Our Migration Story: Trials, Tips, and Triumphs


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In the past year, Charles & Colvard has made great strides in the implementation of its email marketing program. The Bronto team and its products have been integral components to that success. From the initial days of examining the existing database to transitioning to a sales-focused program and adding a welcome series, Charles & Colvard has encountered successes and challenges along the way.

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Our Migration Story: Trials, Tips, and Triumphs

  2. 2. Our Migration Story:Trials, Tips & Triumphs“I never made a mistake in my life. I thoughtI did once, but I was wrong.”Charles M. Schulz
  3. 3. Our Story“I think Ive discovered the secret of life - you justhang around until you get used to it.”Charles M. Schulz
  4. 4. Who are weMoissanite.com, a subsidiary of Charles & Colvard, is the exclusiveworldwide marketer and distributor of created moissanite jewels, withproprietary patents for the manufacturing process as well as the use ofthe jewels themselves.
  5. 5. Moissanite.com offers extensivecollections of:§  Forever Brilliant® Moissanitegemstones§  Charles & Colvard CreatedMoissanite® gemstone§  Moissanite fine jewelryMoissanite.com is part of theCharles & Colvard, Ltd. family ofcompanies.What we do
  6. 6. THE WORLD’S MOST BRILLIANT GEM™§  Outshines any other gem§  2.4X dispersion of diamond§  More brilliant than diamondCarat for carat, no gem adds more beauty.What is MoissaniteDescription BaselineMetricDispersion Luster Hardness(Mohs Scale)Charles & ColvardCreated Moissanite®2.65-2.69 0.104 20.4% 9.25Diamond 2.42 0.044 17.2 10Ruby 1.77 0.18 7.7% 9Sapphire 1.77 0.18 7.7% 9Emerald 1.58 0.014 5.1% 7.5
  7. 7. What We Had In PlaceSite Redesign 2012
  8. 8. Our ObjectivesStore Experience§  Create a timeless online showroom – Strikingly beautiful photography,contrast rich and ageless experience.§  Stunning Elegance - Old-world artisan skill meets modern technology tocreate bold, beautiful jewelry with a look & feel that stands out versustraditional jewelry.§  Infuse subtle color and shadows into product images to create depth, utilizebold colors to highlight calls to action, and large all-caps typography toemphasis the boldness of Moissanite.
  9. 9. Our Road MapWhere Are We Going?
  10. 10. The Bronto Way“Theres a difference between a philosophy and abumper sticker.”Charles M. Schulz
  11. 11. What We Had In PlaceHistory of Communication• Major seasonal events/holidays• Special offersHoliday 2011
  12. 12. The Bronto PlanCapitalize on all major holidays• Valentine’s Day• Mother’s Day• Winter Holidays
  13. 13. The Bronto PlanCommunicate with consumersbetween major holidays
  14. 14. The Bronto PlanImplement Welcome Series• Six initial emails for consumersnew to the database• Additional discounts• Shopping reminder• Preference management
  15. 15. Our ProgressResults Q4-2012 Q1-JanStore 20% ECR345% Trans441% Rev20% AOV20% ECR345% Trans441% Rev20% AOVSEO 56.40% YOY20.35% Q3/Q4274% REV YOY35% Traffic50% Rank IncreasePPC 170% CTR217% CTRCTR 0.28% > 2.18% (678%)CR 0.70% > 0.87% (24%)ROAS 1.42 > 1.63 (15%)SMO 138% Fans15% Followers186,431 Reach446% Fans2,221 Reach4,925% ContestsEMM 500% Sends3,700% REV256% REV (Val)22.40% AOR3.73% CTR
  16. 16. Our Roadmap“My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, nomeaning, and yet Im happy. I cant figure it out.What am I doing right?”Charles M. Schulz
  17. 17. Where Are We Going Next?
  18. 18. What NowMessaging Strategy•  Deeper Segmentationo  Sociodemographico  Gendero  Cadence•  Grow email listo  Contestso  Social Engagemento  Digital Media Campaigns•  Smarter Measureso  Guest Preferenceso  Social Driverso  Engagement Triggers
  19. 19. What Are Our PlansComplete Lifecycle Guest Experience§  Core Messaging Serviceso  Welcome Series - Q1o  Cart Management - Q2*o  Order Management - Q2*o  Coupon Integration - Q3o  Product Suggestions - Q3o  Post Purchase - Q3o  Lifecycle Optimization - Q4§  Additional Experienceo  Managed Preference Formso  Survey / Review Formso  Deeper Social Profile Integration§  Facebook Sign-up§  Facebook weekly contest§  YouTube & Lover.ly,
  20. 20. The Bronto PlanAssist consumers withcart management(reminders, additionaldiscounts, etc.)• Thanks for visitingMoissanite.com• We noticed that youleft items in yourshopping cart onyour last visit.• We wanted to sendyou a quick reminderthat the item(s) in yourcart will soon be removed.
  21. 21. The Bronto PlanDevelop a series of order transactional emailsScheduled for 2013-Q2• Order Confirmation• Shipping Confirmation• Delivery Confirmation• Shopping Survey & Review
  22. 22. Our thoughts“If I were given the opportunity to present a gift tothe next generation, it would be the ability for eachindividual to learn to laugh at himself.”Charles M. Schulz
  23. 23. Pitfalls We ExperiencedNew Technology – High Expectations§  Fast Rapids and Hidden Eddies§  Hacking with a Butter Knife§  Grandmother TestHope for the Best – Plan for the Worst§  Creative Services§  Merchandising§  OperationsToo Smart for Your Own Good§  Research, Research, Research§  The Devils in the Details§  No When to Say When
  24. 24. Thanks“I love mankind; its people I cant stand.”Charles M. SchulzOur Marketing Team§  Moissanite.com§  Bronto§  Clean Design§  Gorilla Group§  Holly Brown Creative Services§  WPromote
  25. 25. Q&AWho§  are your partners?§  internally can assist you?§  is an untapped resource?What§  is your 1%?§  are your short term goals? (this quarter)§  are your long term goals? (this year)Where§  are the resources?§  do you plan to focus?How§  to accomplish your goals?§  is your plan going to impact the bottom line?
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