Boost ROI with RelevancyReal Lifecycle Marketing Tacticsthat Drive Revenue
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Automated Lifecycle Marketing   You Need to Get Timely,   Targeted and Relevant           NOW
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Lifecycle EssentialsNurturing New Subscribers
Welcome messages
Introduce               Inspire                Be              HelpfulIncentivize /Reward
PersonalizationIncentivize or   Remind
Post Purchase Coupon                         Post      Purchase         Purchase                       Message
Sense of  urgency Ideas for thenext purchase
Re-Engagement Messages
Lapsed or Non-Purchaser SeriesTriggered after noresponse
Targetedmessage   toInactives
GO up and beyond
Shopping Basket Abandonment
Reminder withNO incentive
Recognize, Reward, Inspire……via a Loyalty Program
Higher  Frequency,Upsells/Cross Sells
SummaryEssential lifecycle messagesReengageGo up and Beyond
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Boost ROI with Relevancy – Real Lifecycle Marketing Tactics that Drive Revenue


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Daily Deal companies may be leaving money on the table if they are not utilising a lifecycle messaging strategy. As the leading marketing platform for e-commerce, Bronto helps many Daily Deal clients maximise sales through automated lifecycle marketing messages that drive subscribers to buy. Kestrel Lemen will present tangible tips that will help boost ROI through welcome messages, birthday/anniversary messages, re-engagement messages and more.

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  • Drive revenue through lifecycle marketing
  • Who is Bronto Software? Bronto offers email and social marketing tools designed to drive revenue for retailers. As a leader in the commerce space, we are the preferred vendor for many Daily Deal companies.I work with Daily Deal companies everyday to help them boos their revenue, and improve the relationships they have with their contacts through proven strategies. Today I’m going to show you messages that can perform 100, 300, 700% better then your average daily blast. I know this because I’m on the phone all day everyday seeing these results while working with clients to improve their email programs and drive revenueAt the end of this presentation you will have 7 proven lifecycle messages that you can take home and utilize for your program
  • Get timely, targeted and relevant is essential for daily deal sites. Think about the state of the email space today for Daily Deals? Your contacts are waking up to Overcrowded inboxes, This means you only have seconds to grab attentionThe landscape has changed even further with the recent introduction of intelligent inboxes. Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail and many more are all getting smarter and filtering more messages.WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Messages that are opened and clicked, responded to, those are the ones that are seen as important and prioritized while others either end up in the spam folder.Triggered Lifecycle messages get contacts to OPEN, this will improve your deliverability as a daily deal company and your bottom lineWhy Do Lifecycle messages get opened? Because you are emailing people in very targeted ways depending on where they are in their lifecycle with you –are they just signed up on the website? have they just purchased a deal? are they older and not interacting anymore? What does targeted messages really mean for a daily deal site? They are different then your daily blast and they stand out to your audience! They are incremental revenue coming in all day every day, with out you doing a darn thing. That means more TIME for you and more MONEY for your company.
  • Let’s talk about some of the lowest hanging fruit that everyone here can use to drive revenue and Boost ROI with Lifecycle MarketingI’ll admit that there at least 5 PROVEN messages that I utilize with my clients everyday. Today we’ve got time for the top 3 essential messagesI am going to talk about offering incentives to your contacts, and for daily deals this can mean a few different things, you can give $ towards their next purchase, or you can loop it into your existing rewards program. I’ve seen it done either way. Lets dive in 
  • Audience questions:Who sends a welcome message?Who puts an incentive in their welcome message?This is the “Getting to know you” phaseThis is your first chance to make a strong impression, to show why your messages are worth opening. This is especially important for the daily deal company because as I mentioned before you are up against an over crowed inbox and starting off on the right foot is key
  • Here are 4 things you must have in a welcome message: FIRST >>Introduce your self and Paint a picture - this is for simple brand recognition, time to stand out and show your value Let the contact know what they can look forward tooSECOND >> BE HELPFUL – Address typical pain points, like customer service or managing preferences THIRD>>Inspire – Give them some EYE CANDY. Can you populate today’s Deal? Perfect FORTH>>Incentivize – You can incentivize many different ways, you can do a straight $ or % off the first purchase, or you can let them know about your rewards program and how your program incentivizes as a whole.Offering an incentive in a welcome message typically sees drastically higher open and conversion rates. Through the course of the year I’ve seen a welcome message alone pay for a clients Bronto account 3x over. Here’s a pro tip for the welcome message:Pitch your social community, if social is something your company does well, then say it loud and proud. Contacts that connect through multiple channels have a higher chance of converting.
