6. spiritual formation


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6. spiritual formation

  1. 1. Knights of Columbus  Admission Course (3 hours) Part 1 - Indoctrination 1. Indoctrination to the Knights of Columbus Part 2 – Spiritual Formation 1. The creation, the Holy Trinity and Sins 2. The Ten Commandments and Precepts of the Church 3. The Sacraments 4. Basic Prayers and the Holy Rosary
  2. 2. •The Vision of Father McGivney •The Principles of the Order •What the Order Stands for Today •Who May be a Member? •Structure of the Order •The Patriotic Degree •Benefits of Membership •Member/Spouse Fraternal Benefit •Scholarships •Council activities, etc…….
  3. 3. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS  1st degree teaching Brother  Charity - Love of God & Neighbor in the name of God  2nd degree teaching Brother  Unity – Oneness of faith to gain strength in the pursuit of Charity  3rd degree teaching Sir  Fraternity – Christian brotherhood among the knights and our fellowmen  4th degree teaching Sir Knight (SK)  Patriotism – Love of country and culture
  4. 4. ADVANCEMENT IN THE ORDER  Must complete the Spiritual Formation course  Must have recruited a new member  Must have 75% attendance in Council meetings and activities  Must have stayed at least 2 months in the 1st degree; 4 months in the 2nd degree and 6 months in the 3rd degree.
  5. 5. Knights of Columbus  Formation Course (4 hours) 1. Review of the Admission Course 2. Christ in the Mass 3. Christ in the Church
  6. 6. Marks of a TrueMarks of a True ChurchChurch  ONE – the same faith, the same sacrifices, the same sacraments and united under one visible head the Pope.  HOLY – the founder is our Lord Jesus Christ, who is holy and He had provided us the means (doctrines & sacraments) to make us holy.  CATHOLIC - meaning universal, “Spread the Good News to all the Nations....” without exception.  APOSTOLIC – meaning, the Church was founded on ‘the stature’ of the Apostles, choosing Peter as the first head, and it will be governed for all time by his lawful successor ...the Pope. Christ in the Church
  7. 7. Mission of theMission of the ChurchChurch 8 To Teach Spread the Good News Mt 28:19- 20 To Sanctify Bring grace makes us Mt 28:19 Lk 22:19 Jn 20:23 To Govern Make laws Mt 18:17- 18 Christ in the Church
  8. 8. Knights of Columbus Knighthood Course 4 hr 30 min  Admission & Formation Course  Review 120 min  Christ in the Churches 45 min  Christ in the Bible (The Promise of Salvation) 60 min  Christ in the World 45 min
  9. 9.  TradiTion  BiBle  MagisTeriuM Sources of Faith 10Christ in the Bible
  10. 10. BACK TO BASIC MODULES 1st Degree Spiritual Formation (Admission Course)  Indoctrination to the Order  CHRIST IN THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS 2nd Degree Spiritual Formation (Formation Course)  CHRIST IN THE MASS  CHRIST IN THE CHURCH 3RD Degree Spiritual Formation (Knighthood Course)  CHRIST IN THE BIBLE  CHRIST IN THE CHURCHES  CHRIST IN THE WORLD
  11. 11. 4th Degree PATRIOTIC COURSE  Spiritual Formation  Patriotic FORMATION  Form 400
  12. 12. The Fourth Degree – Patriotism Our love of country. More than ourOur love of country. More than our willingness to die for her in time of warwillingness to die for her in time of war is our willingness to live for her in timeis our willingness to live for her in time of peaceof peace Development of theDevelopment of the Knights of ColumbusKnights of Columbus
  13. 13. Outline of Patriotic Formation  History of the Fourth DegreeHistory of the Fourth Degree  History in the PhilippinesHistory in the Philippines  EmblemsEmblems  The Fourth Degree an Organization within anThe Fourth Degree an Organization within an OrganizationOrganization  Inter-relation of the Organizational structures andInter-relation of the Organizational structures and officersofficers  The relationship with the 3The relationship with the 3rdrd DegreeDegree  Responsibilities and privileges of the 4Responsibilities and privileges of the 4thth degreedegree