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Unit 18 task 4 to 8
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Unit 18 task 4 to 8

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  • 1. Evaluation of my final advert How does your finished product compare to your design? My final advert has (slightly, moderately, completely) changed from my initial concept and design. My original design was The colour scheme was but my final design is The block designs have changed / stayed the same as I My target audience is the same because How has technology, (computer, digital, printer) helped you turn your design into a real product? Technology has played a big role in making my product come alive. I was able to use photo shop and I learned how to It had different elements and tools I could use to make my product look effective. I was able to choose from a range of fonts and colours. I was able to use a digital camera to take professional pictures and upload these to the school network. Do you feel that your product is suitable for your target audience? I feel that my advert is aimed at my target audience as it is a young, fresh scent. I have deliberately chosen a teenage model to promote my perfume because Describe two challenges you have overcome? The first challenge I had to overcome in this project is learning how to use photoshop which was vital in making my advert look realistic I learnt to The second challenge was learning how to analyse existing perfume adverts and exploring the denotation and connotations. I learnt to use the correct terms and how to analyse them in detail.
  • 2. Describe the technical skills you have gained? The technical skills I have gained are I have learnt to copy an image onto photoshop which involves me opening a new photoshop document and copying it from there and enlarging. I also learned to use the lock button which made the image high definition. Secondly, I learned how to rotate and arrange text in photoshop and how to write text in photoshop by using the T button