service Create a Blog Attend Seminars Video Blogging “Like” Something Attend Webinars Join a Professional “Group” Request Recommendations Join an Alumni “Group” Round-table Opportunities Engage / Comment Online9 9
  • Take Advantage of Your Social Networks Find Companies Follow Find Companies & Contacts Professionals & Contacts & Companies Join Groups RT Company Engagement Tweets Visibility Visitor Insight Search, Intel Custom Page Capabilities Options Company Insight Engage with “Like” Something Users 10 10
  • Take Advantage of Your Social Networks 11 11
  • Take Advantage of Your Social Networks 12 12
  • Develop Your Action Plan• Make a realistic action plan – Determine which platforms you want to explore online – Determine which areas you want to explore outside of the web – Factor in the amount of (REALISTIC) time you have for the above to be accomplished• Create a mock-schedule for one week – Take a step back and look at your schedule – Overambitious schedules will quickly burn you out! – If you need to scale down, then do it!13 13
  • Develop Your Action Plan* The social networking boom is blurring the lines between peoples personal and professional lives. • Begin integrating your personal postings and/or likes with professional users/sites. • Engage when possible, but not every chance you get (too much frequency kills). • Provide your own commentary during discussions or when questions are posted. • Retweeting (RT) is good in moderation *Source: Millennial Branding 14 14
  • Commit to Your PlanThis is not a “set it and forget it” kind of effort. Toremain viable and visible you must• Produce fresh content• Produce good content• Produce consistent contentThis can all be achieved if you commit to a realisticplan!15 15
  • Remain Committed, Remain Consistent Develop a strategy to help you remain dedicated! • Nothing’s worse than finding an inactive user or page online • With online platforms, nothing sleeps so you need to prepare your own marketing plan to keep you brand fresh, alive and available 24/7 to those who may benefit from knowing about your brand. 16 16
  • Most of all…Remember, you’re not in this profession just for thepaycheck, you have a passion!Not only has social media fostered an excitingdemand within our profession, but this innovativemarketing tool has raised the bar for achievingoutstanding marketing practices.17 17
  • Connect with Me @trishrc that Drive Your Business Forward