  • Pro tip: Use personalization like first name to gain attention in the subject line. You can use gender info to further customize the message. Ask for birthday in the welcome message, on the site or run an “Update your Info” campaign to get this information. It pays off! If you can incentivize great! If not, just remind them it’s time to spend money on themselves!I’ve got a few other messages like the birthday messages, I don’t have time to go into them now but feel free to come by the booth and I’ll talk with you about it one on one (anniversary)
  • Get them itching to purchase again with a post-purchase coupon/special offer.You are top of mind, they just purchased! Plant the seed for the next conversion: 
  • 3 things to remember with a post purchase coupon1) The term ‘coupon’ can be loosely used here, if you can’t incentivize then simply thank them and loop in your rewards program 2) Use a deadline to create sense of urgency if there is a coupon offered 3) Remind them of all the great deals they could buyPro tip:Retarget those who don’t convert from this post purchase message reminding them that their coupon expires soon.All of these messages can be quickly and easily set up as automated  triggers helping you…Boost ROI with Lifecycle MarketingYou can set up the rule so that these coupons only go out on the first purchase
  • Audience question:How many of you can see how many contacts haven’t opened the past 100 or 250 messages? Do you know what % of your total list that is? Story: I’ve had clients who’s jaws have literally dropped when they saw how many contacts were not opening their messagesWhat is 50% of your list is costing you if they don’t open? 75% of your list? How much does it cost to send to those who don’t open your messages every day?This can drastically effect your deliverabilityFor the daily deal industry it’s vital that you monitor this group. 
  • More engaged contacts means better deliverability which our friends at Return Path will dive deeper into3 steps to follow:Target – choose an amount of time and unopened messages you think justifies a un-engaged contact. For every client this is a little different, but typically for the daily deal clients it’s going to be a longer period of time with more unopened messages before the red flag goes up. Message – message this group with a deep discount, and remind them of your value. This could be one message this could be a series of messages, you may even consider lowering their frequency during this time so that you are assured they focus on being re-engaged.Evaluate  - after sending out your re-engagement message or series, evaluate the contacts. Have a heart to heart with yourself about what their real ROI is. Is it worth it to continue sending to them or  could you spend that money on gathering new contacts?Understanding this process is essential for a daily deal company
  • Engage with your contacts with a re-engagement series and Have more engaged contacts. Thus seeing higher ROI from the email channel
  • Lets talk about really running with Lifecycle Marketing
  • 3 important things to consider with abandonment messages:1)Timing: how long to wait to send? The longer = less effective. For daily deals this can be a great way of reminding people the deal is about to run out. 2)Incentives: to include or not? Incentives to return aren't always necessary if shoppers abandoned for technical reasons or they got interrupted. Don't train to wait for coupons...but maybe do reminder first & then coupon a bit later...Test on different incentives. A since of urgency could be all you need3) Consider whether to include products left in the cart or go more generic… setting up specific products can be a bit more technically heavy, but can yield higher results, generic is easier to set up, but you may be leaving money on the table.
  • Another idea is to develop a loyalty/rewards program that runs via email  - you can advertise this in your welcome messages and regular messaging . you can track life time value and give away rewards when people reach certain levels. You can even email people monthly, etc, with their balances. If you have certain benefits at certain spending levels, you can even trigger messages to go to customers who are close to those levels and let them know: “You’ve purchased 7 deals you are only 3 deals away from becoming a VIP” – which will inspire them to stay loyal to you and potentially spend more money to reach that elite level.You may already have an internal rewards program in place, Great! Create some unique messaging about it that can be triggered out to your contacts when they take action. It’s just a matter of targeting this group and triggering messages once they meet a certain criteria Again boosting ROI through Lifecycle marketing.
