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Broadcastic Advertising & Lead Generation for Businesses
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Broadcastic Advertising & Lead Generation for Businesses


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Broadcastic provides state of the art approach to advertising in 21 century, incorporating the power of Social Media with Geo Advertising in any place on Earth. We give you the FREEDOM TO ADVERTISE …

Broadcastic provides state of the art approach to advertising in 21 century, incorporating the power of Social Media with Geo Advertising in any place on Earth. We give you the FREEDOM TO ADVERTISE ANYWHERE!
Does your business accepts payments via Twitter?
Check our business Reservations & Appointments Engine, for Restaurants, Doctors, Lawyers etc

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  • 1. Advertising, Lead Generation,Reservations, Appointments, Payments for your business
  • 2. Old Ways Remember the old way of advertising? You hire a spinner and hope someone see your ads. Yikes! So 20th century! New Way Here’s 21stcentury way: You placeBroadcastic™ on the map, specifyradius and people who gets therereceive your ad! How cool is that!?
  • 3. How does it work? Your digital ad,anywhere in the world! For Real!
  • 4. We’re using the power of Social Media with efficiency of Geo Location. Many people have cell/mobile phones with GPS turned on. So how do you use it? 1. You simply put Broadcastic™ in location you want your ads to appear. 2. Specify Radius—how far you want your ads to reach. 3. Create ads Prepare Ads 3Choose Location 1. Check my site at … 2. House for sale …. 3. Visit my booth N 25Z 1 2 1 Spin Broadcastic™ Spin the ball, enjoy the roll! 4
  • 5. Choose between 3 levels of engagement:a) Monitoring b) Updating c) Interacting
  • 6. Monitoring There’s no actual interaction with enduser with this method, that’s why this method is notrestricted by Twitter limitations, and we love it! This islike data mining—you get ALL the data you requested,perhaps for later analysis, profiling or contacts. Thismethod produces the greatest amount of data vs. twoothers. Results are available in a HTML report format.
  • 7. Updating This method automates your regularTwitter updates. Those short 138 character updates arepublic and visible only to your followers and people whodo the search. Our engine counts those updates against120-150 limit per hour and 950-1000 limit per day. Wealso insure whose updates are unique, using 2 charactersat the end of the message. Here’s an example of a shortupdate, produced by Broadcastic. You know it isautomated because you see our name under it, after “via”
  • 8. Interacting This method has the greatest scope ofall three. These messages are visible not only to yourfollowers but also to people you’re interacting with bymentioning their Twitter screen name with @ char upfront. Messages are limited to 123 characters, as Screenname could be 16 chars long. Messages count againsthourly and daily limits as well. We do not use DMs, as ourexperience shows, nobody reads them anyway!
  • 9. Who is it for? For everyone! Authors/Publishers; Yard/Garage Sales; Real Estate Agents;Singers/Artist/Concert; Politicians; Jobs/Recruiters; Conferences/Trade Shows; Lawyers; Parties/Events; Journalists/TV/Radio; Insurance Agents; Retailers; Entrepreneurs; To Shareholders; Restaurants and much more...
  • 10. Authors/Publishers Promote your book! You are a bestselling author and having a book signing at a local bookshop. Setup Broadcastic™ right at the shop and letpeople know when you gonna be there and how greatyour book is. Come see my new book and get it signed for you by the author!
  • 11. Yard/Garage Sale Now youre having a Garage Sale thisweekend? Place Broadcastic™ at your house and letpeople in your neighborhood know what are youselling and when. Garage Sale at Petersons this weekend. Lost of stuff for everyone. Affordable!
  • 12. Real Estate Agent You are a Real Estate agent and you have an Open House on Saturday. You placeBroadcastic™ on the map on Friday and it lets peoplein that neighborhood know this house is for sale! State of the art 3bdr Cottage for sale! Come check it out from 10am Saturday
  • 13. Singer/Artist/Concert Send messages to your fans at the concert. Let them know where to buy your music CDs and MP3s Buy Shakira’s new single on Amazon
  • 14. Politician Energize your voters, send messagesto your supporters, let them know about the issuesand how you gonna address them, talk about problemsin specific neighborhood, convert and convinceundecided to vote for you! Come check out our party tomorrow night at 7. Bring cute girls and a lot of beer
  • 15. Jobs/Recruiter Reach the pool of the bestqualified local candidates in your area for the job.Let your community know where jobs are andwhat companies are actively seeking employees. Sales/Marketing guru needed ASAP. Join our startup and open your career to new...
