Turn Your Tired Opt-In into a Well-Oiled Machine with Workflows


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As a tool, Bronto is most commonly seen by users as a medium to deliver effective outbound eCommerce messaging. This presentation looks to challenge the status quo of email and share some of our company’s learned secrets to using Bronto as a development and engagement tool. Using Bronto’s workflows and what most of you probably already know about your customers, it is easy enough to identify interests and market niches while keeping prospects interested until they are ready to buy. This presentation, focusing on workflow development, planning and implementation, will share some of the methods that have been effective in lead generation and customer retention for our company. As a bonus, it will also shed some light, especially for lead generation businesses, on ways to use customer segmentation and Bronto to learn more about your customers while finding new opportunistic markets that elude everyone else in your industry.

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Turn Your Tired Opt-In into a Well-Oiled Machine with Workflows

  1. 1. Turn Your Tired Opt-In intoa Well-Oiled Machinewith WorkflowsWho Flows There?
  2. 2. Who are we?…And what do we want?
  3. 3. The Who’s and What’sWho I am:Joe Stickney, Leads and Customer Data ManagerLazydays: Tampa, FL, Tucson, AZWhat I want:Know our customers better than our competitorsEngage and maintain engagement of our prospectsKnow our market and market opportunitiesCommunicate relevantly and efficiently in emailUnderstanding lead and customer fallout
  4. 4. What is Lazydays?One of the Largest RV Dealers in the USRV Sales – 5,000+ annuallyRV Service – 300+ Service bays3 Restaurants & Cafeteria2 Campgrounds – Full Service2 New Parts StoresFull Detail Service & Remodeling ShopsRV Seminars and RV Driving ClassesFinance and InsuranceRV Purchasing – We buy them too!Our Goal is to Make Customers for Life!
  5. 5. Don’t treat your leads like aone-night standNurturing and understanding builds qualityrelationships
  6. 6. Bronto for Lead GenerationDate me first, jerk...ecommerce is promiscuous, lead generation is prudeSpeed to leadTalk to the prospect before the other guy does: Engageprospects quickly and have something to sayKnow the buying cycleThe prospect is in this for the long haul: Maintain engagingconversation and relevant informationKnow your prospectWhat’s your prospect’s favorite color? Dog’s name? Birthday?Interests? Put in the work to find out.
  7. 7. Lead Generation. Cont.Post-Purchase RelationshipOk, you got em’, now keep it up: Continue to keep the customerengaged after the sale and beyond. Continue to add value tothe relationship.Lost-opportunitySo, they checked out the competition… time to send in RicoSuave: Build re-engagement to take advantage of lostopportunities and sales
  8. 8. Data… the eharmony ofcustomers.Or match-matching for nerds
  9. 9. Data collection and segmentationIs the single-most important part of building quality targetedmessages and workflowsIdentify your goal or problemsIdentify your KPI’sCreate your buckets (demographics, psychographics, actions oractivities, purchase info)Design your emails and workflows to solve problemsMeasure the KPI’s and goalsAnalyze the data and make adjustmentsFollow-up with your customersContinue to test and adjust
  10. 10. Data collection and segmentationWhat’s on your bucket list?We use lists to cycle people and identify stages in a processWe use segments to break-down our lists by propertiesFields are your friendsOnce you know what’s important to your business, determinehow to consolidate and make the data consistentCreate a field for each data setEx: Field= Married, data = 1,0 or Y,NField= Special Powers, data = 1,0 or Y,NField= Vehicle Type, data = Bat mobile, Avenger Jet
  11. 11. How do we flow?Some of real life workflows in practice
  12. 12. How do we flow?DRAW FPOSteps 1 – 67…
  13. 13. How do we flow?Why draw my workflow when I have a perfectly good tool inBronto?Erasing is easier than angry customersIdentify problems and bottle necksMake notesRemember where you left offYou look a lot smarter than you are with this on your wall
  14. 14. How do we flow?On My Wall(add pic)
  15. 15. How do we flow?Develop a problem statement and a hypothetical solutionbefore you develop a workflow and metrics to track it.What is the business problem?What are the possible solutions?What are the possible outcomes?Will your workflow provide a solution to the problem with afavorable outcome?
  16. 16. How do we flow?Our business problem:High cost products mean small amounts of customers cangreatly swing profits and market sharePurchase cycles can be yearsCompetition online and email sales processes are becomingincreasingly fierceInternet lead engagement must be better than the competition,and every lead is a potential customer
  17. 17. How do we flow?Business Problem Stated:How do we differentiate our business online while maintainingengagement with online prospects while they move through thebusiness cycle better than our competition? Proposed Solution:Fast communicationEngaging, timely emailsInterest in the customerShow our differentiated approach
  18. 18. How do we flow?Possible Outcomes:Automated welcome series increases engagement byincreasing open rates and click rates resulting in more salesconversions Automated workflows disconnect the lead process resulting inlower open rates, click rates and less sales conversions
  19. 19. How do we flow?The Welcome Series – Starts at submit
  20. 20. How do we flow?The Welcome Series:Welcome Message§  Immediate response§  Need identification§  Acknowledgement§  Calls out additional businesssegments§  Contains an offer to engage
  21. 21. How do we flow?
  22. 22. How do we flow?The Welcome Series:24 hour responder§  Adds human element§  Allows a response channel§  Identifies with productmanagement tool
  23. 23. How do we flow?The Welcome Series:Added Value§  Significantly differentiates ourbrand§  Shows other business segments§  Adds value to our dealership§  Engages customer with multipledestinations
  24. 24. How do we flow?The Welcome Series:Manage Preferences
  25. 25. How do we flow?The Welcome Series:betterRVing.com Subscribe§  Continues engagement, evenafter sale§  Grows our contact list§  Adds value
  26. 26. How do we flow?Brand Header§  Keep it consistent
  27. 27. How do we flow?Brand Footer
  28. 28. Well, does it work?Real life results from real life workflows.
  29. 29. Well, Does it work?200,000160,000120,000Nov. 2012Oct. 201280,00040,000-Dec. 2012 Jan. 2012 Feb. 2012 Mar. 2012138.6K159.6K163.9K 167.5K 167.9K176.9K21.7% growth in 6 mo.Active Contacts
  30. 30. Well, Does it work?Nov. 2012Oct. 20120.05%0.10%0.15%0.20%0.25%0.30%0.35%0.40%0.45%-Dec. 2012 Jan. 2012 Feb. 2012 Mar. 20120.25%0.39%0.16%0.15% 0.15% 0.13%Average Unsubscribe Rate
  31. 31. Well, Does it work?200,000160,000120,000Nov. 2012Oct. 201280,00040,000-Dec. 2012 Jan. 2012 Feb. 2012 Mar. 2012138.6K159.6K163.9K 167.5K 167.9K176.9K21.7% growth in 6 mo.Active ContactsFPO – CONVERSION RATES
  32. 32. We keep flowing.After the sale, NPS and Thank You
  33. 33. How do we flow?The NPS & Thank You Series:The Sales NPS§  Our customer service end-all be-all§  Use scores to track business performance
  34. 34. How do we flow?The NPS & Thank You Series:Thank You from Randy§  Personalization§  Allows a response channel
  35. 35. How do we flow?The NPS & Thank You Series:Post-purchase survey§  Gather/ retain marketing data
  36. 36. How do we flow?Cont. engagementNewsletter
  37. 37. Thank You.Questions?