  • At the end of the day for those who are really engaged with your program you will be able to push them to upsells/cross sells and a higher frequency.
  • You can boost your email channel’s ROI with Life cycle marketing by developing the essentials:Welcome, birthday, post purchase message.You can ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table OR throwing money away re-engagement and never-purchased messagesFinally you can go up and beyond by sending advanced lifecycle messaging with abandoned basket messages or a Rewards program.All can be automated or near automated thus saving you time and money, At the end of the day these messages are going to get you noticed, make you stand out and drive revenue.  ---don’t say----*data you gathered at sign-up/via manage preferences campaign(e.g. skill level, interests, gender). Example: different tips, videos and patterns for beginning knitters versus advanced knitters)*AVERAGE SALE VALUE (or at minimum, last purchase value) - Knowing what customers spend on average can help you be smart about the offers you present. If someone spends $110 on average every time they purchase from you, you can feel confident they may take advantage of a deal offering a free gift or free shipping for purchases over $100 or you can try to push them a bit further than normal with a special offer at a purchase of $150 or more.*# OF PURCHASES MADE BY CONTACT - This can help you identify single-buyers and try various tactics to push a second purchase. (ULTIMATELY, THIS DATA IS THE ABILITY TO SEE WHAT % of YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE MAKING REPEAT PURCHASES AND AIMING TO IMPROVE THAT %) Lessens need to get more new names if you can get more from your existing list. You can also identify your most frequent purchasers and create VIP offers just for them. Or mail to them more frequently because you know they are interacting more…TREAT DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES DIFFERENTLYDOMINANT PRODUCT CATEGORY. If someone tends to focus their purchases in one of your categories – say outdoor & gardening out of all your home décor options or only clothing in your bike shop - you should consider targeting that customer with messages featuring that area of displayed interest. This could mean separate messages that focus entirely on those areas of interest or leveraging dynamic content within a regular send so that the main message corresponds.At the end of the day, past purchase behavior is the best indication of future behavior and leveraging this data to create the most targeted and relevant offers possible, lines us up for success. I also think creating special programs/offers for your top spenders while simultaneously lining up targeted first-time or lapsed purchasers offers can significantly boost your bottom line.
  • Thank you, come by the Bronto booth if I can help you with any questions. Feel free to follow me on twitter and shoot me questions.
  • Boost ROI with Relevancy – Real Lifecycle Marketing Tactics that Drive Revenue

    1. 1. Boost ROI with RelevancyReal Lifecycle Marketing Tacticsthat Drive Revenue
    2. 2. Bronto Software Email Retail/Com 1,000+ Marketing merce Clients Platform Focus Offices in Software- U.S. (NC) as-a-Service and London
    3. 3. Automated Lifecycle Marketing You Need to Get Timely, Targeted and Relevant NOW
    4. 4. Today’s Presentation $ $ $
    5. 5. Lifecycle EssentialsNurturing New Subscribers
    6. 6. Welcome messages
    7. 7. Introduce Inspire Be HelpfulIncentivize /Reward
    8. 8. Birthday
    9. 9. PersonalizationIncentivize or Remind
    10. 10. Post Purchase Coupon Post Purchase Purchase Message
    11. 11. Sense of urgency Ideas for thenext purchase
    12. 12. Re-Engagement Messages
    13. 13. Lapsed or Non-Purchaser SeriesTriggered after noresponse
    14. 14. Re-engagment
    15. 15. Targetedmessage toInactives
    16. 16. GO up and beyond
    17. 17. Shopping Basket Abandonment
    18. 18. Reminder withNO incentive
    19. 19. Recognize, Reward, Inspire……via a Loyalty Program
    20. 20. Higher Frequency,Upsells/Cross Sells
    21. 21. SummaryEssential lifecycle messagesReengageGo up and Beyond
    22. 22. Kestrel
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