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IDBS Case Studies & Capabilities Presentation

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IDBS Case Studies and Capabilities Presentation

IDBS Case Studies and Capabilities Presentation

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  • Innovative Design and Building Services is a collaboration of the top specialists from Excel Homes, All American Building Systems, and Mod-U-Kraft.
  • IDBS understands the typical frustrations of commercial and multifamily construction. That’s why we have designed a streamlined and cost-saving process with a full range of off-site services. Choose how you want to work with us from building design, manufacturing and construction materials, to filed operations and post-build.
  • We partner with you to design flexible building solutions based on your needs leveraging our national capabilities.
  • From apartments, hotels and military housing to student living, townhomes and mixed-use buildings, we can help our clients complete a wide range of commercial construction projects in less time.
  • IDBS utilizes a variety of building methods, including systems-built. We tailor our processes to fit building styles, locations and special situations. Off-site construction means less time, less overhead and less waste, which gives you reduced construction costs and a quicker return on investment.
  • Superior grade lumber is subject to strict receiving requirements, meeting low moisture contents and stored in a climate controlled environment to maintain low moisture levels throughout the construction process.
  • Precision framing fixtures and computer controlled machinery assure straight and true walls, floors and roof assemblies. These processes can’t be duplicated in the field.There are numerous quality inspection points before the modules are delivered to the construction site.
  • Top quality components are used from well know brands – incorporating their latest technologies. IDBS brings over 1,000 supply chain partners to the table, managing the entire process.
  • Since about 70% of the construction is performed in a factory, IDBS has better control of the scheduling and time lines.
  • IDBS can provide the set crew or work with a general contractor. Either way, IDBS experienced staff will be on-site during the set process, which takes an average of 2-3 days, at the rate of about 10-15 modules per day.
  • When you have a tight timeline, speed matters. Go from foundation to structure in just 3 days.
  • Our service teams are beside you before, during and after the commercial construction project is complete.
  • Revitalizing Detroit with Woodbridge apartments, providing 48 living units.
  • Using IDBS staff for design results in cost and speed efficiencies – helping to complete apartments sooner.
  • We will design your construction project to be consistent with the current architectural style of an area or to match the building standards of a hotel franchise.
  • IDBS is experienced with it comes to sustainability and green building solutions. We’ve completed more than 1.2 million square feet of LEED Silver projects.
  • The Fort Carson project represents the first modern, wood framed, three and four story barracks utilizing modular construction technology in the United States.
  • Senior-living communities may require a variety of building and construction types and IDBS is prepared to provide them. We will work with you to design buildings with less institutional feel and more innovative design for independent living.
  • IDBS accomplished multiple teardown and replacement of urban units with minimal vacancies to the property owner and minimal disruption to existing tenants.
  • The speed and efficiency of the construction process resulted in an additional dormitory built 3 years later.
  • The Modules project is one of the largest LEED for Homes buildings in the country.
  • Selecting modular construction offered the best value for their money, enabling five compact, charming and energy efficient cottage to be built on the 365 acre campus.
  • IDBS stepped up to the plate on this urban renewal project. Each of the 13 buildings had to be custom fit to the existing foundation.
  • IDBS partnered with Boulder County Housing Authority to design and construct permanent, affordable housing that gets the maximum amount of its energy from renewable sources.
  • Affordable units with appealing architectural design were built on a rolling hill, meeting the housing shortage needs in the area.
  • Our building experience in specialty and mixed-use construction projects is wide and varied.
  • Our extensive specialty building designs ranges from resorts, to cottages, and mixed use residential or commercial applications.
  • Even in specialty buildings, our system built approach will bring time and cost-efficiencies to your commercial building project.
  • Our dedicated team is ready to discuss your building project. Visit buildidbs.com to learn more.
  • Radford, IAApartments


