A word of caution


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A word of caution

  1. 1. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution For those of you with little ones (But especially for those with ones big enough to make babies with): This course is aimed at young and old alike. Whatever your age, doubtless some of you are new to this system or to mnemonic devices in general. In either case, welcome. The purpose of this course is to educate and to facilitate education for all. It is intended, I hope, to fill various needs in your life, both professional and personal.
  2. 2. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution The reasons you came here are legion – for they are many, they are heavily armored and yet somehow they remain pantsless.
  3. 3. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution Improving your memory, aside from making use of lifechanging learning tools, is a creative endeavor. I cannot emphasize that enough. As such, those who come to the foot of this mountain are expected to use their imaginations for all they’re worth. This alone may prove abhorrent to some.
  4. 4. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution The medieval Italian friar Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), an early father of what might be termed the first Mnemonic Renaissance, was burned at the stake for, among other things, promulgating ideas that gave license to wild imaginations.
  5. 5. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution You are, I hope, fortunate enough to live in a free society that tolerates strange ideas to a greater degree. And although times have changed since the 16th and 17th centuries, the approach to mnemonics has changed very little. We still encourage wild imaginations.
  6. 6. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution Here Be Monsters
  7. 7. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution Now if you don’t want to allow your mind, or the mind of your children, to conjure up crazy, colorful, silly or mildly offensive ideas, please feel free to discontinue this course. But before you do, please read on and allow me to explain.
  8. 8. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution In reality, neither I nor anyone else taking this course will try to fill your head with anything. Any crazy, cartoony imagery you or your precocious and puckish pupils might choose to daydream about will be up to your (their) individual selves. You free to think and imagine as you like!
  9. 9. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution Practically speaking, the system you are about to learn requires you to spell short words of one, two and occasionally three or more syllables. Doing so and then remembering what you spelled is the gist of the operation. This all works on a simple principle: The more memorable the word, the better to use as a mental picture. The word choice is largely up to you, but expect words such as sun, bat, boat, laugh.
  10. 10. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution However, and here is where the word of caution comes in, there are a few undeniable traits of the human brain that will rear their impish little heads for just a sneaky bit. These are…
  11. 11. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution 1) Humans think violence is funny. 2) Gross things are hard to forget. 3) If your child sees Uncle Morty’s tattoo of a naked lady just once, he or she will probably snicker but almost certainly never forget it. 4) Being offended occasionally is good for you.
  12. 12. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution Now I know what you’re thinking. “You’re going to show us dirty pictures, aren’t you!!” I can assure you I will not. This course is decidedly rated PG. Maybe PG-13.
  13. 13. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution A bit of maturity is required of all participants, however. I know for certain that one of the sound combinations in this course is j-t or sh-t. Now one could easily use this to form the word “jet.” Others may take that second option and form a vulgar word for excrement. Bear in mind the actual word does appear in the course on occasion. For many this is a non-issue. They may use the latter word more frequently in every day usage than they spend time talking about very fast aeroplanes. And yet, for their needs picturing an F-16 fighter plane is the most memorable course of action.
  14. 14. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution Others who would never dare allow such utterances to escape their lips in mixed and polite company nevertheless find heaping mounds of cow manure to be the most (unappetizing but) regrettably unforgettable image.
  15. 15. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution For those of you of a more mature age, trust yourselves to make the right choice. If you have children whom you think would benefit from this course, trust in their earnest will to improve their memories and studying skills using the tools provided here, and admonish them if the poopy jokes get a bit out of hand.
  16. 16. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution Now for those of you with a more politically correct frame of mind, and I include myself among you quite often though I’ve been known to hold a dual citizenship in Irreverence, I’ll be straight to the point. You might end up killing some kittens. I don’t mean that literally of course. But if the thought of a bag full of puppies and kittens being beaten with a hammer offends you as much as it offends me, then I am sure we have reached the right level of memorability required of your imagination. Your brain has just enough “juice” in it in other words. That’s also pretty vivid, isn’t it?
  17. 17. A Family- Friendly Word of Caution And so I suppose I’ve given you enough of a warning to free my conscience. I do not wash my hands of the affair entirely. If there are any questions or – I dread the very thought – complaints, please feel free to discuss them in the forum section of this course. And so I hope young and old, pupil and teacher, man and woman, top and bottom may benefit mutually from this course. Sincerely Yours, Borgesio