The First Year: Building the Right Foundation


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Join Danielle Carlson as she explores the successes and challenges of their first Bronto year. Clarks is a footwear brand offering timeless style that never sacrifices comfort. Though the company was founded in 1825, you may be surprised or even stunned to hear how young their eCommerce and Email Marketing operation are. Get time-saving tricks that helped Clarks Email Marketing program become a growing force in their marketing mix. Walk away with ideas, recommendations, and encouragement to achieve during your first year or any year!

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  • Takeaway: Set the stage for where email marketing program fit inBackground on Clarks Americas and/or Clarks InternationalClarks History1825 Cyrus and James Clarks started business Somerset, England Regions – UK, Europe, Asia, AmericasOriginals1950’s Nathan Clark introduces now international cult classic Desert Boot1960’s Lance Clark introduces another classic, The WallabeeClarks Americas Question: What was launched?Launched in January 2012Align eCommerce with Clarks RetailImprove customer engagement with the brandCCNA owns and operates over 260+ Clarks, Bostonian, and Clarks Bostonian Outlet stores in 38 states and Puerto Rico.Transition: Everyone's favorite, email marketing. Next discussed Email Program that launched with Bronto approx. 1 year ago.
  • Takeaway: Identify a need for an ESP partner – Bronto filled that need Identify a need for an ESP partner Application and toolsBronto filled that needHelped us accomplished our objectives1: Build email list2: Increase the level of customer data3: Build email programsVisual representation of the following:CampaignsWelcome SeriesTrading Period / Website UpdatesTrendTop-Rated / Customer ReviewedProduct / Collection - OriginalsSocialManage PreferencesBirthdayWill go into more details on these campaigns laterFuture OpportunitiesSweepstakes Refer a Friend CampaignReengagement Transition: Because we’ve seen successes with the campaigns worked on so far we’re eager to start on future projects.
  • Takeaway: Clarks and Bronto relationship☮ ♡ ☺ $ ☮ Deliverability peace of mind♡ Marketing strategy TLC☺ Knowledgeable support$ Moved the bottom lineWhat can be done within 1 yearSuccesses – factors that contribute to the success ChallengesFeatures The topic of the Clarks & Bronto presentation will provide an overview of all that can done within a year timeframe all while using Bronto tools. The presentation will provide an overview of the successes and challenges along the way. Live ChatOne of my favorite features Bronto offers is the Live Chat support team. Over the past year the Clarks team has utilized the knowledge the support team offers. It’s a very valuable feature of Bronto that we have the ability to in just a second start our conversation and within just a few minutes get our questions answered. Transition: Without our list of contacts we can’t move the bottom line.
  • Takeaway: Track sources & optimize bigger pieces of the pie.Email collection where new & returning customer areSite Registration Integration on, Facebook Add Contact, Facebook Giveaway, Feedback Survey, Google Catalog,QR Code, Site Email Signup Integration on, Offline, Offline – Point of Sale in Retail Stores, Offline – Sweepstakes in Retail Stores Email collection cross-channel by working with store operations% of contacts driven by storesNo SourceChallenge when first starting with Bronto because we didn’t have the capability previously to tag appropriately. So, a good amount of contacts (__%) of our master list have no source. Give them options Visual representation of difference in Clarks | Bostonian | Outlet | KidsEnsure to tag your incoming contacts so you’re aware where the most/least contacts are coming from Able to measure quality of sourcesAnalysis/reports QR code – learningsTransition: Adding to our list and knowing the onboarding process is automatically in place, I know has helped us maintain strong deliverability.