  • 1. Overview
  • 2. IDBS(Innovative Design and Building Services) IDBS was formed by bringing together the top major project specialists from Excel Homes, All American Building Systems, and Mod-U-Kraf. Combined there is over 300 years experience in catering to the multi-family and commercial markets. Collaborating the experience of these three companies has created a standard unequal in the industry and has provided IDBS with access to a national manufacturing footprint. © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 3. Behind every great project is a great partner. PROJECT VALUE ADDED FUNDING DESIGN MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS FACILITATOR Flexible and Manage Stress free Experience with comprehensive expectations and building solutions traditional and architectural maximize – ENERGY other financing; design services efficiencies. STAR, LEED, on- bonded and site solutions. secure.
  • 4. IDBS – preferred manufacturers Dyersville, IA Decatur, IN Jersey Shore, PA Milliken, CO Liverpool, PA Rocky Mount, VA
  • 5. Capabilities Apartments Specialty / Hotels Mixed Use Townhomes / Military Multi-family Housing Student Living Senior Living © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 6. Systems Built Construction Simultaneous work at the construction site and manufacturing facility Controlled construction environment Faster building means faster occupancy Improved revenue streams
  • 7. Controlled Environment Building products are tested upon arrival and stored in a climate controlled environment protected from the elements.
  • 8. Framing Tables and Fixtures Floors, walls and roofs are all constructed through the use of specialized framing tables and fixtures to ensure a perfect fit.
  • 9. Methodical Process Once framed, each module makes its way down the line receiving additional components like drywall, cabinetry, and flooring.
  • 10. Module Completion The modules are about 70% complete once finished inside the factory. Each module is tightly wrapped to prepare it for the trip to its final location. The completed modules are staged and ready to be taken by tractor trucks to the build site.
  • 11. Module Completion Large cranes lift and place each module skillfully into place. Modules can be stacked up to 4 stories tall.
  • 12. Speed Matters… From foundation to 27,000 sq.ft. assembled in just 3 days. Day 1 Day 3
  • 13. Finishing Details Once all the modules are delivered and set, it is time for the exterior and interior finishing details.
  • 14. Project Highlights / Accomplishments
  • 15. Revitalizing Detroit’s Low-Income Apartments Woodbridge Detroit, MI Sixteen 3-story buildings; 3 living units per building, 48 total living units 3,900 sf per building; 62,400 sf total APARTMENTS © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 16. From concept to collecting rent – in 7 months. Radford Dubuque, IA 11 buildings, 18 living units each building 18,100 sf / building; 199,100 sf total APARTMENTS © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 17. Meeting timelines and franchise designs. Microtel Bryson City, NC © IDBS. All rights reserved. HOTELS
  • 18. MBI Award Winning, LEED Silver Compliant Ft. Bliss El Paso, TX UEPH (Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing) 9 buildings; 64 living units / building 240,000 total square feet MILITARY HOUSING © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 19. Military Housing Receives LEED Gold Certification Ft. Carson Colorado Springs, CO UEPH (Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing) 5 buildings, 4 stories tall / 184 two-bedroom apartments; 1 building, 3 stories tall / 122 two-bedroom apartments 722,000 total square feet MILITARY HOUSING © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 20. Created Functional Community from Developer’s SitePlan Kendal Granville, OH 6 different standard clusters = 80 living units; 5 custom designed clusters = 14 living units Phase 1 – built 6 standard clusters; Phase 2 – built 5 custom clusters SENIOR LIVING © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 21. Rebuilding with minimal tenant disruption. Pine Run Doylestown, PA 3 story building with 24 living units 38,000 total square feet SENIOR LIVING © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 22. Set and complete in 120 days. Ferrum College Ferrum, VA Energy Star rated; all brick colonial design 1 building / 62 rooms 27,000 total square feet STUDENT LIVING © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 23. Conceptual to complete in 13 months. The Modules at Temple Town Philadelphia, PA LEED for Homes off-site student housing near Temple University 5-story – 4 stories over parking, 72 units, 89 modules 60,000 total square feet STUDENT LIVING © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 24. Fulfilling visions with on-campus faculty housing. Griffith Cottages Philadelphia, PA Faculty housing for Madeira School, an exclusive, private girls school. 5 custom cottages STUDENT LIVING © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 25. Urban renewal – providing the perfect fit. Whispering Waters Salem, NJ Low-income housing; 2 story 13 buildings with 9 to 16 living units each 197,000 total square feet TOWNHOMES reserved. © IDBS. All rights / MULTI-FAMILY
  • 26. Near Zero Energy Affordable Housing Paradigm Project Boulder, CO Near zero to zero energy affordable housing 1 duplex; 1 single family home Duplex - 1,650; Single Family Home - 906 TOWNHOMES reserved. © IDBS. All rights / MULTI-FAMILY
  • 27. Largest HUD221 Guaranteed Project Executed in theState of New York Orchard Hills Newburgh, NY 29 buildings (972 modules) on 52 acre site; 260 total living units Four 20-unit apartment buildings that are 4 stories; three 16-unit apartment buildings that are 3 stories; twenty-two 6-unit town houses that are 2 and 3 stories TOWNHOMES reserved. © IDBS. All rights / MULTI-FAMILY
  • 28. Coastal building – strength to withstanding160+mph winds. Mariners View Carrabelle, FL Luxury town homes built on piers to protect from potential storm surges on the Florida coast. 1 duplex and 4 quadplexes / 18 total living units 26,190 total square feet SPECIALTY / MIXED USE © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 29. Mixed Use Built on Existing Structure LaRiva Del Lago Dillion, CO SPECIALTY / MIXED USE © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 30. Winner of the 2010 CO Sustainable Design Award Casa Chiara Boulder, CO Residential duplexes and office building 4 buildings: 3 duplexes (6 living units) and one office/chapel Duplexes = 7,645 square feet, office/chapel = 2,725 square feet; total for all 4 buildings = 10,370 square feet SPECIALTY / MIXED USE © IDBS. All rights reserved.
  • 31. For more information visit: WWW.BUILDIDBS.COM
  • 32. Finishing Details