Personalized Triggered Emails: Turn eRetail browsers into buyers


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In a content-driven world, the number of messages consumers receive on a daily basis continues to increase, making personalized marketing messages that much more important. However, because of today’s innovative capabilities marketers now have the ability to create a message that is unique for each consumer, based on varying observed behaviors – completely automated. By making these emails automated and unique, it gives strategic control back to marketers while increasing key metrics such as open rates and conversion rates. We will illustrate how companies have taken advantage of 3 proven email remarketing strategies to not only increase return visits to its website and conversion rates, but increased revenue.

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  • Tied everything back to “Singular Purpose of an Email” – Which is getting the whole story.
  • We believe consumers overwhelmingly want to be spoken with on a consistent 1:1 level. Our Customer Intelligence Engine (CIE) combined with internal merchandising wisdom provides the essential framework for engaging an online shopper that enhances an individual’s experience with relevant merchandise, across all channels.
  • Lifecycle marketing: shift from a funnel viewpoint to a circular model often based on RFM (define: recency, frequency, monetary value)
  • Industry Facts:Ask Question – How many have checked a social media more than twice today? 3, 10+?Shoppers know the web is a great place to research a purchase.. Is your website the place they purchase or the place they research?Abandonment Rate
  • Shopping online is going to become more competitive. Companies are going to continue to invest in this space. Customers are going to start recongizing their favorite brands – just as they do in the brick and mortar. We need to be branding and creating that memerobale experience today, for future growth
  • Research: Know their product, putting everything under a microscope. What is the best product, specs, reviews, price, shipping, security, experience… Make 3 Slides, Bring Each One in Separately Visit & Browse: See the newest items, searching for a gift, looking for an outfit, boarded looking for items of interest,
  • How do we reconnect and make the shopper a customer?They are fast, one second they are there and the next they are gone… They leave for many reasons, but it is our job to catch that quickly moving consumer after they have been to our site with email. We must reconnect with that consumer relevantly and timely….
  • How do we reconnect and make the shopper a customer?They are fast, one second they are there and the next they are gone… They leave for many reasons, but it is our job to catch that quickly moving consumer after they have been to our site with email. We must reconnect with that consumer relevantly and timely….
  • Customers have a limited amount of income… How do we convenience them we are the right retailer? How do we build trust, report and experience that is going to engage that consumer and ultimately entice them to make a purchase… How do we earn our slice of the pie? If a customer is spending $1000 on a new television, are they going to spend another $500 on out door equipment? Maybe.. But more than likely not.. So how do you engage a customer and make your products more appealing than your competitors..With engagement.. A personalized message that drives customers to the site.. We work very hard to get that customer on the website. We heavily invest in SEO, PPC, new content.. So we need to make the most out of the customers that do surf our site…
  • Abandoned Cart RPS: $7.92Drip Campaign RPS: $6.73
  • John to cover this slide..
  • Not related to email, but a good first step in developing a brand across channels…Creates another touch point brand recognition Fuels referrals or questions about their new purchaseArrives ahead of time, creating trust in your delivery and overall websiteDelivery Story of having a product show up in 90 minutes --- Not possible here, but that is how they have created a major difference in their market place
  • Fresh Content – Pleased Customers
  • How many of you have bought from Amazon? Talk about Branding – You now have another touch point, a reminder and an idea that they sell more products your interested in.How many of you have open a Recommend Just for You Email?Click?Made a purchase
  • Personalized Triggered Emails: Turn eRetail browsers into buyers

