System.out.println("Hello Bronto!!");


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Welcome to the kickoff session for the first-ever Bronto Summit Developer Track! Bronto is very excited to provide a parallel track devoted to supporting the developer community because those wonderfully creative and smart individuals make dreams come true. Every marketer wants more data to make smarter decisions that improve campaign results and drive revenue. Those dreams often require connecting multiple systems and the most robust integrations leverage the API. This session will welcome attendees and provide an introduction to the Bronto API, leaving you prepared for the sessions that follow and ready to start experimenting on your own.

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System.out.println("Hello Bronto!!");

  1. 1. System.out.println("Hello Bronto!!");
  2. 2. Agenda•  Developer Community Unveiling•  Endless Possibilities with the Bronto API•  Intro to the API•  Upcoming Sessions•  Key Takeaways•  Questions
  3. 3. NEW Developer Community
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. API v3 MigrationSunset DateApril 1, 2014
  8. 8. Endless Possibilities with theBronto API
  9. 9. Popular Use Cases•  Contact Management•  Campaign Management•  Content Management•  Message Management•  Sending•  Order Management•  Event Triggers•  Activity Stream
  10. 10. Contact ManagementKeep Contact Information Updated (Fields, Lists, SMS Keywords)•  Features Within the App•  Segments
  11. 11. Contact ManagementKeep Contact Information Updated (Fields, Lists, SMS Keywords)•  Features Within the App•  Dynamic Content
  12. 12. Contact ManagementKeep Contact Information Updated (Fields, Lists, SMS Keywords)•  Features Within the App•  Automated Message Rules
  13. 13. Contact ManagementKeep Contact Information Updated (Fields, Lists, SMS Keywords)•  Features Within the App•  Workflows
  14. 14. Campaign ManagementContent Management & Sending•  Features Within the App•  Messages, Headers & Footers, Content Tags•  How To Use Tags•  %%field_name%%•  %%!special_tag_name%%•  %%@content_tag_name%%•  %%#api_field_name%%
  15. 15. Intro to the API
  16. 16. Introduction to the API•  SOAP•  Tokens•  Tools
  17. 17. SOAP•  Simple Object Access Protocol•  CRUD Model•  Create or add new entries•  Read, retrieve, search, or view existing entries•  Update or edit existing entries•  Delete/deactivate existing entries•  Web Services Definition Language (WSDL)•
  18. 18. soapUI••  “The Swiss-Army Knife of Testing”•  Free and open source cross-platform Functional Testingsolution.•  Easily and rapidly create and execute automated functional,regression, compliance, and load tests.
  19. 19. soapUI
  20. 20. soapUI
  21. 21. soapUI
  22. 22. soapUI
  23. 23. soapUI
  24. 24. soapUI
  25. 25. soapUI
  26. 26. soapUI
  27. 27. API Tokens
  28. 28. Logins / Sessions•  All API calls require an active, authenticated session•  API token•  Returns sessionId
  29. 29. PHP API Client Library•  PHP Classes available from•  Provides an Active Record style abstraction of the Bronto API•  Implemented Objects:•  Account•  Activity•  ApiToken•  Contact•  Conversion•  Delivery•  DeliveryGroup•  Field•  List•  Login•  Message•  MessageRule•  Segment
  30. 30. PHP API Client Library
  31. 31. PHP API Client Library
  32. 32. PHP API Client Library
  33. 33. Kickstart Your Next Project
  34. 34. Bronto Developer Kickstart ServicePurpose•  Private consultation service to provide a project planScope of Service•  API Welcome Kit•  Preliminary Consultation•  Step-by-Step Project Plan for a Single, Specific Integration•  Follow-up ConsultationMore details can be found at
  35. 35. Upcoming Sessions
  36. 36. Developer Track SessionsDate / Time Session Title SpeakerTuesday, April 23:2:15 pm – 3:15 pm Order Tracking: When Bronto and YourCommerce Platform CollideChris Geiss, Product Manager3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Beyond the App: Sweet Custom ReportingTechniquesJeremy Bobbitt, PS EngineerEbin Holt, PS EngineerWednesday, April 24:11:00 am – 12:00 pm What Not to Do: The 10 Most Common APIMistakesGreg Dean, Support Engineer2:15 pm – 3:15 pm Shopping Cart Abandonment: Down-and-Dirty or Cutting Edge?Steve Balduino, Sales Engineer3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Webforms: Customized, Optimized andReady for MobileLucas Weber, Manager of SupportServicesThursday, April 25:9:45 am – 10:45 am Lightning Round: Check Out What I Built! Moderator: Dave Johnson,Director of Engineering Services
  37. 37. What To Remember
  38. 38. Key Takeaways••  API v3 will be sunset on April 1, 2014•  There are endless possibilities with the Bronto API•  The Bronto API is easy for developers to work with•  SoapUI is a great tool•  Bronto has a PHP client library on GitHub•  Leverage the Bronto Developer Kickstart service
  39. 39. Questions?Thank You!