  • 16. Conference/Trade Show Lure attendees to your booth, provide information about your services at trade shows and conferences. Even if you’re not there, you still can advertise! Without paying hefty space/booth fees! How cool is that?! FREE 50” Plasma TV for every attendee who subscribes for 1 year!
  • 17. Lawyers Advertise near court houses, highcrime communities, jails etc. Advertise in zipcodes where rich people live.
  • 18. Parties/Events You and your guys having fraternity party near campus. You place Broadcastic™ andlet people know about the party! Rock on! Come check out our party tomorrow night at 7. Bring cute girls and a lot of beer
  • 19. Journalists/TV/Radio Find people to interview, new sources for your stories and promote your TV, Radio or a newspaper! Push classified ads via Broadcastic™ too!
  • 20. Charity/Fund Raisers Raising Funds for good causes? Try Broadcastic™ and advertise in high income communities as well as local neighborhoods. Forbes Wealthiest Zip Codes list is available for monthly subscribers. You can advertise in New York or Hong Kong, even if your charity is in California! Pita fundraiser tonight Come see our cute animals and donate for a good cause
  • 21. Insurance Agents Let your local neighborhoods knowwhat insurance coverage you provide! Cheap car insurance At StateFarm. No need to sell the farm yet!
  • 22. Financial Advisors Let people know about new financialproducts, CDs, IRA/401K options, annuities, mutualfunds and provide financial forecasts where local,state and country’s economy is going. 15 month CDs at 2.5% Get them now til they last!
  • 23. Retailers This is already classic, and youprobably have seen this on TV. Your customer walksnear, say, your bakery and gets a message “FREECookie! Come inside 123 Broadway Street Bakery”Customer comes in, gets FREE Cookie and buyssomething else. You can even start Ads War withcompetitor!
  • 24. Entrepreneur Got new idea but no money for theticket to fly to Silicon Valley? Try to find an angelinvestor with Broadcastic™! Place a Geo Ad Campaignright at the heart of the Silicon Valley and try yourluck! Looking for an angel investor for my perpetuum mobile engine
  • 25. To Shareholders Advertise directly to shareholdersduring their Annual Shareholders Meeting.
  • 26. Plans & Rates
  • 27. Pay per hour. $8/per hour/campaign.Plan 1 Minimum $15 charge to get started. Pay per message. $0.20/msg.Plan 2 Minimum $15 charge to get started. “Unlimited 3” subscriptionPlan 3 $500/month/3 campaigns “Unlimited 10” subscriptionPlan 4 $1000/month/10 campaigns Keyword or Geo Monitoring only $0.10/msg.Plan 5 Minimum $15 charge to get started.
  • 28. Overview OverviewThe new advertising engine "Broadcastic™" enables targeted Keywords andGeo Location advertising to inform the public about your products andservices.In the recent past, you had to hire a spinner who spanned your ad wholeday by hand, attracting the attention of potential buyers.Now everything is easier - place virtual Broadcastic™ on the map anywherein the world: whenever you want it on the outskirts of the village inAlaska or at in downtown Tokyo. Passers-by and local residents fallingwithin the radius of the Broadcastic™ will receive your advertising.You can also choose to monitor your keywords. For instance your companysells washing machines. Broadcastic™ allows you to track phrases like "mywashing machine broke down" and send targeted ads to a specific person.
  • 29. Plans/Limitations Limitations:As you probably know, Social Media sometimes has outages, whenyou get “Twitter is over capacity” Error. We’re obviously not liablefor those outages. If outage is long, we will work with our clientsto extend their service for free for the time of outage. Small outages for less than 10 minutes will be disregarded.
  • 30. Preparations How to Prepare your Twitter:Our Engine automatically keeps count of all operations it does, so it won’tget over allowed Twitter limits per hour and per day. On the other hand wecan not account for something Engine has no control over. If you have manyTwitter Apps installed, we recommend to back them up and delete themall. Go to Settings | Connections. Here’s the reason:If during our operations your auto follower kicks in, we have no way ofcounting it inside our internal counts limits.During Ads Engine operations we recommend what you DO NOT :• Do not follow or un-follow people (disable your autofollower)• Do not send or delete DM messages (disable your autoDMer)• Do not send many updates manually (up to 50 is allowed)• Remove any non-related automatic FeedsSee our doc on how to prepare your campaign on our website.
  • 31. Become FREE & ADVERTISE ANYWHERE Today! Skype:Broadcastic
  • 32. Coming Soon! Automate your... Restaurants Reservations via Social Media Professional Appointments ManagementsPayments—accept payments on the spot via SM Large Inventory Sales via BroadSell
  • 33. Investor?We’re looking to expand & hire an additionalProgrammer as well as buy more hardware. Request our Investor Kit today! MARCH MADNESS SPECIAL! During March 2011 our Monitoring PackageSPECIAL is Whooping 90% off! Use coupon code MARCH90OFF Only $25 for 30 days! Monitoring Only, for 1 campaign, with 1km radius!