  • Takeaway: Deliverability rate to be 99.5% consistentlyPrivate domain – clarks@e.clarksusa.comIntegrate Reply ToEmail replies are handled by Clarks Customer Service. Stress the importance of this. Don’t use No Reply Company brand and domain on messagesBuild up our own reputation In the first year of working with Bronto they delivered, literally. We can count on our deliverability rate to be 99.5% consistently. Next – Reengagement strategy
  • Takeaway: Ability to copy welcome workflows, make small changes to accommodate new channel for collecting emails. Scalability of workflows. Saves time – time savings tipTracking sourcesBuild relationships with customersSet up workflows easilyTie in prior topicsWelcome series is an ideal place to use worksflowsPurpose – Welcome new contacts into your email programThe welcome series consists of three welcome messages spanning over nine days all triggered through a workflowMessage 1 – highest open rate. You should have the most important information here. Offer is great to include here. Welcome & thank youWhat to expectMessage 2Help us, help you – add private domain to address bookBenefits of shopping with ClarksAsk for customer dataMessage 3Invite to social networksGlimpse at products/stylesBostonian welcome messageReason why there is just 1 welcome message Brand specific welcome email – different creative for Separate welcome for Bostonian customerTransition: In each of our welcome emails we ask customers to tell us more about themselves and draw attention to the email preference center, however, we need to do more
  • Takeaway: In May 3% of our audience had some preference data. February 25% of our audience has some preference data. This is a more than 8 times lift in the % of our audience that has some preference data filled in over 9 months.Include link to preference center in every email. Footer is a good place.This allows you to grow data from every email you sendMore than just email. Include email preference management in online accounts Dedicated email. Consistently but not too frequently Manage preferences email is sent out quarterlyMarketers love dataAsk consumers questionsBetter resultsTransition: Contributing to this success was a tactic used in the dedicated campaign email.
  • Takeaway: 8.6% lift when teasing the birthday offer compared to not teasing the birthday offer. Ask for data help build information you have on customersThis helps build you audiences for future campaigns like the birthday email or other segmented emailsTell customers the benefitsShow example of not teasing the birthday offer & teasing the birthday offer on contact that updated their preferencesRevenue not in this type of housekeeping emailTake one for the teamFuture revenue with birthday emailGave a carrot for consumersTransition: One piece of customer data we are collecting is birth date. We can use this information to build our birthday audiences.
  • Takeaway: We made a compromise.You can’t always send exactly what you wish.It’s still important and we saw the value and we knew customers would see the value as wellStill implement campaign but as a monthly sendRemains personal and actionableBirthday emails serve as a fantastic way to drive revenue and boost goodwill with customers. By establishing a birthday email campaign Clarks is able to provide an incentive for customers to give us additional data as well as treating our customers during their birthday month. Growth of Birthday list as we continue to grow our list and % of contacts that have provided their birthdayResults: Conversion Rate 3 times greater than marketing emails (Marketing deliveries CR = 2.01%; Birthday deliveries 6.5%)Transition: Besides birthdays another reason to celebrate is the holiday season.
  • Takeaway: importance of efficiencies in sending 1 million per month on average from April – October7 million between November – December (3.5 million per month average) Transition: While some people may say the holidays is the most wonderful time of the team, what I think is wonderful is the testing available through Bronto.
  • Takeaway: Test to end differing opinionsWe are fortunate to have a lot of creative assets to useAside from the various campaign and promotions going on we continually test subject lines and content. Test to end differing opinionsA/B winner test in order to improve open ratesWithin Bronto: Send A/B Split Message. Split Content: Full Message Content. Champion/Challenger 50/50.Test one thing at a timeSemi Annual Sale email – show examples and difference in Click RateTransition: We don’t always test full message content but we can always make smart decisions.
  • Takeaway: We use reports to help drive decisions. We don’t mindlessly make cuts to decide what creative to use.“What design should we use for the Top-Rated emails this coming season?”Looked into the results of the F12 top-rated styles emails to help steer the direction for our S13 top-rated styles emails.Click Rate comparing August, September, and October emails. We want to be looking at is the Click Rate because we want to see if one email design/layout performed better than the others. The Click Rate will tell us how effective the placement and design of the calls to action were. Looking at the results, the September top-rated emails had the highest Click Rate. Reports help us make informed decisionsTransition: Having the ability to make informed decisions will only lead to the positive development of our email program.
