Order Tracking: When Bronto and Your Commerce Platform Collide


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The most efficient path to higher revenue is through existing customers. And the most effective way to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers is to create campaigns that draw upon past-purchase information. The problem? This info is typically unavailable, incomplete or difficult for marketers to access and use. Bronto makes it easier and faster for commerce marketers to create segments and campaigns that are based on rich past-purchase data. This session will walk through the ever-important first step toward this nirvana – importing orders – as well as provide examples of the magic that happens when Bronto and your commerce platform collide.

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Order Tracking: When Bronto and Your Commerce Platform Collide

  1. 1. Order TrackingWhen Bronto and YourCommerce Platform Collide
  2. 2. Agenda•  Order Import•  Integrations & Services•  Magic•  Takeaways•  Questions
  3. 3. Order ImportWait, What’s An Order?
  4. 4. Order ImportData to Capture•  Order ID•  Order Date•  List of Products Purchased:•  SKU•  Name•  Category•  Description•  Image•  URL•  Quantity•  Price•  Contact Association•  Delivery Association (optional)
  5. 5. Order Import - JavaScriptaddOrder();
  6. 6. Order Import – JavaScript Tips•  Place on Order Confirmation page•  Captures orders going forward once implemented, no history•  Only an Add•  Will duplicate items if order ID already exists•  If not using a private domain, leverage URL TrackingParameters to create a first-party cookieLearn more in the app: Home è Settings è Data Exchange
  7. 7. Order Import - APIaddOrUpdateOrders(orderObject[] orders);deleteOrders(orderObject[] orders);
  8. 8. Order Import – API Tips•  Can capture historical orders•  If the order ID already exists, it will perform an Update•  The order date and products array will be updated if not null•  The entire products array will be replaced during an Update•  You cannot modify any tracking data with an Update:•  email•  contactID•  tid•  deliveryID•  etc…Learn more in the API doc / code samples at dev.bronto.com
  9. 9. Order Import – General Tips•  Email is top priority•  If you pass in a tid or contactID as well as an email and they do notmatch, the email is used and the others are disregarded•  Tax, Shipping, Discount•  Add in as additional items•  Can use a negative number for Discount•  Will render specially in reports
  10. 10. Integrations & ServicesDon’t Reinvent the Wheel
  11. 11. Existing Integrations
  12. 12. Bronto Professional Services•  Order Upload•  Regularly scheduled FTP upload of order information•  Bronto Extension for Magento Implementation•  Install, configure and validate extension•  Developer Kickstart•  Provide a step-by-step project plan•  Strategic Sprints•  Post-Purchase Series•  Lapsed (or Never) Purchaser Series•  VIP / Loyalty Program MessagingLearn more at http://bronto.com/services/scope
  13. 13. The Magic Happens in BrontoTA-DA!
  14. 14. Split Revenue By Channel
  15. 15. Contact Orders & RFM
  16. 16. Segmentation** BMP comes with allocation of the most recent 100k orders•  Only affects segmentation on order data•  Want to bring in full history for reporting & RFM•  Can purchase additional blocks of 100k
  17. 17. Use Cases•  Upgrade & Cross-Sell•  Customer Lifecycle Management•  Never Purchased•  First-Time Buyers•  VIPs•  Lapsed Purchasers•  Do Not Clean Recent Purchasers From Your List•  Highly Targeted and Relevant Messaging•  Determine Your Focus by Analyzing Orders
  18. 18. Cross-Sell In 4 Easy Steps
  19. 19. Cross-Sell: Step 1Create Message
  20. 20. Cross-Sell: Step 2Create Segment
  21. 21. Cross-Sell: Step 3Create Workflow
  22. 22. Cross-Sell: Step 4Profit.
  23. 23. What To RememberLike an elephant
  24. 24. Key Takeaways•  Must. Import. Orders.•  Leverage Existing Integrations•  Get Help From Bronto Professional Services•  The Magic Happens in Bronto
  25. 25. Questions? Thank You!chris.geiss@bronto.comProfessor Marvel