Inbox Deliverability: The Name of the Game


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Inbox deliverability is the name of the game for any email marketer. You've heard about the "rules of engagement," but as with all technology-based processes, email marketing has undergone dramatic changes in the past few years, creating new obstacles for modern marketers.

This session will discuss ways that email marketers can leverage subscriber engagement to improve email deliverability. From removing inactive email addresses to increasing relevance for subscribers, we’ll help you find ways to improve your inbox deliverability and better engage your valuable subscribers.

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Inbox Deliverability: The Name of the Game

  1. 1. DeliverabilityTaking control
  2. 2. TopicsØ  Inbox FactorsØ  PermissionsØ  EngagementØ  RelevancyØ  Private DomainsØ  Unknown/inactiveØ  ISP WorldviewØ  ComplianceØ  Q&A
  3. 3. Inbox FactorsCornerstone to Success
  4. 4. Inbox FactorsComplexitytoManage1997 PresentSpammy wordsSpam ScoresHTML CodeBlacklistsWhitelistsBounce ratesSPF/Sender IDSpam ComplaintsSpam trapsReputationEngagement
  5. 5. Permissions-  Clear, explicit and conspicuous consent-  Ask, don’t assume-  Quantity over quality-  Stop measuring success by size-  Stick with people who deliberately asked to hearfrom you-  Clear permission = inbox, faster delivery, increasedROI-  Gray/unclear permissions = bulk, block, throttle,blacklists, reputation, complaints, decreased ROI
  6. 6. PermissionsPoint of SaleØ  History/SpamhausØ  What happenedØ  What to doØ  Confirm POS email addressees immediatelyØ  Double email address entry processØ  Sell why they should give you a valid address
  7. 7. RelevancyØ  Send what they signed up forØ  Segmented Target MarketingØ  ‘Batch and blast’ is overØ  Relevancy TRUMPS frequencyØ  Send less with more and not more with lessØ  67% of people unsubscribe because relevancy of emails isweak.Ø  61% unsubscribe because they are being mailed to0 muchØ  Relevant today, irrelevant tomorrow
  8. 8. EngagementØ  Measured by opens, clicks, reply, forward, delete, TIS, TINS.Ø  Be relevant – keep the relationship alive!Ø  Know when to break upØ  Cut backØ  End itØ  Try one more timeØ  ChallengesØ  Increase bulk mail, blacklists, blocks, throttlingØ  SolutionsØ  Remove non-engagedØ  ResultsØ  Inbox ! – higher opens, clicks, conversions, increase ROI
  9. 9. Inactive UsersØ  Time to Clean!Ø  Why?Ø  How? 2 waysØ  Remove them or send a note saying you are going to remove unless theyclick on “no, keep me on your list”.Ø  Offer less frequent emails via preference centerØ  Caution offering incentives to come backØ  Refrain on multiple re-engagements
  10. 10. Private DomainsISP Trends: Movement from IP to domain based reputationØ  Bronto private (Ø  Private domain ( messages have your company’s brandingOwn and control your delivery reputationØ  Messages show your domainReply toError’s to (ReturnPath, bounces)LinksImagesAuthentication (SPF, SID, DKIM)
  11. 11. ISP WorldviewMeasurements
  12. 12. ISP MeasurementsØ  How many votes of ‘this is spam’ and ‘this is not spam’ against amarketer (IP, domain)Ø  How many emails are deleted without engagement (open, read,click, reply)Ø  How many people are adding the sender to their contact list.Ø  Open and read rates a sender hasØ  Authentication (DKIM – matching domains)Ø  Affiliate marketing is bad. Know your partnersØ  Watching who sends to abandoned email addressesØ  Bounce ratesØ  External blacklists (Spamhaus, Cloudmark)Ø  ReturnPath SenderscoresØ  “Get people to love your emails”
  13. 13. ISP MeasurementsGood ReputationBad ReputationHigh Risk Low RiskDKIMSPFSender IDDedicated IPPrivate Domain EngagementConfirmed Opt-inOrganically AcquiredUn-checked Opt-inList-Unsub headerLow sending volumeUnsubscribe rateCo-reg Confirmed opt-inCo-reg Unconfirmed opt-inThis is not spamContact ListCold IP Pre-checked opt-inShared IPAppend Opt-outAppend Opt-inAffiliate MarketingPurchased ListSpam complaintsBad AddressesSpam trapsList Rental
  14. 14. Compliance
  15. 15. Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)Ø  Now law, not enforcedØ  Mirrors CAN-SPAM on basicsØ  Pre-checked box not allowed for newsletters/signupsØ  Buyers ok to send to. Have 2 years to obtain explicit consentØ  Violations - $1m individual, $10m corporationØ  Exemptions – asking for info, replies to inquiriesØ  Be preparedØ  Remove/re-permission addresses nearing 2 years who haventinteractedØ  Record email collection: IP address, time stamp, method
  16. 16. Questions ?Chris KolbenschlagDirector of DeliverabilityBronto SoftwareChris.kolbenschlag@bronto.com919.595.2458