  • Takeaway: More opportunities aheadRefer-A-FriendBuild Clarks email list organicallyOrganic growth yields qualityStructure enables word of mouthBest practice development of email marketing program Exclusive incentive for both parties Opt-in requirement respects privacy laws & asks permissionNot a contestObjectivesPrimary: Grow email subscriber baseSecondary: Drive traffic and sales to Strategy Implement a Refer-a-Friend CampaignReengagement – Clean, Healthy ListDuring holiday send Non-Engaged only the best of the bestThrough Semi-Annual Sale (end of season sale period) continue to mail Non-Engaged as separate mailing A/B testing win-back subject lines Next steps, Reengagement strategySweepstakesMeasure new contacts performanceMore integration with stores to collect emails addresses and send emails Contests for associatesFlexibilityTighter integrationsTransition: We’re really enthused about next year and the opportunities we see ahead. It all started with a right foundation developed over the first year.
  • Scalability and efficienciesDeliverabilitySmall steps – crawl, walk, runTesting Report insights
  • The First Year: Building the Right Foundation

    1. 1. The First Year: Building theRight Foundation
    2. 2. Clarks & ClarksUSA.comClarksUK Europe Asia AmericasWholesale RetailClarks Stores ClarksUSA.comeCommerceMarketingEmailMarketing
    3. 3. Email ProgramThe beginning• Need for ESP partner• Bronto filled needCampaigns snapshotFuture opportunities
    4. 4. Clarks & BrontoDeliverability peace of mindMarketing strategy TLCKnowledgeable support$ Moved the bottom line
    5. 5. Contact List Growth & SegmentsContactsClarksBostonianOutletKidsSiteRegistrationFacebookWebformSweepsFeedbackSurveyGoogleCatalogQR CodeSiteWebformRetailStores
    6. 6. Deliverability• Goal: delivery to every customer• Serve our customers• Build brand• Next: re-engagement strategy
    7. 7. Tools, Tips, and Testing
    8. 8. Welcome Workflow• Scalability and creates efficiencies• Tracking sources• Build relationship with customers• Set up workflows easily
    9. 9. Manage Preferences CampaignLink to preference center in every emailPreference management in online accountsDedicated campaign Manage preferences email is sent out quarterly Consistently but not too frequentlyGoal Baseline Metric Resulting Metric LiftIncreasecustomer dataMay 2012: 3%Contacts hadpreference dataFeb 2013: 25%Contacts hadpreference data8 times moreContacts data in9 months
    10. 10. Dedicated Manage Preferences EmailAsk customers their preferences Build audiences for future campaigns• Birthday• Segmentation Tell customers the benefits Dangle a carrotGoal Baseline Metric Resulting Metric LiftIncreasecustomer dataJul 2012: 7.7%Contact UpdatesOct 2012: 16.3%Contact Updates112%
    11. 11. Birthday CampaignChallenge: Unique coupon code required Give and take Value remainsMonthly campaignDrive revenueBoost goodwillIncentive for customersAdditional dataResults: Conversion rate 3 times greater than marketing emails
    12. 12. Holiday EmailsGet into the holiday spirit 12 days campaign Don’t need an offer every day Product stories Unengaged contacts – set baselineWatch metrics throughout the season Open rate Unsubscribe rate More than tripled email volume
    13. 13. A/B Split Content TestingOpportunity Audience KPI ResultsUnderstand if lifestylephotography orstylized photographyperforms better50/50 split of ClarkssegmentThis test was measuringif there was a differencein the Click ThroughRate between the twoversionsVersion B Click ThroughRate is 3.9% greaterthan Version ALifestyle Version AClick Through Rate is 27.7%Stylized Version BClick Through Rate is 28.8%
    14. 14. Report InsightsReports help drive decisionsReviewed resultsClick Rate insight into design and CTA placement
    15. 15. Future OpportunitiesThe Second Year
    16. 16. UpcomingRefer-a-friendRe-engagement – clean, healthy listSweepstakes – growing our listMore integration with stores
    17. 17. Summary1. Scalability and efficiencies2. Deliverability3. Small steps4. Testing5. Report insightsQuestions?
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