Experience the Jacmel, Haiti Physical Therapy Clinic - PTHelpForHaiti.org
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Experience the Jacmel, Haiti Physical Therapy Clinic - PTHelpForHaiti.org



This presentation was put together by Travis Farhar and Kathy Coomes of ProRehab who just returned from a trip to the Jacmel clinic in Haiti. All of the info in the slides are what they think you ...

This presentation was put together by Travis Farhar and Kathy Coomes of ProRehab who just returned from a trip to the Jacmel clinic in Haiti. All of the info in the slides are what they think you need to know before your trip to volunteer in the clinic. Take a look to hear a first hand account!



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Experience the Jacmel, Haiti Physical Therapy Clinic - PTHelpForHaiti.org Experience the Jacmel, Haiti Physical Therapy Clinic - PTHelpForHaiti.org Presentation Transcript

  • Rehab in Haiti
    Presentation by:
    Travis Farhar, OTD, OTR/L, NASM-PES
    Kathy Coomes, PT, CSCS
  • Mission
    Provide rehab services in Jacmel, Haiti
    Become the literal “hands and feet” for individuals who are “lost” due to their new disability
    Increase the accessibility to physical/occupational therapy services (never had PT/OT in Haiti before the earthquake-only massage therapists)
    Work along with partner organizations such as CCH, Joy in Hope, Team Canada Healing Hands, DUFH/Team Angel, PT Development LLC, ProRehab PC, Drayer Physical Therapy, and Excel Rehabilitation
  • Transportation
    Fly out of local airport to Miami
    Fly into Port-au-Prince, Haiti from Miami (2 hours and 20 min flight)
    Prefer you arrive in Haiti in the morning for travel purposes and leave in the afternoon
    Drive from Port-au-Prince to Jacmel (Jacmel is 25 miles south of Port-au-Prince through the mountains and takes at least 2 ½ hours to get there)
  • Packing List
    Detailed list on www.pthelpforhaiti.org
    Bug spray (100% Deet)
    Sun screen
    Small fan
    Granola/Snack Bars (a must!!!!)
    Chewable Pepto (you will likely get sick at least one day)
    Bottled water for day 1 until you get to Jacmel
    As much supplies as you can carry (As of July 1, 2010 there was an embargo where you can only take 2 checked bags/person. Check with airlines for current status.)
  • Port-au-Prince
  • Earthquake Damage in Port-au-Prince
  • Tent City in Port-au-Prince
  • Village Outside of Port-au-Prince
  • Drive From Port-au-Prince to Jacmel Through the Mountains
  • Driving Through the Mountains
  • Jacmel, Haiti
    Population of Jacmel: 50,000
    Population of Commune of Jacmel: 150,000
    Estimated Amputees in Jacmel: 1,000-1,500
    One of the safest cities in Haiti
    Was an emerging tourist city prior to earthquake with artisan district and many carnivals
  • Map of Haiti
  • Future Home of Joy in Hope Ministries in Jacmel
  • Street in Jacmel
  • Outside of Refugee Camp (Pinchanit)
  • Refugee Camp (Pinchanit)
  • Kids at the Refugee Camp (Pinchanit)
  • Housing Accommodations
    Renovated hotel named the Isaiah 61 House
    Anyone that goes to Haiti from this point forward will stay at the Isaiah 61 House
    Feature dorm-style rooms with designated male/female bathrooms and shower facilities
    Have showers, but cold and very little pressure
    No AC, however have ceiling fans and power outlets
    Provide breakfast (7am) and dinner (5pm). No lunch typically so bring some granola bars/snacks
    WIFI at the hotel (bring a computer or smart phone if you wish to connect to the internet)
    Security watch the gate and make rounds around the hotel
  • Isaiah 61 House
  • Isaiah 61 House 2nd Floor
  • Isaiah 61 Front Gate with Security
  • View Off Balcony of Isaiah 61House
  • Rehab Facilities
    Next to St. Michael Hospital
    Tent shared with ER
    Two tables and fans
    Some prefab braces and wound supplies, but supplies are at a premium
    Extremely hot in the tent
    Translators are available, however their English is still not great and communication is an extreme issue
  • Rehab Clinic
  • Inside Tent
  • Supplies in the Tent
  • View From Outside the Tent
  • Shoes and Shirts in the Tent
  • Neighborhood Engagement Shirts Around Town
  • Rehab Staff
    Full-time American PT
    Massage Therapist /rehab aide
    Two translators
    Office clerk
  • Rehab Staff
  • Travis Farhar and Kathy Coomes
  • Caseload
    Approx 20-30 individuals a day
    60% orthopedic (great deal of knee/back pain)
    40% neurological (strokes are very common in Haiti)
    People typically come back 2-3x/week that live in the area
    80% PT so OTs get ready to treat back/knee pain and assist PT
    Some documentation to help keep track of patients
    Fairly organized for Haiti
  • Burns
  • Strokes
  • Fractures/Dislocations
  • Knee/Back Pain
  • The Patients Are So Appreciative!
  • Estimated Costs
    Flight/Hotel in Miami- $850
    In country lodging/transportation costs- $700
    Supplies- $100
    In country misc - $100
    Fees/Misc- $100
    Total: Estimated at $1,600-$1,900 for entire trip (Many creative charity/donation ideas on www.pthelpforhaiti.org to help offset the cost)
  • Conclusion
    Once in a lifetime opportunity
    Very rewarding (patients are so appreciative)
    Expensive (can write off 100% of travel and lodging costs on your taxes)
    Still in desperate need for therapists/medical staff
  • Useful Resources
  • Contact Persons
    Karen Carr
    Director of CCH
    Email: Karen@cchaiti.org
    Michelle McBride
    Project Coordinator for CCH
    Cell: (804) 400-3096
    Email: Michelle@cchaiti.org
  • Isaiah 61
    The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me,        because the LORD has anointed me        to preach good news to the poor.        He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,        to proclaim freedom for the captives        and release from darkness for the prisoners.
    -Isaiah 61:1 (New International Version)
  • Do Your Part to Help Haiti!