    1. 1. Personalized Triggered Emails;Turn eRetailer Browsers into Buyers
    2. 2. John DeinesDirector of Strategic Accounts at iGoDigitalContact Information:Twitter: @JMDeinesEmail:
    3. 3. iGoDigital (@iGoDigital)
    4. 4. Darren BaldwinDirector of E-Commerce at Dungarees.netEmail: darren@dungarees.netJoined Dungarees in 2007 Graduated from University of Missouri, who just won the NCAA Tournament
    5. 5. Dungarees.netRetailer of work apparel & footwear 2000 - Opened two retail locations (Columbia & St. Louis, Missouri) 2004 – Launched Dungarees.netDouble-digit growth every year since being onlineInternet Retailer Top 500 Company
    6. 6. What we hope you takeaway … Marketers need to be speaking with each customer on a 1:1 level Retailers need to be remarketing based on consumer behavior After a purchase, create an experience that builds a brand and drives loyalty Technology can help accomplish these goals We all need to continue innovating to stay competitive
    7. 7. Capturing Lost Revenue withTriggered 1:1 Remarketing Emails
    8. 8. How Important is the Internet?
    9. 9. Online Behavior Shoppers are visiting 50 websites during a “relaxation” period while on the internet…
    10. 10. Online Shoppers
    11. 11. What Do Shoppers Do? Browse Research Purchase
    12. 12. They Run …
    13. 13. They Run …According to the iGoDigitalReporting Admin whichincludes 8 of the 10 largestonline retailers and dozensof other leading onlineretailers, conversion ratesrange from 1.3% - 5.6%.
    14. 14. How do we chase them down?
    15. 15. Fighting for Wallet Share
    16. 16. How do we chase them down?1. Collect and store all shopper behavior from clicks through purchases2. Determine the most important behavior on which to automate an action.3. Remarket and engage that shopper on a 1:1 basis with personalized email messages4. Test & Optimize Results
    17. 17. Understand their Behavior
    18. 18. Understand their Behavior
    19. 19. Determine The Right Action Remarketing Events • Product/Category Abandonment • Cart Abandonment • Back-In-Stock • New Sale Item • Customized Remarketing Best Practices • Product Name in Subject Line • Image of Item(s) of Interest • Product Recommendations • Link to Saved Cart • Test Ideal Send Time • Consider Drip Campaigns
    20. 20. Product AbandonmentiGoDigital Client Averages  Open: 36.4%  CTR: 9.8% Revenue Per Send: $5.00 - $6.00
    21. 21. Abandoned Cart - Be Creative
    22. 22. Test & OptimizeSubject Lines: Your Forgot Something vs. Did You Forget {Product Name}Items Merchandised: Highest Margin Items, Most Viewed, Sale Items, etc.Send Times: 1Hour vs. 3 Hours vs. 24 Hours? When do you send the “drip” follow up email?Do you make a Special Offer? Encouraging bad behavior vs. driving more traffic
    23. 23. A Bronto Nation Example –
    24. 24. Our Decision to Send Remarketing EmailsProblem:50% of carts werebeing abandonedGoal:Pull potentialcustomers back to thesite to make a sale
    25. 25. Our Remarketing Email Strategy Provide alternative recommendations Add extra incentives Offer better customer service
    26. 26. Typical Marketing EmailDatabase of more than 100,000subscribersMetrics  Open Rate: 17%  Click-Thru Rate : 25%  Conversion Rate: 6%  2.9 orders per 1,000 sends~30% of orderscome from repeat buyers
    27. 27. Abandoned Cart EmailSent to customers 24 to 48 hoursafter they abandoned.Metrics  Open Rate: 56%  Click-Thru Rate : 14%  Conversion Rate: 17%  13.2 orders per 1,000 sends
    28. 28. Comparison Orders Per Click-Thru Conversion Email Type Open Rate 1,000 Emails Rate Rate Sent Typical 17% 25% 6% 2.9 MarketingAbandoned 56% 14% 17% 13.2 Cart
    29. 29. Behavioral Based Emails
    30. 30. Category Abandonment EmailMetrics  Open Rate: 44%  Click-Thru Rate : 50%  Conversion Rate: 4%  8.5 orders per 1,000 sends
    31. 31. Comparison Orders Per Click-Thru Conversion Email Type Open Rate 1,000 Emails Rate Rate Sent Typical 17% 25% 6% 2.9 MarketingAbandoned 56% 14% 17% 13.2 Cart Category 44% 50% 4% 8.5 Segment
    32. 32. Future Vision Product Ratings andCustomer ReviewsNext step….Drip Campaignwith Added Value
    33. 33. Building a Loyal, RepeatCustomer with Email
    34. 34. We Did ItWe converted a shopper to a customer…
    35. 35. We Did ItWe converted a shopper to a customer…now what?
    36. 36. Food For Thought…“It is cheaper and more effective to make currentcustomers more loyal than to spend money attractingnew customers.” Lee Scott, CEO, Walmart
    37. 37. Post Purchase Experience Tips1. Brand your delivery2. Keep the customer informed on their products while introducing relevant products3. Ask for the customer to review your brand and merchandise4. Ask for a referral5. Send a post purchase triggered email with 1:1 product merchandising6. Make future touch points personalized and relevant
    38. 38. Brand Your Delivery… And Deliver On Time…
    39. 39. Keep The Customer Informed… While Introducing Relevant ProductsAdvantages: Emails opened 70%+ Introduce New Products Encourage Customers to Return Sooner Help the customer complete their project
    40. 40. Send a Review Request Email& Ask for a referral…
    41. 41. Make Recommendations
    42. 42. Make Future Touch Points Relevant New Product of Interest  Sends: 57,661  Open: 28,353 (49.2%)  CTR: 6,891 (24.3%)
    43. 43. Post Purchase Strategy Tips Inject product recommendations in transactional emails based on that recent purchase Send a thank you message & ask for a review Trigger a post purchase email that merchandises relevant products Ask for a referral Personalize future marketing emails Provide exceptional customer service and make it easy for that customer to reach out
    44. 44. A Bronto Nation Example –
    45. 45. Post Purchase EmailsConfirmation EmailsOrder & shipping~70% Open RateInsertrecommendations
    46. 46. Post Purchase EmailsReview ProductsGreat way to buildup site contentBetter insight ongood/badproductsAdd incentive
    47. 47. Future VisionUse iGoDigital’s Segment Builder to help uscreate segments Test layouts and other incentivesMore personalization in Typical MarketingEmails
    48. 48. Let’s Wrap It Up…
    49. 49. Takeaways• Marketers need to be speaking with each of their customers on a 1:1 level. Knowledge is Power!• We can reengage customers based on their shopping behavior to turn shoppers into customers• By developing a personalized post purchase experience, we can increase the lifetime value of each of our customers• Technology can help accomplish these goals so that they are automated and personalized• We all need to continue innovating to stay competitive
    50. 50. Questions?
    51. 51. Contact Information Email Address: Twitter: @JMDeines / @iGoDigital Phone: 317.431.4451 Email Address: Twitter: @Dungareesnet