Mobile Commerce Best Practices


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Mobile Commerce Best Practices

  1. 1. Mobile CommerceBest PracticesKen BurkeMarketLive, Inc.
  2. 2. Mobile Commerce Best PracticesToday’s PresentationMobile LandscapeMobile Success Factors – Merchant Example • Key Decision Points • Developing Mobile Customer Experience • Defining Success Criteria • Evaluating Mobile Solution ProvidersMobile Integration for SuccessTrends in Mobile Commerce Customer Experience
  3. 3. Mobile Landscape
  4. 4. Mobile Commerce is Booming• In Q1 2011, 13% of US online adults used their mobile phones to purchase a product.• Mobile Commerce in the US will grow at an average of 39% per year over the next five years, reaching $31Billion by 2016.• 57% of online retailers have already developed a Mobile Commerce strategy, and 48% already have a mobile-optimized Mobile Commerce site.• 69% of eBusiness managers plan to increase their investment in mobile-optimized websites and mobile applications during 2011. Market Overview: Mobile Commerce Solutions For Retail, August 2011, Forrester.
  5. 5. Today’s Consumer Experience …is Highly Isolated & Highly Fragmented Off-line/ SearchConversion Engagement Research Conversion Retention Acquisition
  6. 6. Meeting Customer Expectations…Requires seamless integration, supporting consumergoals across touch points. Search
  7. 7. Mobile Success FactorsH2O Plus Case Study
  8. 8. H2O Plus: 31 Countries, 2,500 Points of Sale Vancouver, Canada Chicago, USA Beijing, China
  9. 9. Key Decision Points for H20 Plus1. Mobile Website vs. Mobile ApplicationBoth offer different benefits and serve differentaudiences. They should be consideredcomplimentary, not mutually exclusive.Mobile Websites: • Cost less to reach a wider audience • Increase exposure across multiple mobile devices and OS.Mobile Applications: Make the most of smartphonefeatures but… • Have increased barriers to entry: purchase, download. • Lack frequent use: Non-gaming/entertainment apps have only a 5% success rate in repeat usage within 30 days.Market Overview: Mobile Commerce Solutions For Retail, August 2011, Forrester.
  10. 10. Key Decision Points for H20 Plus2. Choosing the Right Technology & Service Approach “How did your company build its mobile site?”The State of Retailing Online 2011, a study conducted by Forrester.
  11. 11. Key Decision Points for H20 Plus3. Using an Integrated eCommerce Platform SolutionMarketLive Platform Advantages for H20 Plus Project:• Turn-key solution integrated with existing infrastructure and web business solution.• 2-3 week launch time.• Worry-free IT with managed hosting and services.• Single point of contact for all digital business.• Leverage existing security and PCI compliant systems.• Cost savings to launch on existing infrastructure.
  12. 12. Key Decision Points for H20 PlusMarketLive Platform Advantages, continued: Single administration interface to manage all commerce sites. Leverage shared assets and content between digital properties. Consistent consumer experience across platforms. Established relationship and vendor understanding of H2O Plus brand, products, and business goals.Market Overview: Mobile Commerce Solutions For Retail, August 2011, Forrester.
  13. 13. H2O Plus: Developing Mobile ExperienceMerchants Must Help Consumers:2. Buy a product.3. Research a product.4. Get customer service help.5. Support their lifestyle.6. Give social feedback.
  14. 14. 1. Buy a ProductFocus navigation & features on keygoals specific and relevant to yourmobile customers: Loyal Buyers: • Emphasis on “Customer Favorites” and simplified category hierarchies to showcase product collections. • Emphasis on Store Locator in main navigation
  15. 15. 1. Buy a Product Directed Buyers: Mobile Site Search • Visual display hierarchy • Showing full breadth & depth • Entire product catalog available through mobile site search regardless if featured on mobile site.
