Unit 2 d1 pass level spellcheck how to write an advertising proposal

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  • 1. BTEC Creative Media ProductionUnit 2 Communication for Creative MediaProductionPass grade task:On the reverse of this page is a genuine advice sheet takenfrom an internet blog that is intended to show students howto present an advertising proposal to clients.For whatever reason, it is very badly written.You need to correct any parts of the text that youthink need revision using both a spellchecker andyour own knowledge of spelling.Task 2C1
  • 2. How to write an advertising proposalIm no expert in advertising but my meter in college is. Anyway, Ill just provide anoverview of how an advertising proposal goes and I dont really want to go technicaland stuff.Now the thing is the client usually has no idea how advertising works. They go to theadvertising agency for help but sometimes they dont acknowledge what the adagency thinks is best for their product or service. They have expectations already andthey dont realize that the ad agency has a better idea of how it should be done. Itsalright though. The advertising agency doesnt just try to convince a target market topatronize a certain good or service, they also try to convince the client as well to givethere advertising proposal the thumbs up. They have to come up with a presentationof how they visualise the campaign should be so that the client would think the sameway and fund the campaignHere is basically how the advertising proposal goes. This totally needs to beelaborated.1. A study of the product: "What is it?"A background study of the product is the foundation of a proposal. How are yousupposed to advertise something you dont even know?2. A study of the industry: "Where are we?"Its not just about the product after all. Its also about how the product is together withall the other products out there. What are the current situations? What are its strengthsand weaknesses? Where do you think are the good opportunities for the products?Who are considered as competition/threat?3. "Why are we there?"What were the previous steps taken that is why the product is like that? Where thesteps any good?4. "Where are we going?"Define the objectives of the campaign; your vision. Who is your target market? Howare you able to get a key response (its basically the reaction you want the product toreceive) from them? How do you reach out?5. "Are we getting there?"Is it even plausible? Of course it is. Why would you even make a campaign if youthink it cannot be done? Present your visual aids. Do you think a TV commercial fitsin the campaign? Come up with a storyboard. A print ad? Why dont you show them arough draught? Let the client know that with this campaign, the vision will bematerialized. I mean, you already have the sketches and stuff, some magic done bythe media department and your work will be awesome.At panel, provide hard copies of your presentation. Be sure of what you are talkingabout. If you dont even understand what the hell you are discussing, how would theclient (who can be dumbasses, really) get it?Task 2C1