Increase Enrollments in Your Internet Marketing Career Training Programs


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Partnering with Market Motive, ed2go has recently started offering career training programs that focus on various aspect of digital marketing. These programs prepare students to become OMCP certified digital marketing professionals, a well-respected title within the industry.

Want to learn how to market your programs to increase enrollments? Check this out!

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Increase Enrollments in Your Internet Marketing Career Training Programs

  1. 1. Presenters Mark Lamkin – Vice President, Business Development @ Market Motive Scott Milrad – Vice President, Academics @ Market Motive Brooke Franks – Marketing Communications Manager @ ed2go
  2. 2. About Market Motive Publisher of Digital Marketing Curriculum Founded in 2007 Scotts Valley, CA
  3. 3. What Makes Market Motive Programs Different? Prepares students to take the Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) and Online Marketing Certified Associate (OMCA) examinations Structured, academically designed courses, from novice to advanced level Unique, wholistic approach focused on digital marketing and showing how all the disciplines interact – not just a quick lesson or two Streaming video lessons featuring authoritative industry insiders, plus 6 - 8 live monthly webinars available to learners Courses are taken in partnership with two and four year institutions Continually updated content keeping pace with the dynamic digital marketing industry
  4. 4. Provided Materials Study Guides /Student Workbooks Section quizzes Suggested exercises and projects Other supplemental materials Final assessments
  5. 5. Competing Programs Marketing Profs University Econsultancy Online Marketing Institute
  6. 6. What Is a Digital Marketer? Marketing manager / director Independent consultant In-house digital marketing team member Agency analyst /strategist Entrepreneur
  7. 7. Roles and Responsibilities Establish digital marketing campaigns Develop digital marketing programs and strategies Implement hands-on digital marketing tactics Generate customer-facing digital content Evaluate existing digital marketing campaigns Measure digital marketing campaign success Manage digital marketing teams
  8. 8. Job Preparedness Students become conversant in the language of digital marketing Learn hands-on approaches to solving digital marketing challenges Understand industry best practice Comprehend the interaction of the key disciplines within digital marketing (SEO, paid search, social, mobile, content, etc.) Boost resume with real-world digital marketing skills, even for non-digital marketing jobs Qualify for independent industry certifications (OMCA, OMCP)
  9. 9. Earn Industry Certifications offers two credentials (similar to PMI) Online Marketing Certified Associate (OMCA) Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) NH Programs meet OMCP qualification requirements Successful completion results in credential, after: 1. Student registers with OMCP 2. Takes certification exam **OMCP criteria are subject to change
  10. 10. Unique Advantages Structured, professionally designed courses Streaming video lessons featuring industry thought-leaders: Keynote presenters Authors Consultants Multiple resources available to students Regularly updated content to stay current with the industry Curriculum is also used on for-credit side in Associate, Bachelor, and Graduate level programs
  11. 11. Outlook and Salary 200,000+ unfilled jobs in digital marketing Any organization with an online presence requires specialists in digital marketing Entry level salaries are $35,000 and up
  12. 12. Median annual salary: $60,100 Projected job growth: +13% Entry-level education: High school diploma The amount of companies investing in paid search advertising increased 46% last year The amount of companies who previously invested in paid search advertising continue to increase their spend year over year
  13. 13. Median annual salary: $57,000 Projected job growth: +13% Entry-level education: High school diploma Companies report a plan to double their social media marketing budgets over the next 5 years 34% of companies have reduced spend in traditional advertising to fund digital efforts instead
  14. 14. Median annual salary: $57,400 Projected job growth: +13% Entry-level education: High school diploma Labor statistics project a 14% increase in demand for these professionals over the next 7 years Digital marketing averages 2.5% of company revenue, making strategists a critical hire
  15. 15. Individuals looking to enter the digital marketing industry Traditional marketing professionals needing digital marketing knowledge or a skills update Employees looking for career advancement opportunities Marketing managers who need to understand the digital landscape in order to plan and manage their teams better Entrepreneurs looking to start their own Internet-based business College students preparing for their first real-world job Target Audience
  16. 16. Define Your Opportunities Email Social Facebook Twitter LinkedIn SlideShare Pinterest Digital Affiliate Networks Paid Advertisements Content Marketing Alumni lists from credit side Alumni lists from Continuing Ed General subscribers
  17. 17. Generate a Plan of Action Email Social Media Social promotion of new programs Infographics showing industry trends’ demand for digital marketers Related job postings for similar careers in your area Digital Paid digital advertising campaigns Blog articles about demand for qualified candidates in these fields Emails announcing programs Segmented lists that target Marketing alumni from credit side Remarketing to students who’ve taken marketing ILCs or CTPs
  18. 18. Next Steps… Download social media templates and access InDesign print templates here: Keep an eye on your inbox! Market Motive is allowing you to join one of their Internet marketing webinars for FREE. Registration details will be sent to you via email.