Category, Cart and Checkout: Testing Abandonment Messages


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Why is setting up “lights out” marketing important? How can it help you achieve your revenue goals with a little bit of effort? This presentation will answer those questions using a year’s worth of data from and share the experiences from the setup of’s Abandonment Messages. The 3 different levels, Category, Cart and Checkout, all utilize Bronto’s Direct Update site tagging, Workflows and A/B Testing. tested numerous hypotheses including: length of time between site interactions and when the 1st message is sent, frequency of abandonment emails, different email creative and discount offers.

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Category, Cart and Checkout: Testing Abandonment Messages

  1. 1. Category, Cart andCheckout:Testing Abandonment Messages
  2. 2. , Marketing Manager,, your friendlyneighborhood Bronto
  3. 3. Envelopes.comHmmm….I wonder what they do?42 Year Old – Privately Held Envelope& Stationery Manufacturer and anIR500 Online Retailer.Based in Amityville, NY.(Yes, that one, the “Horror” house is real!)
  4. 4. Identify Goals & ObjectivesWhat questions are you hoping to answer?•  Are you fixing a problem?•  Is there an opportunity to improve an existing program?•  What is your timeline for the test?(low hanging fruit or long term)•  How will you measure success?There’s money left on the table and if you don’t take it,someone else will!
  5. 5. What do you know already?Use existing facts to help plan your strategy.•  Very high 1st visit, same day purchase rate•  Paid Search text and display re-targeting did NOT work•  Our email subscribers are very loyal and have alwaysresponded with nice conversion rates•  We do not offer frequent discounts•  Limited tech time to work on the project
  6. 6. How deep do you want to dive?Identify the levels of abandonment you want to target.•  We identified 4 levels on which we could target for:Product PageCategory LevelCart LevelCheckout Level
  7. 7. What do you want to test?Based on previously stated goals and objectives•  At first, we did not have the resources to implement the datainto the abandonment messages. So only knowing that acustomer abandoned the site, we used a couple of differentcreatives to draw people back to the site to complete therepurchase.•  After we integrated the product data, We tested using acouple variables:Timing of Post Abandonment Messages after each levelCategory Level – 3 days or 11:30am next dayCart Level – 2 days or 11:00am next dayCheckout Level – 1 day or 10:00am next day
  8. 8. Tools we used to implement and testUsed Bronto’s lovely support system and blog articles to gainmost of the information needed to implement.•  Direct Add / Direct Update(Added fields in Bronto to store the abandonment data at acontact level.)•  Workflows were used to easily automate and deploy themessages*PS…there are now newer features in Bronto to take advantageof that will help you implement abandonment messages
  9. 9. Results of Timing TestsCategoryAbandonmentOpen Rate Click Rate Conversion RateWait 3 Days 39.4% 7.1% 19.8%Send Next Day at11:30am43.2% 7.8% 20.5%*Tested over 30,000 deliveries
  10. 10. Results of Timing TestsCartAbandonmentOpen Rate Click Rate Conversion RateWait 2 Days 39% 26.7% 33.1%Send Next Day at11:00am39% 19.5% 27.7%*Tested Over 3.500 Deliveries
  11. 11. Results of Timing TestsCheckoutAbandonmentOpen Rate Click Rate Conversion RateWait 1 Days 42.7% 35% 15.8%Send Next Day at10:00am40% 17.9% 24.6%*Tested Over 3,000 Deliveries
  12. 12. Thank You!Laura Santos,