  16. 16. 2. Researching a Product First Time Buyers  Elevate brand value proposition
  17. 17. 2. Researching a Product First Time Buyers  Elevate product discovery tools
  18. 18. 3. Getting Customer Service Help  Store Locator  Contact 800 Number
  19. 19. 4. Supporting Their Lifestyle Access to Expert Advice
  20. 20. 4. Supporting Their Lifestyle Social Integration
  21. 21. Defining Success Criteria for H2O PlusIndustry Objectives“What are your company’s top three priorities/objectives for mobile?”Q2 2010 Global eBusiness And Channel Strategy Professional Online Survey, Forrester
  22. 22. Defining Success Criteria for H2O Plus1. Engage the Consumer When and Where She is Spending Her Time (Increasingly on Mobile)  Mobile Traffic 8-10% of Online Visits  Bounce Rate 45%  Average Time on Site 3:53  Average Pages/Visit 5.2• Support All Sales Channels for Research and Brand Discovery  Top Mobile Page – Store Locator• Grow Mobile Commerce Revenue  Conversion Rate for Mobile 1% (not counting iPad)
  23. 23. Evaluating Mobile Solution ProvidersQuestions you should ask any provider about theirMobile Solution• How well does the platform support ratings and reviews?• How does the platform address mobile checkout challenges?• How easy is content management? And how does it integrate with my current site?• How often are platform enhancements made available?
  24. 24. Mobile Integration for SuccessDriving Mobile Awareness & CustomerEngagement
  25. 25. Driving Mobile AwarenessPromote mobile offerings across channels & media
  26. 26. Driving Mobile AwarenessPromote mobile offeringsacross channels & media
  27. 27. Driving Mobile AwarenessPromote mobile offeringsacross channels & media
  28. 28. Driving Mobile AwarenessPromote mobileofferings acrosschannels & media
  29. 29. Driving Mobile AwarenessEmail cross-mediapromotion: A|XResults• Increased AOS• 3x Conversion Increase
  30. 30. Driving Customer EngagementA Great Marketing Plan Leverages Mobile print
  31. 31. Driving Customer Engagement14 Million AmericansUsed QR Codes inJune 2011• QR codes provide aunique link between thephysical world and alimitless supply of digitalcontent.•QR codes provideconsumers with instantrewards/immediategratification.
  32. 32. QR Code ExamplesImmediate access to engaging content: • Product Details • Customer Reviews • Styling Ideas • Videos (How-to/Product Demos)
  33. 33. QR Code Examples The more exclusive the content, the better
  34. 34. QR Code Examples Supports Sweepstakes Entry
  35. 35. QR Code Examples Drives to unique shopping experience • Microsite • Holiday Buying Guide • Exclusive Deal of the Day
  36. 36. QR Code Examples Drives to useful shopping tools Store Locator tied to print coupon
  37. 37. QR Code Examples Supports Social Initiatives • Drive community engagement • “Like” a Brand or specific product
  38. 38. Trends in Mobile CommerceCustomer Experience
  39. 39. Trends in Mobile CommerceProduct Discovery - NavigationUse of imagery to support productnavigation and create more visualengagement From these….
  40. 40. Trends in Mobile CommerceProduct Discovery - Navigation Icon navigation Visual Representation …to These
  41. 41. Trends in Mobile CommerceProduct Discovery - - NavigationProduct Discovery Navigation Solutions-Oriented, Persona-Based Navigation
  42. 42. Trends in Mobile CommerceProduct Discovery – Feature ParitySupport of consistentproduct discoveryfeatures acrosstouch points
  43. 43. Trends in Mobile CommerceCampaign Promotion User-Initiated Film Strip MerchandisingConsider using SquinchMerchandising to promotemultiple campaigns Auto-scroll
  44. 44. Trends in Mobile CommerceFeatured Products Featured ProductsElevation of product promotion onhome page/gateway pages
  45. 45. Trends in Mobile CommerceFeatured ProductsFeatured Products Elevation of product promotion on home page/gateway pages Few are leveraging “Best Sellers or Top Rated”
  46. 46. Trends in Mobile CommerceAdvanced Imaging FeaturesAdvanced Imaging Features 52% of merchants now integrating advanced imaging functionality
  47. 47. Trends in Mobile CommercePromoting Cross-Sells and Up-SellsPromoting Cross-sell & Up-sells Increases AOV
  48. 48. Trends in Mobile CommerceCompleting the PurchaseCompleting the Purchase• Persistent Cart across Touch-points
  49. 49. Q&AMobile Commerce Best Practices